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#119 : C'était écrit


Demetri et Agent Banks tentent de traquer un tueur tandis que des questions interviennent sur la façon de l'univers de se corriger lui-même, quand des gens qui pensaient avoir échappé à leurs destins sont retrouvés morts ; Mark accepte à contre-coeur d'aider Simon à retrouver Annabelle, sa sœur, mais découvre qu'il diffère la vérité de ses vraies circonstances.

Le FBI découvre l'identité de "Suspect Zero", et Nicole apprend le sort de Keiko, mais se retrouve aux prises avec ses sentiments, et hésite à partager ses informations.

Titre VO
Course Correction

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C'était écrit

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FlashForward 1x19 - Sneak Peak

FlashForward 1x19 - Sneak Peak


FlashForward 1x19 - promo

FlashForward 1x19 - promo


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Scénariste: Robert J. Sawyer - Réalisateur: Leslie Libman

Guest Stars: Barry Shabaka Henley (Agent Vreede) ; Alex Kingston (Fiona Banks) ; Callum Keith Rennie (Jeff Slingerland) ; James Frain (Gordon Myhill) ; Tim Rock (Michael Zamperion) ; Hannah Marks (Anabelle Campos) ; Michelle Hurd (Liz Kayson) ; Shaun Duke Moosekian (Dr. Lahar Bahti) ; James Callis (Gabriel McDow)

Audiences US : 4,77 millions de téléspectateurs
Audiences FR - Tf1 : 2 millions de téléspectateurs


Joseph Fiennes → Mark Benford
John Cho → Demetri Noh
Jack Davenport → Lloyd Simcoe
Zachary Knighton → Bryce Varley
Peyton List → Nicole Kirby
Dominic Monaghan → Simon Campos
Brian F. O'Byrne → Aaron Stark 
Courtney B. Vance → Stanford Wedeck
Sonya Walger → Dr. Olivia Benford
Christine Woods → Janis Hawk 
Barry Shabaka Henley → Agent Shelly Vreede
Alex Kingston → Fiona Banks
Callum Keith Rennie → Jeff Slingerland
James Frain → Gordon Myhill
Tim Rock → Michael Zamperion
Hannah Marks → Annabelle Campos
Michelle Hurd → Liz Kayson
Shaun Duke → Dr. Lahar Bahti (
James Callis → Gabriel McDow
Cynthia Addai-Robinson → Debbie
Ryan Wynott → Dylan Simcoe
Lena Georgas → Celia Quiñones
Chelsea Rendon → Kyra
Guy Kent → Chad
Nadine Ellis → Angie Tremont
John Deignan → Andy Weeks 


Le jour du blackout se rapproche. Le FBI enquête sur une série de meurtres liés aux visions : quelqu'un élimine les personnes qui ont survécu à leur absence de vision. Une manière pour lui de rétablir l'ordre universel des choses.

Simon et Lloyd Simcoe travaillent sur le QED, la baque qui protège des blackouts sans comprendre comment elle fonctionne. Et les responsables du blackout décident de se manifester à nouveau en menaçant de tuer la sœur de Simon, kidnappée depuis plusieurs mois, s’il ne leur remet pas cette bague.

Les forces d'interventions fédérales retrouvent Annabelle car Simon a réussit à voler la bague. Le FBI réalise enfin que le Suspect Zéro n’est autre que Simon Campos. Et en interrogeant sa sœur sur ce qu'elle a pu entendre, ils apprennent également que Simon est charger de préparer un un nouveau blackout.


It's one week until April 29th, the day in everyone's flash forward. Lloyd Simcoe goes on national TV to say the forces of the universe may be pushing people toward the futures they've seen. Those who were supposed to die before the 29th but lived past the fatal event may still perish if the universe course corrects.

One of those who may be in danger is Celia, the woman who had her destiny changed by Al Gough's actions in The Gift. She joins Lloyd during the interview to say the universe seems to have a different plan for her. Lloyd also tells the TV viewers that there will not be another blackout, even though he knows that may not be true.

Demetri and MI-6 Agent Fiona Banks investigate the murder of a man who survived his initial date of the death as it was predicted in his flash forward. The victim was part of the Blue Hand death club. Four other Blue Hand members have been killed recently. A professor named Jeff Slingerland was part of the initial Blue Hand investigation. He believes the universe must balance itself. Slingerland is trying to help that happen. Having seen Celia on TV, he makes her his next target.

Slingerland speeds his car toward Celia until...CRASH! Demetri plows his car into the killer's vehicle giving him fatal injuries. Fiona speeds to the scene and accidently hits a fleeing Celia. She's in bad shape and may not make it. Fiona believes Celia will die on the 29th. The doctor tries to convince Fiona that what happened was an accident. She says, "There are no accidents anymore."

Bryce gets word that his cancer is in remission. He can't wait to share the news with Nicole, who has news of her own. She was asked to help give flu shots to immigration detainees. One of those being held is Keiko, the woman Bryce has been seeking from his flash forward. When Bryce finally catches up with Nicole, he gives her his good news and kisses her passionately. He wants to live in the now, a concept that makes Nicole think twice about mentioning Keiko.

Lloyd has been spending more and more time with Olivia. Their feelings for each other are growing stronger. Gabriel is happy to see them together, as that's what he envisioned in his flash forwards. Vreede questions Gabriel about some diagrams in a notebook he created. It looks to be a picture of Mark's Mosaic board, as Gabriel claims he saw it in the office during one of his flash forwards. "Come the 29th, I believe that we will all end up where we're supposed to be."

Simon sees his sister standing on a bridge as laser beams from long-range rifle scopes dance about her body. She's being held hostage and will be killed in 12 hours unless Simon comes in with the QED ring currently being examined at FBI headquarters. Mark sees surveillance footage of the bridge scene and knows Simon has been lying to them. Mark promises to get his sister back and then Simon will tell him everything.

During a sweep of the area where the van that held Simon's sister was last seen, Mark tracks her down to an abandoned warehouse. Annabelle is safe. But the QED ring is gone, as is Simon. When Mark stops by to talk to Lloyd, he catches Olivia at his place. It's a total punch in the gut.

"Is Simon Campos capable of engineering a global blackout?"Mark pushes the pain he's obviously feeling aside long enough to ask about Simon. Lloyd remembers that Simon warned him there could be no delays the day of their experiment. Mark asks, "Is Simon Campos capable of engineering a global blackout?" Lloyd's response is, "He's capable of anything. And he always has a plan."

Back at FBI headquarters, Mark and Wedeck revisit the video footage from the Detroit stadium the day of the blackout. They finally realize that the one person who remained awake, the man they dubbed Suspect Zero, is Simon Campos. When Mark asks Annabelle if she knows why her abductors want Simon, her response is chilling. She says, "They said he's gonna cause another blackout."

[The episode commences at the offices of NLAP.]

Palo Alto, CA

[There are many computer stations in the room. People are working.]


[Simon and Lloyd are working in an office.]

SIMON: You do realize you're wearing the same jacket you were wearing when we broke ground on the accelerator.

LLOYD: It was an accident, I suppose.

[Simon is looking at a framed picture of he and Lloyd in hardhats. They are standing in front of a large sign that reads, "Discovering Who We Are."]

SIMON: [chuckles] There are no accidents, Lloyd. I detect some sublimated sentiment bubbling to the surface.

[Simon holds up the picture to show Lloyd.]

LLOYD: This is a big deal for both of us.

[Lloyd walks over to Simon and brings two glasses with him. He hands one to Simon.]

LLOYD: We've been working on tachyons for twelve years. This is our moment, Simon. Go with it.

SIMON: Cheers.

[The two men touch glasses and toast the moment.]

LLOYD: Cheers.

[They take a sip from their glasses.]

LLOYD: God, I hope it all works.

SIMON: We're simulating the big bang. What could go wrong?

[Lloyd smiles as Simon's cell phone rings.]

SIMON: Excuse me. It's mum. Hello. [pause] What? [pause] When? [long pause] Okay, uh, is Annabelle all right? [pause] Just, uh, just tell her I'll be on the first flight home. [pause] Yeah, you too, bye.

[Simon shuts his cell phone.]

SIMON: Uh, [pause] my dad died.


[The scene changes to a room with large monitors covering a wall. The countdown timer at the bottom of the screen. It reads, 00:01:26:73.

FEMALE PA VOICE: Activation in one minute.

MAN: Okay to initiate now.

WOMAN: All right.

[The clock on the wall reads, 10:58:36. Dr. Myhill is escorting a woman though the NLAP building to the command center.]

DR. MYHILL: This experiment was designed by Dr. Campos, who, unfortunately, could not be with us on this day when we re-create the beginning of the universe.

[The two approach Lloyd.]

DR. MYHILL: Lloyd Simcoe, Dr. Campos’ mentor, the brain behind the brain. This is Angie Tremont from the "New Science Report."

LLOYD: A journalist?

DR. MYHILL: It's all right. She's been cleared.

LLOYD: Oh, sorry. We have a rather strict confidentiality protocol so we're a little wary of the press.

[Lloyd and Angie shake hands.]

ANGIE TREMONT: It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Simcoe.


ANGIE TREMONT: Dr. Myhill's been telling me all about the project, your crowning glory.

LLOYD: Well, it's been a team effort. Uh, Gordon, the preliminary firings have started.

DR. MYHILL: The big moment.

[A telephone is ringing and Dr. Myhill walks to a desk and answers it.]


[He turns to Lloyd as he hangs up the phone.]

DR. MYHILL: They're ready.

[Dr. Myhill hands Angie a pair of headphones.]

FEMALE PA VOICE: Activation commencing in 30 seconds.

DR. MYHILL: [to Lloyd] Initiate. Here goes nothing.

LLOYD: Or everything.

[Everyone puts on headphones.]

FEMALE PA VOICE: Activation commencing in 20 seconds.]

[The timer on the largest monitor is counting down. There are multiple windows displayed. An extremely large tube is shown in the monitor. A whirring sound is heard and camera focuses on the tube as it begins the acceleration experiment. The wall turn red and everything speeds up in the tube. Everything is moving rapidly.]

FEMALE PA VOICE: Activation commencing in 10 seconds, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

[We are shown a series of flashing lights and pictures, as an particle goes thru the tunnel. It starts with an explosion and a ball of white light.]
[The scene switches back to the command center at NLAP. The picture blurs as if it were in the tunnel. Suddenly, everyone loses consciousness and fall to the floor in slow motion. This happens throughout the NLAP building. Office workers pouring champagne and everyone in the command center fall to the floor. Some hit their heads, some fall on others, and other people fall down stairs. Lloyd is lying on the floor. The vibrations slow and the accelerator powers down. Lloyd is the first one to regain consciousness in the command center. He takes off his headphones and looks around. Warning buzzers sound as the rest of the people in the command center start to wake up. Some are bruised and most are disoriented. Lloyd checks Angie Tremont and slowly turns her onto her back. There is a large pool of blood on the floor from the massive bruise to her forehead. She appears lifeless. Voices in the background are muffled. The scene switches to Lloyd speaking on television in the present.]

LLOYD: The visions people had are really only just possible futures. Uh, the universe operates within certain parameters, but there is some flexibility.

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: With one week till the 29th, Dr. Simcoe, we are all still wondering what to expect.

LLOYD: Well, it's a well known precept in quantum physics that observations shape reality.

[The scene switches from the news room to the hospital. The news report is on a television.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: You're saying that seeing our futures may, in fact, change our futures.

LLOYD: Uh, that's the theory, yes. But the future does have a way of fighting back.

[Olivia enters a patient's room, Gabriel's, and removes his headphones because he is asleep. The television with the newscast is in his room.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: What do you mean by that?

LLOYD: Small things may change, but the forces of the universe may be pushing us towards the futures we have seen.

[Olivia turns and watches the television.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: That's interesting. And what about the people who learned from MOSAIC they were meant to die before the 29th but lived past the fatal event?

[The scene switches to Mark's office in the FBI building. Mark and Demetri are watching the newscast.]

LLOYD: Well, those people are the statistical anomalies at the edge of the curve.

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: Should you still be worried? Because it sounds like you're saying the universe may course-correct.

[The scene switches to the newscast being watch from a DVD player in the backseat of a black SUV.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: That they might not have escaped their fates after all.

[Simon is in the back seat watching the newscast. He is adjusting a partial, black leather glove that has an insert for where his pinkie finger used to be.]

LLOYD: Yes, that's possible.

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: So, maybe a better word for course-correction is destiny.

LLOYD: Well, I'm just a scientist, I'm not really qualified to answer that question.

[Simon rolls his eyes as he listens to the broadcast. Scene switches back to the news room.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: I'd like to welcome tonight's next guest, Celia Quinones. Ms. Quinones is the young woman whose future was changed by the suicide of FBI Agent, Al Gough, one of Dr. Simcoe's "statistical anomalies."

[Celia sits next to Lloyd. A picture of Al is on a 2 screens in the newsroom.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: Ms. Quinones, take us through your experience.

[The newscast is live then shown on a monitors then live again. This happens several times.]

CELIA QUINONES: First, I, I would like to say again, to the family of Agent Gough, how grateful my family and I are for his actions. Um, in the first weeks after the blackout, I heard that not having a vision meant that I would be dead on April 29th.

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: That must have been terrifying for you.

CELIA QUINONES: When I discovered the MOSAIC web site that I would be hit by a car, I lived in constant terror that I might die at any moment.

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: But you didn't. I'm sure a lot of people have questions, so let's open up the phone lines.

[The reporter puts on a headset.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: Muncie, Indiana, you're on the air.

VIEWER: This question is for Dr. Simcoe. Is it possible the blackout caused permanent brain damage to anyone?

LLOYD: There's no reason to believe so.

VIEWER: Well, people's lives have been ruined. What if this happens again?

LLOYD: It is critical that people remain calm. And, and I, I must repeat that no one's brain was damaged in any way by the blackout itself.

[Mark and Demetri are shown in Mark's office.]

LLOYD: And let me reassure you, it is impossible that there could be another blackout.

[There is indistinct conversation on the television in the background.]

MARK: I almost believe him myself.

DEMETRI: Yeah, tell me again why we're not telling people there's another blackout coming?

MARK: Because we don't know when it's gonna happen. We tell people but don't say when, the world will turn into an armed camp.

[Focus is on the newscast.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: Cecelia, you're confident that your future has changed?

CELIA QUINONES: [smiles] I'm still here. The universe seems to have a different plan for me.

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: Thank you for joining us today. Any last words Dr. Simcoe?

LLOYD: Uh, come the 29th, I believe that we we'll all end up where we're supposed to be.

DEMETRI: Supposed to be?

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: Thank you for speaking with us today.

MARK: That doesn't me we can't decide our fate.

[Simon watches the broadcast.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: After the break, we'll be talking to author of the award-winning book, "Teens and Truth."

[As Simon's vehicle crosses a bridge, he takes notice on the pedestrian walkway. Annabelle, his sister, is standing there, alone. The driver passes Annabelle.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: She's going to help us figure how to talk about...

[Simon looks back.]

SIMON: Stop! Stop! That's my sister!

[The SUV screeches as it pulls to a stop in the far right lane on the bridge. Cars beep their horns as they pass the stopped vehicle. Simon gets out and runs to Annabelle.]

SIMON: Annabelle! Annabelle!

ANNABELLE: Stop there!

[Simon continues to run to her.]

SIMON: Annabelle!

ANNABELLE: [frightened] Stop, Simon! Don't come any closer or they'll kill me!

[Simon stops.]


[Multiple red laser site lights on moving around on Annabelle's face.]

ANNABELLE: They’re watching. They're watching. They'll shoot me.

SIMON: What?

[Simon looks across the lane to see the back of a white van pulled over to the curb of the bridge.]

SIMON: What? Who? What do they want?

ANNABELLE: They said they want you and the ring. They got your message and they're sending one back. You have 12 hours or they'll kill me.

SIMON: Annabelle.

ANNABELLE: [crying] Please, Simon, give them what they want. They were very specific. You only have 12 hours to give them the ring or they will kill me.

[The license plate on the back of the van is for the state of California. 7Q49923.]

ANNABELLE: Get in the car. Just go.

SIMON: Annabelle, I'm not leaving you here.

[Annabelle looks at the van.]

ANNABELLE: Get in the car.

SIMON: Annabelle.

ANNABELLE: [yells] Just go! Please, just go!

[Annabelle cries as she looks toward the white van. The laser sites are still on her head. Simon turns around and walks back to the black SUV and gets in the back seat.]

SIMON: Let's go. Now!


[The scene switches to the FBI building in Los Angeles. A man is walking in a corridor and Simon calls to him. Zampieron slows but doesn't stop walking.]

SIMON: Zampieron? Tech wizard extraordinaire?

[Zampieron does not reply.]

SIMON: I'll take that as a yes.

[Simon unfolds a piece of paper and hands it to him. Zampieron takes it and reads. It is the license plate information from the white van.]

ZAMPIERON: License plate?

SIMON: You are good. What I'd like to know is whose car that belongs to.

ZAMPIERON: Yeah, yeah, I can definitely do this, simple. Just gotta run it by the head man.

SIMON: That's the part of the process I'd like you to omit.

ZAMPIERON: Hmm, no can do.

SIMON: Name your price.

ZAMPIERON: Anything?

[Simon looks at Zampieron. The scene switches to chemo center. Bryce is sitting in a recliner getting his treatment. Nicole stops by.]

NICOLE: Hey, you.

BRYCE: Hey. How do you always know when I'm here?

NICOLE: [teasing] Mm, stalking, internet, paid informants, you know, the usual.

[Nicole sits next to Bryce.]

BRYCE: Mm hmm.

NICOLE: I, um, I brought you a book. It's one of my favorites and it helped me a lot with my mom.

[Bryce takes the book from Nicole. It is entitled, "The Places that Scare You – A guide To Fearlessness in Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön. Bryce takes a long look at the cover of the book. He says nothing.]

NICOLE: I wish [pause] I wish you'd tell me when you're getting chemo.

[Bryce puts the book against his belly and holds it.]

BRYCE: I don't want you to feel obligated to come.

NICOLE: It's not an obligation.

[The scene switches to a suburban neighborhood where people are gathered in front on one residence. There is a police car present and sirens are wailing in the background. Police chatter is heard from radios. In side a man is taking photographs of a dead man, lying on his stomach, and his head in a pool of blood. Blood is streaming from his head. A policeman lifts yellow tape, allowing Demetri to enter the crime scene. He puts on latex gloves.]

DEMETRI: L.A.P.D. called. Someone claiming to be MI6 used my name to get access to a crime scene.

[Fiona Banks is kneeling next to the dead man.]

FIONA BANKS: Hello, Demetri. You're looking well.

DEMETRI: You too, Fiona. So, uh, I'm guessing you didn't fly all the way in from London just 'cause you miss me.

FIONA BANKS: No. Andrew Weeks was supposed to die on March the 2nd from a drug allergy but he survived the date.

[A newspaper article with the victim's face and headline, "Andrew Weeks Cheats Death," is framed and hanging on the wall.]

DEMETRI: He made a big deal out it , too, huh?

FIONA BANKS: His wife heard him fall, came running out and found him dead. No sign of anyone coming in or out of the house.

DEMETRI: If I'm living on borrowed time, I might avoid a room full of guns.

FIONA BANKS: Except he wasn't shot. He was bleeding from the mouth and nose, so forensics field-tested his coffee.

[Fiona picks his styrofoam coffee cup.]

FIONA BANKS: It showed positive for warfarin.

DEMETRI: Rat poison? That explains the bleeding.

[Fiona nods.]

DEMETRI: I don't get it. You got a room full of guns and you poison a guy. Why?

[Fiona picks up and opens a folder.]

FIONA BANKS: Weeks was supposed to die from a drug allergy, not a gunshot wound.

[Inside the folder is paperwork and a photograph of Andrew Weeks.]

FIONA BANKS: I think the killer was trying to get as close as possible to the original cause of death.

[Fiona hands the folder to Demetri.]

FIONA BANKS: That was in his papers.

[Demetri takes a picture and looks at it. It is an x-ray of a hand with a sword between the thumb and index finger.]

DEMETRI: These are directions to a Blue Hand gathering.

FIONA BANKS: That's why I'm here, four Blue Handers dead in the L.A. area in the last three weeks. Each knew exactly how and when they were supposed to die but lived past their death date. I was in Anaheim investigating when I got word of this one.

DEMETRI: You really think someone is trying to knock off survivors?

FIONA BANKS: It's just a hunch.

[The scene switches to Lloyd and Olivia strolling in a park, carrying their cups of coffee.]

LLOYD: What was I supposed to say? "Well, yes, there's gonna be another blackout. I'm sorry, we just can't tell you when."

OLIVIA: So you said what you had to. I mean, people are terrified. You gave 'em hope.

LLOYD: No, what I gave them was a lie. What would give people hope is if Simon and I could crack this Q.E.D. technology. Then, at lease, people wouldn't black out in the first place. What about that caller who asked about brain damage? I mean, I've never even considered that.

OLIVIA: No. If the blackout could cause brain damage, we would've picked up on it a long time ago. I know how much this is weighing on you. I wish there was something I could go to help.

LLOYD: Olivia [long pause] you already are.

[Lloyd offers Olivia his arm and she gladly takes it as they continue their walk, arm in arm. The scene switches to the FBI building. Simon enters Mark's office.]

SIMON: You wanted to see me?

[Mark holds up the piece of paper with the license plate number of the white van.]

MARK: You may think that promising a junior analyst a weekend at the Bunny Ranch will get him to jeopardize his job, but it won't.

[Simon takes a missing poster of his sister from his inside jacket pocket and places it on Mark's desk.]

SIMON: My sister ran away from home after the blackout. I saw her this morning. She was in a white van with that license plate.

MARK: So you just figured you'd have one of my agents help you out?

SIMON: I have to find her.

MARK: We ran the plate. Van was stolen two days ago in San Francisco.

[Mark types and then picks up a remote and puts video on the wall monitor.]

MARK: Traffic cam picked this up.

[A photograph of Simon speaking with his sister on the bridge is shown.]

MARK: Now that's a nice story, Simon, but how about the truth? You wanna tell me what the hell's going on?

[Simon watches the video.]

SIMON: I was trying to have her come with me. The people she's with, they have some sort of [pause] hold over her.

MARK: You're lying. She didn't run away. She was kidnapped. Look at her body language. She's terrified. How long have you known about this?

SIMON: I don't know what you're talking about.

MARK: Oh, come on. Don't play games with me. This is your sister.

SIMON: [angry] Exactly, my sister. That's why I'll do anything to find her.

MARK: That's what I'm afraid of. Someone knows you feel this way, they'll use it against you as leverage. And considering what you know, I'd say they could get a lot.

SIMON: Are you suggesting I've been compromised?

MARK: I don't know what you've been, but I do know one thing, you've been lying. And now you've put the entire MOSAIC investigation in jeopardy.

[The scene changes to Simon sitting at a computer station watching the street cam video in a lab. He sees himself running on the bridge followed by Annabelle standing on the bridge.]

LLOYD: What do you think? Something in the ring's structure has to be maintaining superposition.

[Lloyd is in the same lab analyzing the ring as he holds it.]

LLOYD: It's keeping people awake, but how?

[Lloyd looks over at Simon.]

LLOYD: You're not even listening.

SIMON: "Maintaining superposition" was what you said, and I have no idea.

[Lloyd places the ring down into its foam filled box.]

LLOYD: Would you want to focus a little? We've done enough damage. Maybe we can put something right.

[Annoyed, Simon closes the laptop and replies to Lloyd.]

SIMON: Look, just because you feel guilty about lying on the news and want to save the world doesn't mean we can actually make it happen.

LLOYD: Yes, we can, and it's not about feeling guilty.

SIMON: [smugly] Yeah, right.

LLOYD: No, it's about preventing more deaths.

SIMON: Oh, it's all Lloyd Simcoe's fault and now he can save the day. It's a little messianic, don't you think?

LLOYD: What are you talking about?

[Lloyd walks to the wall, keys in a code on the number pad and puts the ring back in a fortified safe, enters more numbers and the door closes.]

SIMON: Oh, millions of deaths, it's an overwhelming concept. Numbers like that you lose track of the individuals. They fall through the cracks. A single person doesn't even matter.

LLOYD: Okay, now you're losing me.

SIMON: My sister.

LLOYD: Annabelle? So what are you talking about?

SIMON: She's been kidnapped.

LLOYD: When?

SIMON: A few days after the blackout.

LLOYD: Why would anyone kidnap your sister?

SIMON: I have no idea.

LLOYD: What do the police say?

SIMON: Well, the FBI are on it. There's nothing more I can do.

LLOYD: Well, why didn't you tell me? I would've helped.

SIMON: Oh, yeah? How?

LLOYD: W-well, I don't know, but I, I now I just feel useless.

SIMON: [angry] Well it's not about you, Lloyd. I had to deal with the situation as best as I could for Annabelle. Now, I'm sorry I didn't keep you in the loop, I've been kinda busy.

[Simon takes some papers, stands and leaves the lab. The scene switches to Mark in Wedeck's office.]

MARK: Why would he hide the fact that his sister was kidnapped?

WEDECK: The polygraph's inconclusive. You really think he's compromised?

MARK: There's nothing concrete, but...

WEDECK: Look, Mark, I don't like this situation any more that you do, but we need Simon. We'll look for his sister. Find her and find out what they want from him.

[The scene switches to outside a school as the bell rings. Children are exiting as Demetri and Fiona are entering the building.]

DEMETRI: I never thought we'd be talking to this guy again.

[The scene changes to a classroom where I teacher is writing "Free Will and the Universe" on a blackboard. He turns to the class. It is Jeff Slingerland better known as Raynaud from the Blue Hand cult.]

SLINGERLAND: Everyone, next week's reading, Schopenhauer.

[He picks up his container of coffee and the students exit the classroom. Fiona and Demetri enter the classroom.]

DEMETRI: Mr. Slingerland?

[He stops and turns to see Demetri and Fiona.]

SLINGERLAND: Agent Noh. I'm so glad to see you again.

DEMETRI: This is Inspector Banks.

SLINGERLAND: I remember you, too.

FIONA BANKS: Mr. Slingerland.

SLINGERLAND: What's going on?

[Demetri opens a folder and shows it to Slingerland. It has a picture of Andrew Weeks.]

DEMETRI: Do you recognize this man?

SLINGERLAND: Yeah, that's Andrew, Andy Weeks. I remember seeing him at the Blue Hand gatherings. That was a while ago. I'm not really into that anymore. Why do you ask?

DEMETRI: He's dead.


DEMETRI: Murdered.

[Slingerland is taken aback and sits on the edge of his desk.]

SLINGERLAND: Ooh, poor Andy.

[He drinks some of his coffee.]

SLINGERLAND: Uh, guess he thought he was in the clear but I suppose the universe has to, uh, balance itself.

DEMETRI: Excuse me?

SLINGERLAND: Life is energy, you see, as each new life begins, another ends and if you mess with that balance, the universe pushes back. Andy was a good guy. I'm sorry.

FIONA BANKS: We need you to put together a list of the Blue Handers who knew Mr. Weeks. Can you do that for us?

SLINGERLAND: Be happy to.

FIONA BANKS: And you might want to be careful. We think someone's killing the people that lived past their death dates, people like you.

SLINGERLAND: [chuckles] So you don't want me to go on television and announce it to the world?

DEMETRI: Just watch your back is what we're saying.

SLINGERLAND: I will, Agent Noh.

[The scene switches back to the hospital. Bryce is speaking to Olivia as she fingers through a patient's chart.]

BRYCE: Gabriel's blood work came back so besides his feet, everything seems okay. The left foot looks good, his right still looks pretty bad.

OLIVIA: Okay, well, let's finish up the antibiotics, and we'll re-evaluate tomorrow.

BRYCE: Okay.

FEMALE PA VOICE: Orderlies to Admitting

[Dylan approaches Olivia.]

DYLAN: Where's Charlie?

[Olivia stops working on the chart.]

OLIVIA: Hey, you! Charlie's at school. What are you doing here?

[Lloyd walks behind Dylan.]

LLOYD: Uh, Occupational Therapy, which I completely forgot about.

[Olivia chuckles.]

LLOYD: Dylan was hoping to see you and, um, so was I.

OLIVIA: [smiles] Hi.


[Suddenly, Gabriel is out of bed and in the corridor with his IV stand in tow.]

GABRIEL: Lloyd? Lloyd Simcoe? Lloyd? I knew it. I knew it. I said it would happen. I saw it would happen. I, I knew it.

LLOYD: I beg your pardon.

[Olivia tends to Gabriel. She takes the IV stand and tries to get Gabriel back to his room.]

GABRIEL: You're supposed to be with Olivia. She's not supposed to be with the other one, not the other one.

OLIVIA: Okay, Gabriel, let's go. Come on. Back, back to bed. Let's go.

GABRIEL: I need my shoes.

OLIVIA: Remember, your shoes didn't fit that's why your feet were bleeding.

GABRIEL: I liked those shoes.

OLIVIA: I know, we'll get you some more shoes. We will. Let's go.

GABRIEL: [sings] Lloyd and Olivia sitting in a tree.

OLIVIA: [to Lloyd] Okay, I'll explain later.

GABRIEL: [sings] Sitting in a tree.

LLOYD: Okay.

OLIVIA: Let's go Gabriel, inside. Gabe, we're gonna do this. Let's go.

GABRIEL: So good, so good that you're together with Lloyd now.

OLIVIA: No, we're not together.

GABRIEL: You're together with Lloyd now. It's so good.

OLIVIA: You know what? We're not, we're not together, Gabe. We're just, yeah, it's complicated. We're, we're...

GABRIEL: You're the best thing since sliced bread. Yes?

[Olivia helps Gabriel back to bed.]


GABRIEL: You're, you're the best thing since sliced bread.

OLIVIA: Here we go.

AGENT VREEDE: Can I come in?

[Vreede holds up a brown paper bag.]

AGENT VREEDE: I brought lunch. Hi Gabriel.

GABRIEL: Where's the beef?

AGENT VREEDE: I got it right here.

OLIVIA: Go ahead.

[Vreede hands the bag to Gabriel. He quickly opens it. Vreede moves his head to indicate he wants to speak to Olivia outside the room.]

AGENT VREEDE: So how's he doing?

OLIVIA: Ah, he's better.

AGENT VREEDE: Good. We got a lot of questions.

[Gabriel watches Olivia and Vreede chat from his bed. Gabriel opens the wax paper and listens at the same time.]

AGENT VREEDE: And I'm gonna have to bring him in to the FBI.

[Gabriel stops lunch and listens fully to Vreede and Olivia.]

OLIVIA: You know what? He hasn't finished his I.V. antibiotics.

[Gabriel shakes his head no in the background.]

OLIVIA: He needs a brain scan.

[Gabriel points to his head in the background.]

OLIVIA: He's not going anywhere for a few days.

[Gabriel nods. Vreede looks at Gabriel and sees him mimicking Olivia's conversation.]

AGENT VREEDE: Would it be all right if I just ask him a few questions here, then?

OLIVIA: [pause] Sure.

AGENT VREEDE: Thank you.

[Olivia and Vreede go back in the room as Gabriel eats his hamburger.]

AGENT VREEDE: Hey, buddy. Can I ask you a question? I found this in your things. You wanna tell me what this is?

[Vreede opens a composition book and shows Gabriel a detailed chart of Mark's board.]

GABRIEL: My book. It's all there.

AGENT VREEDE: But what is this a picture of? Gabriel, this is important.

GABRIEL: I saw it. I was there, on a trip. I saw it.

[A snippet of one of Gabriel's flash-forwards switches back and forth between Mark's board and his book.]
[Return to real time. Vreede looks at Olivia.]

AGENT VREEDE: A flash-forward.

GABRIEL: Oh no. Oh no! Oh no!

[Gabriel picks up a pickle slice.]

GABRIEL: I don't like pickles!

OLIVIA: Okay, it's okay.

GABRIEL: I don't like pickles!

[Gabriel picks up and throws food back and forth from the tray.]

GABRIEL: I, I don't like lettuce! I, I hate onions! [calms down] I like tomatoes. I like, I like tomatoes.

[Gabriel smiles and eats the tomato slice. The scene switches to a conference room at the FBI building. Mark and Zampieron are seated at the table. On the monitor, is video from the street cam of the bridge. Zampieron has the remote control. Wedeck walks in.]

WEDECK: Now where are we?

MARK:Starting from where we first pick up the van Campos' sister was in, 6th Street bridge then we headed south.

ZAMPIERON: We picked them up here, and then here, and then they head into this weird zone downtown. Eight blocks wide, coverage there is sketchy, so we lost them.

MARK: You can't get me any more than that?

ZAMPIERON: I'm not a magician.

WEDECK: Any way we can pick up the van coming out of that zone?

ZAMPIERON: Well, there are over a hundred exits. It'd take at lease a day and a half to go through all that footage.

MARK: Well, it's only eight blocks. We can do a sweep in less time than wiz kid here.


[Zampieron shrugs his shoulders. Mark leaves his office and Simon catches up to him.]

SIMON: You found something.

MARK: Just following up on a tip.

SIMON: I'm coming with you.

MARK: No, you're not.

SIMON: Yes, I am.

[Mark turns around, points at Simon and raises his voice.]

MARK: No, you're not! Listen to me, Simon. You're here for one reason and one reason only, to work on the QED. You're volunteering here is starting to feel a little convenient.

[Mark starts to walk out of the office area with Simon following him.]

MARK: I don't trust you, Simon, not for a minute.

SIMON: That's your prerogative.

MARK: You’re damn right it is, and that's not gonna work out too well for you.

[Mark stops and presses the button for the elevator.]

MARK: Right now I'm gonna go get your sister back and after I do, you and I are gonna have a little sit-down.

[Mark pushes the button and the elevator door starts to close.]

MARK: No more lying.

[Simon walks away from the elevator and enters the lab area where the ring is kept in a fortified safe. He sits at his computer station and inputs his password. He receives, "Access Denied." He tries again and gets the same results. A flashback of his encounter on the bridge is shown.]

ANNABELLE: They said they want you and the ring. They got your message and they're sending one back. You have twelve hours or they'll kill me.

SIMON: Annabellle.

ANNABELLE: Please, Simon, give them what they want.

[Return to real time. Simon looks at the safe containing the ring. He stands in front of the glass door to the safe and looks at the box containing the ring. The scene switches to the chemo center. Bryce visits his doctor.]

DOCTOR: Thanks for coming by. I wanted to go over your latest serologies with you. Your tumor markers are undetectable. Lymphocytes are back to normal.

BRYCE: Wait. Does that mean that I'm...

DOCTOR: Experimental protocol seems to be working. Your cancer is officially in remission.

BRYCE: What? [pause] What? [smiles] What?

[Bryce quickly grabs the lab results from his doctor's desk and begins to read them.]

DOCTOR: We've been optimistic for a few weeks. I just didn't want to get your hopes up. I've had two other oncologists check those results and it's working.

BRYCE: That's incredible.

DOCTOR: [chuckles] Well, what are you waiting for? Go on, get out of here. The future awaits.

BRYCE: [laughs] Yeah. [holds back happy tears]

[The scene switches to the hospital. Nicole is with Nurse Deb.]

NICOLE: You wanted to see me?

NURSE DEB: Oh, yeah, um, we have a shift down at immigration tonight giving flu shots to detainees. Can you help out?

NICOLE: Sure, happy to.

NURSE DEB: Okay, great. Just take a look through these and see what you're getting yourself into. Don't worry. It's all basic. Nothing you can't handle, okay? Thank you.

[Nicole nods. Nurse Deb walks away from Nicole as she begins to scan through the files of various people. The first is an Asian man. The second is Caucasian male. The third is Keiko. Nicole somberly looks at the photograph. She recognizes her. The scene switches to the Coffee Fanatic restaurant.]

DEMETRI: [to employee] Have you been working all day?

MALE EMPLOYEE: Since five o'clock in the morning.

FIONA BANKS: Do you know this man?

[Fiona shows a photograph of Andrew Weeks to the employee. They are outside of the restaurant].

FIONA BANKS: Someone tampered with his coffee.


FIONA BANKS: You're sure?

MALE EMPLOYEE: Yeah, he's a regular. He's here everyday. So am I.

DEMETRI: When was the last time you saw him?

MALE EMPLOYEE: Um, yesterday, he was here with some guy, chatting away like they were old pals, made a big deal about surviving something, his whole life to look forward to.

FIONA BANKS: What'd his friend look like?

MALE EMPLOYEE: I dunno, tall, kind of geeky looking, wearing this big, ugly horseshoe ring.

[Fiona shudders at the mention of the ring. The scene flashes back to the classroom where Slingerland was questioned by Demetri and Fiona. He is drinking a container of coffee and has a horseshoe shaped ring on his right ring finger.]

SLINGERLAND: Life is energy, you see. As each new life begins, another ends and if you mess with that balance, the universe...

[Return to real time.]

FIONA BANKS: You're sure?


SLINGERLAND: pushes back.

[The scene switches back to the school. Slingerland is teaching a class.]

SLINGERLAND: "You can do what you will, but at any given moment of your life, you can will only one definite thing, nothing other than that thing." What do you guys think that means?

[A girl raises her and is called upon to answer.]

FEMALE STUDENT: That free will is a lie?

[Slingerland smiles, turns around and sees Demetri and Fiona walking outside the school. His smile disappears immediately. He watches them climb stairs to reach the entry. Slingerland does not take his eyes off them.]


[The door to the classroom creaks and Demetri and Fiona enter.]

DEMETRI: Where's Mr. Slingerland?

FEMALE STUDENT: I don't know. He was here and then he just left. Are you Agent Noh?

[Demetri nods.]

FEMALE STUDENT: He wanted me to tell you something.


FEMALE STUDENT: The universe always pushes back.

[The scene flashes back to Fiona, Demetri and Slingerland at their previous meeting.]

FIONA BANKS: You might want to be careful. We think someone is killing the people that lived past their death date.

SLINGERLAND: So you don't want me to go on television and announce it to the world.?

[Demetri recalls the news broadcast.]

CELIA: I’m still here. The universe seems to have a different plan for me.

[Return to real time.]

DEMETRI: [to Fiona] He's trying to course-correct. I think I know who he's going after next.

[Fiona and Demetri leave the school. The scene switches to nighttime. Slingerland is in his car and starts the engine. Celia is shopping and walks along on the sidewalk. Slingerland smirks and starts to drive.]

SLINGERLAND: Celia Quinones, welcome to your future.

[Slingerland starts to speed his car directly for Celia, still on the sidewalk. She sees him and freezes. Suddenly, he is broadsided by Demetri and Fiona. Slingerland slumps out of his car. Demetri jumps out and starts yelling.]

DEMETRI: Run! Celia, run! Run!

[Slingerland stands up and looks at Celia who is frozen in her tracks. Demetri continues to yell to her.]

DEMETRI: Now! Celia, now! Run!

[Celia begins to run and is followed by Slingerland. Demetri follows. Fiona sits in the car. Demetri calls for help.]

DEMETRI: [to Fiona] South on Grand! He's heading south on Grand!

[Demetri draws his weapon and aims as he runs.]


[Fiona nods when she hears Demetri's message and starts driving to intercept Slingerland. Celia runs across the street as Slingerland collapses on the pavement. .Fiona hits Celia.]

CELIA: [screams] Aah!

[She is thrown onto the hood, then roof and back onto the hood of Fiona's car.

CELIA: [screams] Aah! Uhh!

WOMAN: Oh, my God!

[The license plate of Fiona's car is California J2401C. Demetri aims his gun at Slingerland as he witnesses Celia being hit.

DEMETRI: No! Celia!

WOMAN: Someone get help!

FIONA BANKS: She just ran in front of me! I couldn't stop!

[Demetri and Fiona tend to Celia.]

DEMETRI: She's still alive. She's still alive.

[Demetri calls for help again.]

DEMETRI: E.M.T.s to Grand and 6th priority 3! Code 1! Move! Move!

FIONA BANKS: She was just there, Demetri.

DEMETRI: She's all right, stay with her!

[Demetri runs back to where he left Slingerland. It starts to rain. Fiona takes off her coat and covers Celia. Slingerland is still lying on the pavement. He is injured from the car accident. He puts his gun back in the holster and grabs Slingerland by his jacket lapels.]

DEMETRI: She's not dead. She's alive. You failed.

SLINGERLAND: Not yet. Anyway, [pause] it's not me. It's the universe, which never fails.

[Slingerland groans as gasps for air.]

SLINGERLAND: It's funny. I was supposed to have an aneurysm but you killed me instead. It’s done either way. See you soon, sport.

[Slingerland takes his last breath and dies. He is taken aback by these last words. The scene switches to the FBI parking garage. Lloyd uses his remote to unlock his car door as Simon approaches him.]

LLOYD: Simon.

SIMON: Here to make up for my bad behavior.

LLOYD: Don't worry about it. You've been under a lot of stress lately.

[Lloyd attempts to get into his car.]

SIMON: I just wanted to say thanks.

LLOYD: For what?

SIMON: Cambridge, the Brewschlagger Fellowship, for getting me into N.L.A.P.

LLOYD: I did it for selfish reasons, Simon. You make me look good.

SIMON: Gracious, as well. You helped me out and you know it. I wouldn't be anywhere without you.

LLOYD: [chuckles] Okay, what's going on?

SIMON: I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Annabelle. Truly, I am. I should've months ago. It's been eating away at me and I've been pretending I was fine. I should have said something.

LLOYD: Well, I'm, I'm sorry I couldn't help. I would have, you know?

SIMON: Yeah, I know you would. You're the only real friend I have.

LLOYD: You are clearly in need of a drink. Come on.

SIMON: Oh, you're not wrong, but I, uh [pause] have to be somewhere. I'll see you, Lloyd.

[Simon turns and walks away. Lloyd watches and wonders about Simon. The scene switches to outside the hospital. It is nighttime. Sirens are heard and people are speaking indistinctly. Inside, Nicole prepares to leave just as Bryce runs down the corridor to her.]

BRYCE: Hey! Hey, Nicole! [hugs Nicole] I've been looking all over for you. What's the matter?

NICOLE: I, um, I have something I have to tell you.

BRYCE: Yeah, me too.

[Bryce kisses Nicole passionately.]

NICOLE: Okay, then.

BRYCE: [smiling] You're never gonna believe this. My cancer is in remission.

[Nicole is stunned by the news.]

BRYCE: I know!

NICOLE: [elated] Oh, my God! Bryce, that's, that's amazing!

BRYCE: I'm still completely in shock, and it, it got me thinking about my future and I don't want to waste any more time.

NICOLE: Are you sure? I mean, what we saw...

BRYCE: No, forget what we saw. We're here, now. This is all that matters.

[Bryce hugs Nicole as she looks at the pile of folders in her hand. The scene switches to Fiona sitting in an FBI office with Demetri. She is distraught.]

DEMETRI: What happened to Celia [pause] there was nothing we could do.

[As Fiona ponders she recalls her past with Al Gough. She is in her office in Scotland.]

AGENT GOUGH: You know, I've been thinking about our bird. What if you tape the window?

FIONA BANKS: How do you mean?

AGENT GOUGH: Well, if you cover the window, the bird might not crash into it.

FIONA BANKS: It's a nice thought, but I think it'll probably just crash into a different window.

AGENT GOUGH: Maybe. But it's worth a shot.

[Return to real time.]


[Her cell phone rings and inhales deeply.]

FIONA BANKS: It's the hospital calling.

[She gets up and takes the call in the corridor.]


HOSPITAL EMPLOYEE: Agent Banks? Agent Fiona Banks?


HOSPITAL EMPLOYEE: I'm calling about Celia Quinones and I'm afraid it's bad news. Her physical and neurological injuries are extensive, and I'm not optimistic about her chance of survival.


[Demetri joins Fiona in the corridor.]

FIONA BANKS: You're gonna call again on the 29th to tell me that she's gone.

HOSPITAL EMPLOYEE: Ms. Banks, what happened to Celia was an accident.

FIONA BANKS: There are no accidents anymore.

[The scene switches to Wedeck speaking to Mark on the phone.]

WEDECK: Mark, we're running out of time for Campos' sister.

MARK: I've covered a five block radius. Only three to go.

[The scene shows Mark getting out if his car and looking around using a flashlight. He approaches a warehouse. There is a lock on the outside of the door. As he walks around the corner, a utility worker is startled. He is working on a large metal cabinet on a concrete pad. The pilings on each corner of the pad are leaning. Mark aims the flashlight at the worker.]]


[Mark takes out his badge and shows it to the worker.]

MARK: I'm sorry. Special Agent Benford, FBI. Looks like they got you working late.

UTILITY WORKER: Yeah, some clown ran right into this. Nearly took out the electrical box. Pulled into that warehouse driving crazy.

MARK: That's a lot of damage.

UTILITY WORKER: Eh, imagine what the van looked like.

MARK: Imagine.

[Mark dials his cell phone.]

MARK: I think I found the van. Put me through t o S.W.A.T.

[The scene switches to the warehouse being surrounded by a S.W.A.T team. The sound of guns being cocked is heard.]


[Armed men are on each side of the door as Mark stands off to the side.]


[The team opens the two sliding doors to the warehouse. They flood the warehouse. Mark enters with his gun at the ready. They find the white van and surround it. Mark shines his flashlight in then opens the back door. Inside he finds Annabelle tied with a gag in her mouth. She is crying.]

MARK: It's okay. It's okay. You're safe now. I'm here.

[The scene switches to a hotel room. Simon answers his cell phone.]


MARK: It's Mark. We got her, Simon. She's sitting right next to me.

SIMON: Thank God. Is she all right?

MARK: Exhausted, confused but physically she's fine.

SIMON: Can I talk to her for a second? I just wanna hear her voice.

MARK: All right but then you and I need to talk and you need to tell me everything. No more lies, Simon.

SIMON: Fine.

[Mark hands the phone to Annabelle.]

MARK: He wants to talk to you.


SIMON: Belle. Is that really you?

ANNABELLE: I'm really tired, Simon. I wanna go home and see mom.

SIMON: I know. I just wanted to make sure you were safe. No matter what happens, baby sister, remember, I love you.

ANNABELLE: I love you, too.

SIMON: Good bye, Belle.

[Annabelle hands the phone back to Mark.]

MARK: Simon.

SIMON: Good-bye, Mark.

[Simon hangs up the phone and puts it in his pocket. He grabs his jacket and bag, shuts off the light then leaves the hotel room. The scene switches to Wedeck and Mark rushing into the lab area Lloyd and Simon were using. Wedeck looks through the glass door on the fortified vault.]

WEDECK: He took the damn ring.

[The scene switches to Lloyd's house. Olivia is sitting and showing brain scans to Lloyd.]

LLOYD: Um, what am I looking at.

OLIVIA: So this is Gabriel McDow's brain, no brain damage and he had hundreds of flash-forwards.

[Olivia switches the view on the monitor. There is one large and four smaller scans. She cycles through more scans and the results shown, vary.]

OLIVIA: Now these are taken from people who were being scanned at the time of the blackout on October 6th, same thing. No damage, nothing, nothing unusual. So you weren't lying about this in your interview.

[Lloyd smiles at Olivia and she returns the smile.]

LLOYD: Thanks, makes me feel a bit better.


LLOYD: Well, so this McDow is a savant?

OLIVIA: Yeah. He's pretty high functioning, incredible memory.

LLOYD: And he thinks we should be together.

OLIVIA: Uh, that's what he saw in his flash-forwards.

LLOYD: Were we happy?

OLIVIA: [pause] I know how I felt in mine.

[Lloyd leans in and kisses Olivia. A knock on the door interrupts them. Lloyd kisses Olivia on the forehead then answers the door. It is Mark.]

MARK: I need to talk to you.

[Mark is surprised to see Olivia at Lloyd's house. Olivia turns and see Mark and quickly closes her laptop and puts it in her tote. An open bottle of red wine and a glass are next to her laptop.]

OLIVIA: I was just leaving.

[She grabs her jacket and quickly walks out of the house, never stopping.]

LLOYD: Thanks for scans, Olivia. I really appreciate it.

OLIVIA: Yeah, sure

LLOYD: See you later.

OLIVIA:. [passes Mark] Excuse me. Bye, Mark, I'll call you.

[Mark is uneasy about what he just encountered. He waits a few moments before speaking to Lloyd.]

MARK: Simon Campos has disappeared.

LLOYD: What?

MARK: He's gone.

LLOYD: He came to see me tonight. It was the strangest thing. It was like he was trying to say good-bye.

MARK: The day of the blackout, anything about his behavior seem [pause] strange?

LLOYD: Uh, I don't know. He was in Toronto as his father's funeral.

[Lloyd pauses as he recalls around the time of the blackout.]

SIMON: Uh, my dad died.

LLOYD: My God, Simon. What happened?

SIMON: There was an accident. I have to go home.

LLOYD: Yes, of course. Then we'll postpone until you get back.

SIMON: No, stick to the plan.

LLOYD: But the system's still on standby. What difference does a week make? What's the rush?

SIMON: No, we've worked too long, too hard at this. We have to stay on schedule. It has to be October 6th, 11 A.M. No delays.

[Return to real time.]

LLOYD: You know, I never understood why he would miss that moment, I mean, after all those years of work and we could've changed the date.

MARK: Is Simon Campos capable of engineering a global blackout?

LLOYD: He's capable of anything [pause] and he always has a plan.

[Mark nods. The scene switches back to a conference room at the FBI building.]

ZAMPIERON: Once we realized that his involvement in the blackout was deeper than we thought, I went back and I ran this gait analysis on Simon Campos and on Suspect Zero.

[Zampieron changes the view on the monitor to Suspect Zero at the Super Oxide Stadium on the day of the blackout.]

ZAMPIERON: Not only are they comparable in height, weight and age, they're 99th percentile match in spatial, temperal and kinematic classes.

WEDECK: But Suspect Zero was in Detroit, and we have multiple eye witnesses that put Simon at his father's funeral in Toronto on the same day.

MARK: I checked inbound flights to airports around Detroit. On October 6th, a G4 with Canadian tail numbers requested an emergency maintenance landing at Willow Run.

WEDECK: So they wouldn't have filed a flight plan.

MARK: Plane was on the ground for a couple of hours and right back to Toronto. He could've gotten to the stadium and back to the airport by then.

WEDECK: Show me that footage again.

[Zampieron replays the Suspect Zero footage. The three men watch as Suspect Zero leaves his seat, walks to a gate, looks around then exits via the gate.]

MARK: Simon Campos is Suspect Zero.

[The scene switches to Mark's office where he is speaking with Annabelle.]

MARK: If I showed you pictures, Annabelle, could you identify any of these guys? We need to find the men who took you.

ANNABELLE: No. I never saw any faces. They always wore these weird masks. Please, can I go home now?

MARK: I know you're tired, just one more question. What did they want from Simon?

ANNABELLE: I told you, I don't know. They just left me in the van. They said they were done with me.

MARK: Did you overhear anything, anything at all?

[Annabelle starts to speak then stops.]

MARK: Annabelle. What did they want him for? I promise you, nothing bad will happen to Simon. Think real hard. Did you overhear anything, anything at all?

ANNABELLE: They said he's going to cause another blackout.



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