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#118 : L'infiltrée


Janis continue son rôle de taupe infiltré pour un mystérieux employeur ; tandis qu'Olivia obtient quelques nouvelles inquiétantes de Gabriel, qui a été soumis à de multiples flashforwards.

La vie d'Aaron est en danger en Afghanistan alors qu'il tente de se fondre dans la population locale, comme il continue la recherche de sa fille.

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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Scénaristes: Dawn Prestwich ; Nicole Yorkin - Réalisateur: Nick Gomez

Guest Stars: Annabeth Gish (Lita) ; Michael Massee (Dyson Frost) ; Barry Shabaka Henley (Agent Vreede) ; Lee Garlington (Carline) ; Ravi Kapoor (Malik) ; Ron Orbach (Carl Corey) ; Dominic Rains (Kahmir) ; James Callis (Gabriel McDow) ; Michael Ealy (Marshall Vogel)

Audiences US : 5,17 millions de téléspectateurs
Audiences FR - Tf1 : 2 millions de téléspectateurs


Joseph Fiennes  → Mark Benford
John Cho  → Demetri Noh
Jack Davenport  → Lloyd Simcoe
Zachary Knighton  → Dr. Bryce Varley
Peyton List  → Nicole Kirby 
Dominic Monaghan  → Simon Campos
Brian F. O'Byrne  → Aaron Stark
Courtney B. Vance  → Stanford Wedeck
Sonya Walger  → Dr. Olivia Benford
Christine Woods  → Janis Hawk
Annabeth Gish  → Lita
Michael Massee  → Dyson Frost
Barry Shabaka Henley  → Agent Shelly Vreede
Ravi Kapoor  → Malik
Ron Orbach  → Professor Corey
Dominic Rains  → Kahmir DeJean
James Callis  → Gabriel McDow
Michael Ealy  → Marshall Vogel
Lennon Wynn  → Charlie Benford
Sarah Ripard  → Dr. Rupin Verma
Catherine McGoohan  → Dr. Candace Weaver
Stacy Hall  → Ralph


Olivia retrouve l'homme mystérieux qui l'avait abordé dans sa cuisine. Le SDF assassiné était son ami, il sait pour le SMS envoyé. L'homme s'appelle Gabriel McDow et souhaite lui parler de Raven River. L'homme prétend la connaître depuis des années, mais Olivia Benford ne se souvient pas de lui. Pourtant en vérifiant les photos de famille, elle retrouve cet homme a différents moments de sa vie.

Janis Hawk apporte les plan laissés par Frost à un imminent professeur. Pour lui, si ces plans sont vrais, il s'agit d'une découverte extraordinaire : la machine d'Anticythère. Ce mystère de la science est une machine à calculer très perfectionné découverte en 1901 datée du 2ème siècle avant JC. L'objet permet de calculer les éclipses.

Les commanditaires de Janis souhaite récupérer le plan original et que les copies soient détruites. Mais en fouillant les bureaux du FBI, elle est surprise par Mark Benford. Elle parvient cependant à ne pas attirer les soupçons.

Le professeur Cori prend contact avec FBI, l'objet lui a permit de calculer une première date : le 6 octobre 2009, la date du premier blackout.

Grâce aux indications de Frost, Mark Benford découvre une bague cachées dans la pièce de jeu d'échec qu'il avait récupéré dans la planque de Frost.

Raven River était un hôpital psychiatrique où Gabriel et d'autres patients subissaient des expériences : ils subissaient des Flashforward à chaque fois, et le docteur qui dirigeait les tests était Dyson Frost.

Deux ans avant le blackout, et peu avant qu'elle ne soit recruter pour faire partie du complot et devenir une taupe, l'agent Voegel a proposé à Janis Hawk d'être un agent double pour infiltrer une organisation qui prépare un gros coup. Janis est un agent double de la CIA...


Two years before the blackout, rookie FBI agent Janis Hawk is approached by people who want her to keep tabs on her new federal friends. Her handler is a woman named Carline who works out of a fish store. She’ll be her only contact with those who recruited her. This marks the start of Janis Hawk’s career as an FBI mole.

[]In present day, Mark and the team try to analyze the blueprints and photos that belonged to Dyson Frost. Chemical analysis of the photos reveals traces of soil from Afghanistan. That happens to be where Aaron is currently searching for Tracy. He meets with Malik, a man Wedeck sent to help him bypass hostile factions.

Unfortunately, Malik is unaware of one roadblock. Gunmen open fire on their car. Malik is killed and Aaron is pinned down. As the gunmen close in, another force of soldiers swarms from behind. All attackers are quickly neutralized. Aaron has no idea what’s happening until a familiar face approaches him. It’s Khamir, the medic who helped Tracy in his flash forward. At the moment, he’s here to help Aaron.

Regarding the blueprints, Janis brings them to a Professor Corey, who sees similarities to a device used calculate dates of solar eclipses. But the professor needs time to determine what the device in the blueprints calculates. Janis’s handler at the fish store wants all copies of the blueprints. So, Janis breaks into the professor’s building, swipes the blueprints and wipes out all Corey’s computer hard drives.

Another set of blueprints are on the Mosaic board. Janis attempts to steal them after hours, but Mark is working late. He wants answers. Janis says she needs the blueprints to make a copy for Professor Corey, who lost his set. Mark buys it, but the blueprints stay with him. Professor Corey presents his findings to Mark and Janis. It’s some kind of mechanical, astronomical clock designed to calculate a series of dates, with the first one being October 6th – the day of the blackout.

Dyson Frost’s last words were that Mark would be saved by the lady he sees every day. In chess, “lady” refers to the Queen piece. Mark just happens to have one hanging on his board. He smashes it open to find a ring inside, the same ring worn by those who remained conscious during the blackout. Lloyd and Simon realize the ring is a QED, or Quantum Entanglement Device. It’s what Lloyd and Mark were discussing in their flash forwards. Mark believes that the assassins who were after him on April 29th may have been after the ring. []

Gabriel, the strange man who talked about the Raven River Experiments, startles Olivia in her house. He says Olivia made a mistake. She should be with Lloyd. Gabriel continues to rattle off past events where he was present. He tells Olivia not to buy coffee today from a bald man before fleeing the house. When she arrives at work, Olivia sees that a car has plowed into the beverage truck outside. One of those seriously hurt is the bald man who sells the coffee.

Olivia thumbs through old photo albums to see Gabriel present at the events he mentioned. Vreede asks Olivia to join him on visit a defunct Raven River psychiatric hospital in Arizona. It was the first place in the country to deal with autism, and perhaps savants. When they arrive at the Arizona hospital, Gabriel is waiting for them. He knew Olivia would be there. She always is.

Again, Gabriel says Olivia is supposed to be with Lloyd. He saw it. He leads them to a room where experiments were done. People were put to sleep. They would go on trips. Some were long, others short. Gabriel never knew where he’d end up. The doctor would always watch them. His name was Dyson Frost.

[]Frost told Gabriel and the others they were special because they could remember things. When they woke up, they had to write down all that they saw. Vreede says, “You’re talking about flash forwards.” Olivia realizes that Frost used savants as human recorders. When he was finished with them, they were to be killed so others wouldn’t find out. Gabriel tells Olivia that, according the futures he saw, she’s always with Lloyd. She’s going the wrong way. He says, “You’re a piece of the puzzle. They can’t solve it without you.”

Two years before the blackout, rookie FBI agent Janis Hawk is approached by some people. This is before the folks who recruited her to be an FBI mole came into the picture. She meets with Marshall Vogel of the CIA. He informs Janis that a hostile organization may contact her for recruitment. When they do, Vogel wants Janis to say yes. She’ll be a double agent. We knew that about her already. What we didn’t know is that she is actually one of the good guys. We also don’t know how she’ll deal with her handler’s next directive: Get back the ring and kill Mark Benford.

[The episode commences with a large group of FBI trainees running through the woods. Janis narrates as the trek continues.]

JANIS: The yellow brick road, a six mile killer obstacle course. Every Quantico graduate dreads it but we all do it. I never intended to be an FBI agent. I was a lawyer and hated my life.

[Janis is climbing a rope cargo net and getting encouragement from Demetri.]

DEMETRI: Go, Janis!

JANIS: Then I had this friend who joined the bureau.

DEMETRI: Go on! Stop being such a girl!

[Janis struggles.]

JANIS: Oh stop being such a bitch! I never thought of myself as particularly patriotic but it sounded cool.

[Janis reaches the top of the net and rings the bell and climbs back down.]

DEMETRI: [claps] All right! Yeah!

JANIS: I like the idea of being part of something, actually trying to make the world a safer place.

DEMETRI: Nice going.

JANIS: [panting] You're not gonna tell everybody I almost didn't make it, right?

DEMETRI: No, I'm just gonna show 'em this picture.

[Demetri takes a picture then Janis grabs the camera and throws it into the woods.]

DEMETRI: Oh, hey!

JANIS: [laughs] Last one to the barbed wire is a wuss.

[Janis pushes Demetri and then runs away. Demetri laughs and runs after her.]

DEMETRI: That was a $5 camera!

[They reach an area with muddy water and barbed wire about 18-24 inches over it. Janis and Demetri are crawling on their bellies to avoid contact with the barbs.]

JANIS: I loved it. I loved every second of it. Quantico made me strong. It taught me what mattered and it showed me I'm capable of tackling problems I never thought possible.

[Janis and Demetri finish the muddy crawl, stand up then Demetri hugs Janis. They both laugh. The scene changes to Janis sitting in a posh lounge next to the fireplace, telling this story to a woman sitting across from her.]

JANIS: Of course, I've never lived in Los Angeles, so we'll see how I survive this.


WOMAN: I'm sure you'll do just fine. Are you married?

JANIS: Oh, no. I don't really have time for a serious relationship.

WOMAN: Good to know.

JANIS: [chuckles] I'm sorry. I've been going on and on. Um, what was your name again?

LITA: I'm Lita.

[A waitress stops by the two women.]

LITA: We'll take two more.

[The two women smile at each other for a few moments.]

JANIS: So what do you do?

LITA: I'm a headhunter. I find talented people, like yourself, and offer them opportunities.

[Janis laughs.]

JANIS: Well, I just started at the bureau and I'm not really looking to quit.

LITA: Who said anything about quitting? I know all about your job. I'm just talking about a little multi-tasking.


[The scene switches to present time. Janis is explaining the blue prints that Mark found on Frost after he was shot to a group in a FBI conference room.].

JANIS: These are the blueprints and photographs that Mark found on Frost.

MARK: The originals are being analyzed by forensics right now.

[Wedeck looks at the documents while Vogel watches and listens to the discussion.]

MARK: The only other thing of potential relevance is Frost's final bon mot, "In the end you'll be saved by the lady you see every day."

MARSHALL VOGEL: I can't speak on behalf of everyone, but I'm still contemplating the unbelievable fact [smugly] that we had the possible mastermind of the global blackout in our hands, and just before he is able to divulge any real information, he's killed by a terrorist who, just mere hours before, was in our custody. Now how the hell does that happen?

MARK: [sarcastically] I don't know. What I do know is Demetri Noh is alive.

MARSHALL VOGEL: Yeah, and Alda's free again, which means Demetri was right all along. That's she's been involved in this thing since the beginning, even before you guys started surveilling her.

MARK: Believe me, I want he back as much as you do.

[Janis interrupts the two men.]

JANIS: In the meantime, Frost did confirm there will be another blackout. He was coming in from the cold and these blueprints and photographs are what he was bringing with him. That alone makes them vital to our investigation.

[The blue prints and photos are the same as the ones on Mark's board.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: This man was insane. How do we know that anything he's even giving us is credible?

MARK: [confrontational] Because, crazy as he was, he was always true to his word, but if you want to kick over more anthills...

MARSHALL VOGEL: [interrupts] Mark, this isn't about what I...

WEDECK: Can we please dial back the testosterone? That's enough! Thank you.

MARK: [to Wedeck] Janis is running point back on photos and blueprints, high priority. Shel, Dem said Frost referenced something called Raven River as the place where the flash-forwards started happening. See what you can find out about it.

AGENT VREEDE: This tracks something I was already running down.

MARK: So keep running. When Demetri gets back, he can jump in with you.

[Everyone in the room looks at Mark.]

MARK: Look, we're clearly on the right track. The bad guys were obviously desperate to keep us from getting to Frost. Let's take that as a sign we're getting warmer and push on.

[Janis looks down as the scene changes to the Benford residence. Olivia is walking down the stairs as she talks on the phone.]

OLIVIA: Okay, so run his labs, start an I.V. I'll be there in ten minutes. Yeah, bye.

[Olivia puts her cell phone in her purse. She takes a bottle from the refrigerator, is startled and drops it, shattering glass on the floor.]

GABRIEL: It's important, Olivia.

[Gabriel is sitting at the table.]


[Olivia holds up her hands and is breathing heavily.]

OLIVIA: How did you get in here?

[Gabriel takes the earplugs out of his ears.]

GABRIEL: I know you.

OLIVIA: My husband is FBI, okay? So there's an agent right out front. I'm gonna call him and he's gonna take you...

GABRIEL: [interrupts] The Pixies. The Pixies. You were there. You were there. You, you wore a purple beret. The drink spilled on the lady in front. She got mad. She got so mad. [chuckles] I was there too, with my handler, Barry. Barry lost his job for taking me to a Pixies concert. They closed with, "Wave of Mutilation."

[Olivia drops her purse on the floor. She is stunned.]

OLIVIA: The summer after med school?

GABRIEL: I was at Scott's wedding at the vineyard. Remember Scott's wedding at the vineyard? Your dress was turquoise. You cried. It was sad, so sad. They served many corndogs.

OLIVIA: I don't know who you are. What do you want from me?

GABRIEL: I'm Gabriel McDow. I told you that. I said, I definitely said that already. You have to remember things, Olivia.

OLIVIA: [points to door] Like I said, my husband is FBI, so there's an agent out front. I'm gonna call him and he's gonna take you away.

GABRIEL: He's not your husband. Lloyd, you know Lloyd? Lloyd is.


GABRIEL: Yeah, you made a mistake. You should be with Lloyd. I tried to stop you only you don't know that because I only tried to stop you. I have to tell you all about it. It was a Thursday. There's so much I need to tell you. It's all at Raven River, Raven River.

[Olivia goes to front door. Gabriel jumps up out of his chair and starts yelling at Olivia.]

OLIVIA: Get the hell out of my house!

GABRIEL: [yells] No, don't go! Don't go! The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Don't buy coffee today! Don't buy coffee today from the man who looks like Mr. Clean! Don't buy coffee today!

[As Olivia yells for help, Gabriel runs out the back

OLIVIA: Dan, there's a man in my house! Dan!

[The scene switches to Janis at the Obstetrician's office speaking with her doctor.]

FEMALE DOCTOR: Janis, thank you for coming in on such short notice. I'm worried about your baby.

JANIS: Why? I thought you said everything looked good.

FEMALE DOCTOR: You're anemic and you haven't gained enough weight. I want you to see a perinatologist to get a high resolution ultrasound.

[The doctor takes a pen and pad and begins to write.]

FEMALE DOCTOR: Now she'll make sure that the placenta's okay and the baby is growing.

JANIS: And what if it isn't?

[The doctor hands Janis the order.]

FEMALE DOCTOR: First things first. Get that ultrasound and get it soon. You've got to protect your baby.

[Janis takes the order.]

JANIS: I can't believe this is happening right now.

[The scene switches to Olivia driving in her car and speaking to Mark using her Bluetooth headset.]

OLIVIA: Yeah, but, Mark, he was in our house. I mean, I could have been killed.

MARK: Charlie must have been terrified.

OLIVIA: No, Charlie was already at school.

MARK: Why would this man be stalking you?

OLIVIA: I don't know. All I know is that there's something incredibly wrong with him. Okay, look, I'm gonna have to call you back.

MARK: Soon.

[A hospital security guard is on his cell phone at the scene of a car accident, outside the hospital. Olivia sees him and gets out of her car quickly. There are people around the scene, speaking in the background.]

OLIVIA: Okay, bye. Ralph, what happened?

RALPH: Some teenager driving and texting jumped a curb. Hit a couple of people waiting for coffee out front. He was going like 80, doesn't look good.

[Olivia looks around at the scene. There is a young lady crying, a man holding his wrist and hand. He is in a lot of pain. Olivia looks down and sees a bald headed man pinned underneath the car involved in the accident. The scene flashes back to what Gabriel told her at the house.]

GABRIEL: Don't buy coffee today from the man that looks like Mr. Clean!

[Return to real time. Olivia looks at the bald man pinned under the car.]

OLIVIA: Oh, my God.


[The scene switches to Janis walking into a pet shop. When she reaches the fish tanks, she observes the various fish. An auburn haired woman, an aisle over, startles her.]

PET SHOP OWNER: Can I help you, hon?

JANIS: Yeah. I'm looking for some red flower dragon heads.

PET SHOP OWNER: [chuckles] You mean some red dragon flowerhorns?

JANIS: Yeah. [pause] Do you have any here?

PET SHOP OWNER: I might. Do you have a freshwater tank or saltwater?

JANIS: I'm sorry. I was supposed to ask for Carline.

CARLINE: That's me.


[Carline walks past Janis and to the fish tanks and feeds the fish.]

JANIS: Um, I'm Janis. Lita sent me to you.

CARLINE: I know, so let's get you set up with an aquarium. Shall we?

JANIS: [confused] Yeah, I don't actually really need an aquarium.

[Carline ignores Janis.]

CARLINE: I think a five gallon tank ought to do the trick. We got your blue coral here, a power supply, air filter, water conditioner, a couple of plants and some incandescent bulbs.

JANIS: I'm a little confused.

CARLINE: Honey, if you're going to be coming in here every couple of weeks to talk to me, then you need an excuse.

JANIS: Yeah, I don't really like fish.

CARLINE: You do now. So what do you think, neon tetras or zebra fish?

JANIS: The tetras, I guess.

[Carline uses a net to get the tetras from a large tank.]

JANIS: I'm sorry. What exactly is it that I'm supposed to be doing?

CARLINE: Well, for now, your job. Be the best special agent at the L.A. Bureau that you can be. Watch, wait, win their trust and while you're at it, keep us apprised of what they're up to. Now these swordtails can be very aggressive. Sometimes they eat each other. Hmm, fish are like that. Here we go.

[Janis watches as Carline gathers the fish, still unsure of her role. The scene switches to the FBI building. Janis is walking in the corridor with Mark.]

JANIS: The photos that we found on Frost are platinum prints, which dates the photos between 1890 to 1917. But the guy from the Getty says that it's likely the latter part of that time period. We were able to recover two sets of prints, Frost's, of course, and Alda Hertzog's

MARK: Alda? How would she have gotten her hands on these photots?

JANIS: Maybe she was with him before he met with you?

MARK: No, she barely would have had time to make it to the desert before killing Frost. They must have crossed paths even earlier.

[Janis and Mark are in Mark's office.]

JANIS: Another weird thing, forensics analyzed these photos and the blueprints for trace chemicals and they found particulate matter specific to soil in the Kunar province of Afghanistan.

[Janis pins the photos to photos to Mark's board. One is the man in the diver's suit and the other of two men climbing down a ladder on a boat and into the water. Both are wearing the same suits.]

JANIS: Yep, U.S. Department of Agriculture keeps a soil database.

MARK: What would Frost be doing in Afghanistan?


[A man's voice is singing in the background, as various conversations go on in the market place. Inside a cafe a man pours a glass of tea to a man sitting alone at a table. It is Aaron. He is approached by an Afghani man who speaks to him in Arabic. Aaron does not respond.]

AFGHANI MAN: Don't look so alarmed. You will only draw more attention.

[Two men who are playing pool watch Aaron and the man speaking to him. One takes out a cell phone. Aaron drinks his tea.]

AARON: Who are you?

AFGHANI MAN: I'm here at the request of our mutual friend, Stanford Wedeck.

AARON: You're Malik?

AFGHANI MAN: And you are looking for your daughter. But now is not the time to exchange biographies. We need to leave.

[The man keeps looking around the cafe as he speaks to Aaron.]

AARON: You already said that.

[The man at the pool table inputs a number on his cell phone. The man speaking to Aaron sits at his table.]

AFGHANI MAN: Those men over there, one of them is making a phone call. The best outcome of that call is a man on his way here to kidnap you, the worst that man with a bomb strapped to his chest. I believe that is what you call a lose/lose situation.

[The two Afghani men keep a close eye on each other.]

AFGHANI MAN: You don't blend as well as you think.

[Aaron shrugs his shoulders and finishes his glass of tea. The scene switches to an office in a college building.]

JANIS: Thank you, Professor Corey, for looking at these.

DR. COREY: If these blueprints can be authenticated, this would be an incredibly cool find. Kind of reminds me a lot of the Antikythera Mechanism.

JANIS: I'm not familiar with that.

[Dr. Corey steps in front of a monitor and brings up an example. A metal apparatus spins on the screen.]

DR. COREY: It's one of the great mysteries of modern science. It was a bronze artifact discovered in the Mediterranean in 1901. Turned out to be this incredibly sophisticated sort of calculator from second century B.C. Greece. They've got it on display at National Archeology Museum in Athens.

JANIS: And you think this is something like that?

DR. COREY: Mm hmm. Yeah, it looks like it. The Antikythera calculated dates of solar eclipses, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what this calculates. If you let me keep these, I'll scan them, do some 3D imaging, translate the ancient Greek and, uh, see what I can come up with.

JANIS: Call me when you know something.

[The scene switches to the Pet Shop. Carline has the blueprints laid out on a table in a back room.]

CARLINE: Who has copies of these?

JANIS: We've got an antiquities professor studying the originals right now and Benford's got a copy on his board.

CARLINE: Get them back.

JANIS: What do you mean?

CARLINE: I mean get me the original and destroy every copy that's been made.

JANIS: What's so important about this thing?

CARLINE: I don't recall answering questions being part of our arrangement. The information goes one way, period. Get me these blueprints.

[Carline rolls up the blueprints. The scene switches to the college building at night. Janice is dressed in black and has a messenger bag slung across her shoulder. She is wearing gloves as she opens a burglar's lock picking kit. She takes out a piece and starts working on the door lock to Dr. Corey's office. After successfully picking the lock, she slowly and quietly enters his office and turns on a light. At his desk, she skims through papers until she finds the blueprints. She folds them up and puts them in her bag. She takes out an electrical device and plugs it into the wall socket. It begins to beep. She quickly turns out the light and leaves the office. As she walks away from the building, she reaches into her bag and takes out a remote detonator. She presses the button on top and all the electrical items in Dr. Corey's office start cackling like static, go dead then all the lights go out in the building quietly. Janis continues to walk away. She gets in her car and takes a deep breath. The scene switches to the Benford residence. Charlie is on the sofa, holding her Squirrlio stuffed doll and watching television. Olivia checks the door then draws the curtains.]

OLIVIA: Sweetie, you want me to make you that frozen pizza?

CHARLIE: No, I'm all full on popcorn.


[Olivia passes between Charlie and the television. The Squirrlio show is on.]


SQUIRRLIO: I'll give you twenty bucks for it.

[The cartoon show continues indistinctly in the background. Olivia brings three large binders to the table. She sits and opens them. There are photographs inside. She stops at a photograph from Scott's wedding. She is sitting at a table wearing a turquoise dress and laughing with the other people at the table. Gabriel is in the background as a waiter carrying a tray of drinks. She removes the photo from the album. She comes upon pictures from the Pixie's concert where she is wearing a purple beret. Gabriel is behind her in the crowd. She removes the photo. These events were told to her by Gabriel when he was at her house. The scene switches to Janis at the FBI building. She presses numbers a keypad on the wall. The door clicks open. The sign on the door reads:
Janis enters the door and walks through the building to Mark's office. It is dark and no one is present. She looks around then presses numbers on the keypad above the handle. It unlocks then she enters Mark's office. She takes off her gloves and proceeds to remove the blueprint from the board and rolls it up. She is interrupted.]

MARK: What are you doing?

[Janis is startled and gasps. Mark is standing in his office.]

MARK: What are you doing, Janis?

JANIS: I totally screwed up, Mark.

MARK: That's an understatement.

[Mark closes the door.]

MARK: [arms crossed] You broke into my office and you're removing things from the MOSAIC board.

JANIS: I know. I'm an idiot. Professor Corey called me.

MARK: Professor Corey?

JANIS: The antiquities professor. He [pause] misplaced the blueprints that I gave him.

MARK: So make him another copy.

JANIS: I gave him the originals. You have the only other copy.

MARK: You didn't check the originals into evidence?

JANIS: No. I had a doctor's appointment, so I just brought 'em with me.

MARK: How'd you get in?

JANIS: You gave me your passcode.

MARK: When?

JANIS: That time [pause] you were in Washington with Wedeck and you needed me to get [pause] the Geyer file for you.

[Mark cracks a small smile.]

MARK: Right. This is a rookie mistake, Janis. Hand back the blueprints. You can get your copies tomorrow. You should know better.

JANIS: I know. I'm sorry.

[Mark sits at his desk, opens a folder as Janis hands him the blueprints. Janis leaves the office. Mark, unsure, looks at her then the blueprints. The scene switches to the hospital. Olivia is in her office with Agent Vreede.]

OLIVIA: I'm telling you, Shel, he seemed to know a lot about me.

[Olivia pushes a photo.]

OLIVIA: I mean, look, there he is again.

AGENT VREEDE: And you're sure you don't know this guy?

OLIVIA: No, believe me. I would have remembered him.

AGENT VREEDE: That's weird.

OLIVIA: And he brought up Raven River again like he did the other day. Do you have any idea what that is?

AGENT VREEDE: Yeah. That, that's an interesting thing. There's a suspect we were tracking for the MOSAIC investigation. Well, he had mentioned something about Raven River to Demetri so I did some research.

OLIVIA: Well, that's crazy. Does Mark know about this?

AGENT VREEDE: I'm putting a report together for him now. There's a few Raven Rivers. There's one in Wisconsin, one in Illinois. There's a tennis club in Ohio and a Raven River Hospital in Arizona.

OLIVIA: Well, what kind of hospital?

AGENT VREEDE: A psych hospital, it's been shut down for about twenty years now and there was some controversy in the late '80's, abuses.

OLIVIA: What kind of patients?

AGENT VREEDE: Schizophrenics and they were the first hospital in the country to deal with autism.

OLIVIA: Autism? Wh, what about savants?

[The camera focuses on the photograph from Scott's wedding. The scene switches to Afghanistan at night. Aaron shows the Afghani man a military picture of Tracy.]

AARON: She was trying to get away from them. That's why she came home but Jericho, they got eyes everywhere. Now they brought her back here.

AFGHANI MAN: How do you know they have not killed her?

AARON: I know.

AFGHANI MAN: You have proof?

AARON: She's alive. I've seen it.

[A snippet of Aaron's flash-forward is shown. He is sitting next to Tracy who is lying on a cot, wounded. Return to real time.]

AFGHANI MAN: Listen, you seem confident in your beliefs. I envy you. You must know that what you're asking is no small undertaking. Kandahar is not Baghdad, Mr. Stark. It's not even Kabul. Finding a single person anywhere in this country is next to impossible.

AARON: There was someone else there. Someone I think can lead us to her.


AARON: His name's Khamir Dejan. He's a doctor, a friend of Tracy's.

[Another snippet of Aaron's flash-forward is shown where he is speaking with Khamir.]

AARON: He knows the location where I found her.

[Return to real time.]

AARON: We find him, he can lead us there.

AFGHANI MAN: It's not that simple. Even if he is in this region, it will take time.

[Another snippet of Aaron's flash-forward is shown of graffiti on the walls].

AARON: Where she was, there was writings on the wall.

[Return to real time. Aaron draws a symbol of two lines with a circle above the top line and below the lower line. Two connecting semi circles intersect the lines to the left of the circles.]

AARON: Does that mean anything to you?

AFGHANI MAN: Eyes on the mountain. It's a medical relief organization, nongovernmental. You said that Khamir was a doctor.

AARON: Yeah.

AFGHANI MAN: This group, they have bases all over the country. If he is working for them, we can find him.

AARON: And the roadblocks?

AFGHANI MAN: I know all of them. I know how to get around them.

[The Afghani man walks away.]

AARON: When do we start?

AFGHANI MAN: We head south towards the mountains.

[Aaron picks up his backpack and follows the man. The scene switches to a hospital where Janis is getting a sonogram.]

PERINATOLOGIST: I've seen the test results from Dr. Weaver. Let's have a look, shall we. There's your baby, and there's the heartbeat.

JANIS: Is she okay? Is she too small?

PERINATOLOGIST: No, the head size is normal. Placental blood flow, it's, it's okay. But the abdominal girth isn't what I'd want to see.

[The technician stops the test.]

PERINATOLOGIST: I know your work is very demanding, Janis, but you're going to need to take better care of yourself. Get eight to nine hours of sleep at night, eat a high protein diet and…

[Janis' cell phone rings.]

PERINATOLOGIST: Reduce your stress.

[Janis reaches for her phone.]

PERINATOLOGIST: You know those are not supposed to be on in here. Look, I know life is complicated. Everyone's is. But the health of you baby depends on your ability to, to stay off your feet and lower your stress. I'm serious otherwise you could lose this baby.

[The phone rings a third time. Janis checks to see who is calling.]

JANIS: I'm sorry. I have to take it. It's my boss. Hey Mark.

MARK: Professor Corey's sitting in my office and he's just given me some very interesting information. I think you better get back here.

[The scene switches back to Mark's office at the FBI building where Dr. Corey is working on Mark's laptop.]

JANIS: Professor Corey.

DR. COREY: Miss Hawk. Weirdest thing happened yesterday. There was a power failure in the entire building, erased every hard drive in the joint.

JANIS: Really?

DR. COREY: Yeah and I can't seem to find those blueprints you gave me.

[There is a pause as Mark and Dr. Corey look at Janis.]

DR. COREY: Which is why it's a damn good thing I took pictures on my phone and printed 'em out. I wanted to get a head start.

JANIS: Great.

DR. COREY: I, uh, did some quick and dirty 3-D imaging of the device.

[The blueprints are shown on the monitor. They animate and the parts become a device.]

DR. COREY: Seems to be some kind of mechanical astronomical clock with gears and levers designed to calculate a certain date or rather, a series of dates.

MARK: What dates?

DR. COREY: When I do the math, the first date I keep coming up with is October 6th, 2009 [pause] the date of the blackout.

[Janis thinks as the scene switches to her working in her cubicle.]


[Janis' phone rings.]

JANIS: Janis Hawk.

MARK: It's Benford. Get Wedeck. Suspects are on the move.

JANIS: Mark, I'm putting you on speaker.

WEDECK: What do you got?

MARK: Khalid, Omar and an unidentified
Caucasian woman. We're e-mailing you pictures right now.

[Pictures of Alda Hertzog and two men leaving a building are shown.]

WEDECK: Who is she?

MARK: Uh, that's the unidentified part, sweetheart.

[Janis holds back a chuckle.]

WEDECK: Get these to digital forensics and run 'em by I.C.E.

JANIS: Okay.

WEDECK: Thanks.

[Janis gets up from her chair and walks away from her cubicle. She walks through a double glass door near a flight of stairs. Two men are walking up the stairs. Janis walks down five steps, passes out and rolls down the steps to the next landing. Everyone goes unconscious, falling to the floor. One man falls through a plate glass coffee table, shattering the glass. All the people in the FBI building pass out. A snippet of Janis' flash-forward is shown. She is in a room getting an ultrasound. This technician is blonde whereas the perinatologist had dark hair.]

ULTRASOUND ATTENDANT: You've had a partial abruption, Ms. Hawk. The good news is you've stopped bleeding. You're gonna have to really watch your physical activity from here on out. Do you want to know the sex of your baby?

JANIS: Well, considering the circumstances...

[Return to real time. Janis regains consciousness lying head first down on the stairs. Sirens are wailing in the background. Explosions are heard. Various indistinct conversations fill the air. As Janis stands up, she sees everyone else regaining consciousness. She walks down the stairs.]

MAN: Get up.

MAN 2: You guys okay?

MAN: Yeah.

[People are groaning and limping. Janis looks around, walks down a corridor trancelike then stops at a window. She sees various plumes of smoke, explosions, chaos on the street, people shouting for help as sirens continue to wail. The scene switches to Janis in the restroom, bending over a commode and vomiting. She coughs then sits on the commode and flushes it. She has her hands to her head and is crying. The scene changes to the pet shop. Janis barges in and as Carline is stocking shelves.]

JANIS: I want out.

CARLINE: It's normal to be upset.

JANIS: [angry] Millions of people died yesterday, Carline. I lost friends, people I know and work with. Nobody told me this was the plan when I was recruited. You said there was gonna be an event but you never said it would be like this. Did you know this was gonna happen?

[Carline is emotionless and continues to stock shelves.]

CARLINE: I don't answer questions, Janis. We've already been over this.

JANIS: I don't want to do this anymore. I want out, now.

CARLINE: I'm really sorry you feel that way, Janis, but you can't get out. You're in way too deep. Surely you're bright enough to realize that. You know, it's funny, I never heard you complaining when you were pocketing all that money. You didn't think there was a price?

JANIS: You're a despicable person.

CARLINE: Man up, sweetheart. This is what we do and even if I wanted to cut you loose, that's not my call to make.

JANIS: Okay, then I want to talk to the person whose call it is.

CARLINE: That's not gonna happen [pause] ever.

[Janis walks to the door, stops as Carline speaks.]

CARLINE: If I were you, I'd go on home, pour yourself a couple of stiff ones, lick your wounds because tomorrow I expect you back in here spilling your guts.

[The scene switches to present time. Agent Vreede and Olivia pull into the driveway of an abandoned building. The sign outside reads: Raven River Psychiatric Hospital. They park the car and get out.]

OLIVIA: It's like the setting in one of those slasher movies.

AGENT VREEDE: [chuckles] I'm more of a Clint Eastwood type guy, myself.

OLIVIA: I hope you told someone where we were going.

AGENT VREEDE: Ah, so they'll know where to find our bodies?

OLIVIA: Mm hmm.

[They stop in front of a boarded door. Vreede pulls the wood from the opening and tosses it aside. He gestures for Olivia to enter first then he enters.]

AGENT VREEDE: Ooh, here you go.

[Vreede hands her a flashlight.]

OLIVIA: Oh, thank you.

[They turn on the flashlights and walk cautiously through the building. They enter a large corridor. Vreede takes a deep breath.]

AGENT VREEDE: Mm. [whistles] Mildew.

[As they walk down the corridor, Olivia stops at a door to another corridor.]

AGENT VREEDE: I'm gonna look around down here.

OLIVIA: Okay. You call me if you get lost.

[Vreede turns his flashlight on and off several times as they go in different directions. Olivia walks into down the corridor passing a doll hanging upside down from a window. She stops at a rolling cart with folders and papers on top. She skims through the pile. Suddenly she is startled.]

GABRIEL: You're not gonna find what you're looking for there, Olivia.

[Olivia turns and gasps. Gabriel is leaning against the wall. Olivia stands still as Gabriel approaches her.]

GABRIEL: I knew you'd be here. You're always here.

[The scene switches to the FBI building. Janis stops by Mark's office.]

JANIS: I'm heading out.

MARK: What's up with you? Hmm? You've been distracted. You haven't been yourself. You've been coming in late, disappearing for lengths of time. What is it?

[As Mark sits back in his chair, Janis sits and exhales deeply.]

JANIS: I'm pregnant.

MARK: Wow, that's [pause] congratulations. Your flash-forward really is coming true.

JANIS: And there was a question of the health of the baby. So I just [pause] I don't know. I guess I just lost it. I lost my edge, but I'm okay. Everything's good.

MARK: Great.

JANIS: Mark, I just hope that you know you can still count on me.

MARK: Janis, I never doubted that.

JANIS: [smiles] Thanks.

MARK: You know, I can't stop thinking about Frost's last words, "In the end, you'll be saved by the lady you see every day." What the hell does that mean? Hmm?

JANIS: Well, clearly that means I'm gonna save your ass, Mark.

MARK: [chuckles] No. I don't know. Maybe it means Olivia's gonna save my ass.

JANIS: Let's go over this again. What do we know about Dyson Frost? We know he went under the alias "D. Gibbons."

[A snippet of D. Gibbons card on Mark's board is shown then Frost playing chess.]

MARK: And he played chess, brilliantly.

JANIS: And faked his own death once upon a time.

[A flashback at the Devine Doll Factory in Pigeon, Utah after the explosion is shown. Demetri is holding a white queen chess piece.]

DEMETRI: D. Gibbons escaped. We got a white queen.

[Return to real time. Mark sits up and looks at his board then gets up and walks to it.]

MARK: Chess. [chuckles] The lady you see every day.

[Mark chuckles again as he takes the plastic bag with the white queen from the board.]

MARK: In chess, the Queen's known as the lady, right?

[Janis nods. Mark tries to break the queen with his hands to no avail.]


[Mark picks up a metal statue of an eagle's head and smashes the chess piece, on his desk, while it is still in the plastic bag. The ceramic queen shatters. Mark hits it again. As he picks up the bag, he sees a silver and black ring inside. Janis looks over quite surprised.]

MARK: Crazy son of a bitch was right.

[The scene switches to Afghanistan. Aaron is driving with the man from the cafe. It is nighttime. Aaron notices a picture on the dashboard of a woman and girl.]

AARON: Your family?

AFGHANI MAN: I'm taking you where you want to go. What else do you need to know?

AARON: How about what you saw? That's a start.

AFGHANI MAN: My wife and daughter, we're in a car together. We black out. The car goes over the embankment. I survive. It doesn't matter what I saw. A future without them is no future at all.

AARON: I'm sorry.

AFGHANI MAN: [smiles] You know, I envy that you believe in the possibility of good.

[As they drive along, they come upon a roadblock. Trucks block passage and the area is full of armed men who stop the vehicle. A man shouts in Arabic. The vehicle stops. The man shouts in Arabic again.]

AARON: Taliban?

AFGHANI MAN: I don't know.

AARON: I thought you said you knew all the factions. Isn't that why Wedeck sent you to me?

AFGHANI MAN: I don't know this one.

[Two men raised their weapons at the vehicle. They shout in Arabic.]

AFGHANI MAN: I'll take care of it.

[Another man approaches the vehicle shouting in Arabic. The driver attempts to slowly exit the vehicle. One of the armed men shoots the driver in the chest several times. Everyone fires at the vehicle. Aaron lowers himself and gets out of the vehicle. He crouches and takes cover behind it. The firing continues. Shots are aimed at Aaron however none hit him. Grenades are thrown. Aaron returns fire with his handgun. Men are shouting in Arabic as the onslaught continues. Aaron stays behind the vehicle. He shoots and hits one of the men. A grenade comes in from behind the men shooting and bodies are hurled through the air. Men are now behind Aaron and as they approach they are shooting. They continue to hit men that were originally shooting at Aaron and the driver. As the noise starts to fade, another vehicle approaches Aaron from behind. The second band of men checks the bodies of the original shooting group. They are all dead. The 2nd vehicle stops. An armed man come up behind Aaron and yells at him. Aaron slowly stands up and walks to the side of his vehicle. The driver of the 2nd vehicle gets out. As the two men approach each other, a snippet of Aaron's flash-forward is shown. The Afghani doctor in his flash-forward is the man approaching him.]

AARON: Khamir? How'd you find me?

KHAMIR: Well, you [pause] don't blend as well as you think.

[Aaron is relieved. The scene switches back to Raven River Psychiatric Hospital.]

GABRIEL: My, my friend, the one who texted you, he, he was here. We, we were here.


GABRIEL: He was here. We, we were here together.



GABRIEL: Do you understand now? Tell, you understand now?

OLIVIA: No Gabriel, I don't understand anything. How, how did you know about the car accident at the hospital?

GABRIEL: I saw it.

OLIVIA: Well, what did you mean when you said I made a mistake about Lloyd?

GABRIEL: uh, it's what I saw. [sings] Uh, Lloyd and Olivia sitting in a tree, k-i-s..

OLIVIA: Okay, stop, stop.

GABRIEL: It's what I saw.

AGENT VREEDE: You saw it?

[Gabriel looks at Vreede for a moment then turns and walks down the corridor. Olivia and Vreede follow.]

GABRIEL: This is where they did it.

OLIVIA: Gabriel, where are you going?

GABRIEL: This is where they did it.

[The three enter a very large area with broken beds and other trash strewn about.]

GABRIEL: This is where they did it.

OLIVIA: They did what?

GABRIEL: This is where they did it, the experiments.

[Gabriel stops in front of a wall full of graffiti. His back is to the rest of the area.]

OLIVIA: What experiments?

[Gabriel turns around.]

GABRIEL: Every other day for two years [pause] we came here. They put us to sleep.

[A flashback is shown of Gabriel and other people being strapped down on beds as attendants and doctors check them. Each has a rubber rod in their mouths to bite down on, a cap with wires on their head and then is given an injection.]

GABRIEL: They put us to sleep. I never knew where I'd end up.

[Indistinct conversations are heard in the flashback and the groaning of patients.]

GABRIEL: Sometimes it was a short trip.

[End of flashback.]

GABRIEL: I was eating a tuna sandwich. Cat jumped on the table. Kitty likes tuna. Sometimes it was a long trip. [points] He watches from there.


GABRIEL: The doctor, Frost.

[Another piece of Gabriel's flashback is shown. A young Dyson Frost watches as patients convulse. Flashback ends.]

AGENT VREEDE: Dyson Frost?

[Gabriel covers his ears for a few moments, then brings them down from his head.]

GABRIEL: He told us we were special 'cause we could remember things [pause] everything.

[Another snippet of the flashback where various patients are convulsing is shown then sitting in chairs, given pad and pen, writing.]

GABRIEL: And then when we came back, we had to write it all down, every [pause] every little detail.

[Return to real time.]

GABRIEL: That's the way the cookie crumbles. The...

AGENT VREEDE: Flash-forwards? You're talking about flash-forwards.

GABRIEL: [nods] He, he said we were special because we could remember the future. I said that already. Did I say that already? I'm sorry, I said that already. I said that already.

OLIVIA: It's okay. It's okay. Gabriel, it's okay. You are special. You're, you're a savant. You all were. He used you for your eidetic memories like human recorders.

GABRIEL: When they finished with us [pause] when they used us all up [pause] he told them to kill us so we wouldn't tell.

AGENT VREEDE: [points] He's dead now. You don't have to be afraid of him anymore.

GABRIEL: [smiles] Huh, the early worm catches the bird. I've been waiting. I've been waiting.

OLIVIA: Gabriel, why have you been following me?

GABRIEL: It's an emergency. You, you're going the wrong way. So, I, I have to turn you around, Olivia, 'cause you're going the wrong way.

OLIVIA: What wrong way?

GABRIEL: In the futures I saw. I always saw you, Olivia.


GABRIEL: [agitated] Yeah, and you're always with Lloyd, at Harvard, by the pipe shop, I, I tried to smoke that day but I threw up. And, and we were friends. We were friends because I was the janitor in the...

OLIVIA: No Gabriel, I didn't go to Harvard. I came to California. I went to U.C.L.A. I married Mark.

GABRIEL: [very agitated] In the futures I saw, you're supposed to be with Lloyd. You're always with Lloyd, not that other one. Lloyd. Harvard was a fork in the road. You have to listen to me, Olivia. You have to, you have to remember these things because they’re important.
You have to be here for things to come. You're a piece of the puzzle. They, they can't solve it without you.

[The scene switches to the FBI conference room. Simon and Lloyd are sitting at the table as Mark speaks.]

MARK: Gentlemen, it's been P.E.T. scanned, C.T scanned and subjected to neutron emissions analysis.

[Mark places a plastic bag with the ring inside, on the table. Vogel glares at Mark.]

WEDECK: What the hell is it, some kind of little electronic kryptonite?

MARK: No, no, no, this is more complicated. Our analyst is saying it makes our current tech look primitive. They have no idea what it is.

[Simon looks at the ring and Janis as Mark speaks.]

MARK: That's why I invited Simon and Lloyd to join us.

[Mark uses the remote to turn on the monitor at the end of the room. The schematics and 3 views of the ring, plus other data, are shown. He changes screens as the meeting continues.]

JANIS: Suspect Zero has one, too.

WEDECK: You think he and Dyson Frost were working together, huh?

MARK: Possibly. We know that D. Gibbons, Frost, made numerous calls during the blackout.

[Simon slowly looks back at Mark.]

MARK: As far we know, they were the only two people in the world awake during the blackout.

[Mark changes the view on the monitor.]

MARK: Suspect Zero was wearing a ring and Frost had this one in his possession.

[Simon gets up to take a closer look at the monitor.]

SIMON: It's a Q.E.D.


[Vogel has his head low while looking up with his eyes.]

SIMON: A Quantum Entanglement Device.

LLOYD: My God. It exists. [to Mark] This is what we were discussing in our flash-forwards.

WEDECK: English, gentlemen. English, please.

SIMON: Okay, let's start with the basics. All right?

[The view on the monitor changes.]

SIMON: Theoretically, Frost and his pals ramped up our linear accelerator to such extreme energies that it send shock waves through the consciousness field and jolted all of humanity's awareness to a different place in space time, the flash-forward. Now Suspect Zero and Frost were awake during the time of the blackout, correct? They were in some way protected.

MARK: Clearly, so you think this ring...

LLOYD: Is a device which anchored their minds to their current location in space time.

SIMON: In other words, it helped them stay conscious.

WEDECK: You're saying this little thing kept those guys from blacking out?

[Simon nods.]

MARK: Maybe this is why they were so anxious to attack our offices on April 29th. Maybe they weren't coming for me. They were coming for this.

WEDECK: And now that we know that, we can figure out a way to stop them.

[Mark nods.]


[The scene changes to Janis walking into a restaurant. She stops at a table in the rear room.]

JANIS: Mr. Vogel? Janis Hawk. I was told to meet you by Assistant Director Bramwell.

MARSHALL VOGEL: Yes, Ms. Hawk. Please sit.

[Janis joins him at the table.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: Congratulations on graduating today. Surviving Quantico is no small accomplishment.

JANIS: Thank you. I was told this is about a special assignment but I'm actually starting in the L.A. office next month.

MARSHALL VOGEL: Ms. Hawk, I'll get right to the point. I'm not with the bureau. As I'm sure you're aware, historically, the bureau and the agency haven't always cooperated as closely as they might have. We're trying to change that.

JANIS: You're CIA.

MARSHALL VOGEL: As a part of a still-classified operation, we've assessed your graduating class and found half a dozen candidates, potentially vulnerable to hostile recruitment.

JANIS: And I'm one of them?

MARSHALL VOGEL: Yes. Your financial situation, your sexual orientation, your unconventional upbringing, they all make you a potential target.

JANIS: Well, that's ridiculous. You're wrong. I would never betray my country. I would never betray a fellow agent. You've got the wrong person.

[Vogel moves closer to Janis.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: [nods] We know. We know. We've done our homework. Your reputation amongst you classmates and instructors is impeccable, and Bramwell says you're one of the finest students he's seen in years.

JANIS: Oh, I don't understand.

MARSHALL VOGEL: We need a dangle. We know something big is going down, something that will make 9/11 look like a fender bender. We need someone on the inside. Now we have reason to believe that an organization may approach you soon and ask you to be a mole in the L.A. office. We want you to say yes.

JANIS: You want me to be a double agent?



MARSHALL VOGEL: I'm not gonna kid you, Janis. It won't be easy.

[A snippet of Janis meeting with Lita is shown.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: They'll manipulate you. They use you in ways you can't imagine.

[A snippet of Janis walking down the FBI office corridor after the blackout, then crying is shown.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: You'll know things but you won't be able to tell anyone.

[A scene of Janis and Demetri looking at video of Suspect Zero during the blackout is shown.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: You'll be in constant danger.

[The scene of Janis lying on the pavement after being shot in the stomach is shown.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: You'll betray your friends.

[The scene of Janis shooting at Marcie on the motorcycle followed by a scene of Janis running along a basement corridor is shown.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: And there may come a time when they ask you to do something which goes against everything you believe in and care about.

[A scene of Carline and Janis in the back room of the pet shop looking at the blueprints followed but the scene of Janis breaking into Mark's office and taking the blueprints from his board.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: And you're gonna have to do it to win their trust and stay on the inside. Do you think you're capable of doing what you have to do?

[The scene switches to the pet shop.]

CARLINE: So they have the ring.

JANIS: It's been on Mark's board since Utah.

CARLINE: You're gonna have to get it back.

JANIS: And how am I supposed to do that? It's in a well fortified vault in the basement of the FBI, for God's sakes. You keep asking me to do this impossible stuff, I'm gonna blow my cover.

CARLINE: [sternly] I know you've grown to like these people. They're like family to you, and this understandably is hard for you. But you failed to follow Benford to Frost and you failed in destroying the blueprints, which was most unfortunate. I would not make a third mistake, Janis. This is where you get to prove your dedication to the cause, darlin'.

JANIS: I'll get the ring.

CARLINE: Oh, and Janis, one more thing. We need you to kill Benford.

[Janis stares at Carline.]



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