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#117 : Bâtiment 7


Le compte à rebours sur la vie de Demetri est lancé ; la suspecté terroriste Alda Hertzog promet de donner des renseignements à Zoey sur l'endroit où est Demetri- mais à un prix.

Et enfin, Olivia apprend l'identité de la personne qui lui a envoyé le SMS informant que Mark buvait dans son flashforward.

Titre VO
The Garden of Forking Paths

Titre VF
Bâtiment 7

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France





Sneak Peek#1

Sneak Peek#1


Photos promo

Mark au volant de sa voiture

Mark au volant de sa voiture

Mark au téléphone

Mark au téléphone

Alda Hertzog est suspectée de terrorisme

Alda Hertzog est suspectée de terrorisme

Lucas Hellinger, un membre de la conspiration

Lucas Hellinger, un membre de la conspiration

Demetri est prisonnier

Demetri est prisonnier

Plus de détails

Scénaristes: David S. Goyer ; Lisa Zwerling - Réalisateur: Nick Gomez

Guest Stars: Michael Massee (Dyson Frost) ; Barry Shabaka Henley (Shelly Vreede) ; Rachel Roberts (Alda Hertzog) ; Neil Jackson (Lucas Hellinger) ; Geoffrey Owens (Dr. Julian Ebbing) ; Norma Maldonado (Judge Sandoz) ; Rizwan Manji (Maneesh Sandhar) ; James Callis (Gabriel McDow) ; Gabrielle Union (Zoey Andata)

Audiences US : 5,6 millions de téléspectateurs
Audiences FR - Tf1 : 2 millions de téléspectateurs


Joseph Fiennes → Mark Benford
John Cho → Demetri Noh
Jack Davenport → Lloyd Simcoe 
Zachary Knighton → Dr. Bryce Varley
Peyton List → Nicole Kirby 
Dominic Monaghan → Simon Campos 
Brian F. O'Byrne → Aaron Stark 
Courtney B. Vance → Stanford Wedeck
Sonya Walger → Dr. Olivia Benford
Christine Woods → Janis Hawk
Michael Massee → Dyson Frost
Barry Shabaka Henley → Agent Shelly Vreede
Rachel Roberts → Alda Hertzog
Neil Jackson → Lucas Hellinger
Geoffrey Owens → Dr. Julian Ebbing
Norma Maldonado → Judge Sandoz
Rizwan Manji → Maneesh
James Callis → Gabriel McDow
Gabrielle Union → Zoey Andata
Lennon Wynn → Charlie Benford
Lawrence Mandley → Kent Nelson 
Jonathan Levit → Dewey


Nous sommes le 15 mars 2010. Zoey Andata contacte à nouveau la terroriste pour découvrir ce qu'elle sait exactement sur la mort de Dimitri. Alda monnaie ses connaissances au prix fort. Elle a fait la connaissance de Dyson Frost six mois avant le Blackout durant les derniers préparatifs. Zoey obtient une audience. Mais Alda avait tout prévu. Elle parvient à s'échapper.

Dimitri est prisonnier de Dyson Frost, l'un des deux hommes va mourir aujourd'hui. Dyson donne rendez-vous à Mark Benford dans une gare et annonce vouloir se rendre. Mais puisqu'il a quitté ses associés, sa vie est menacée.

Mark doit suivre un jeu de piste et ne pas être suivi pour voir enfin Dyson et sauver Dimitri. Les deux hommes se retrouvent au milieu de nulle part, mais Mark a été suivi : Dyson est abattu avant d'avoir pu parler.

Demetri Noh est sauvé, mais les preuves et les informations de Dyson recueillies lors de ses centaines de flashforward sont perdus. Mark a cependant pu voir une date : le 12 décembre 2016, la fin.


[The episode commences with Demetri breathing erratically and sweating profusely. A semi-automatic hand gun is rigged in an apparatus that consists of wires and gears. A laser site is attached to the gun and is pointed at Demetri's chest. A board is shown with lines and notes in yellow, white, lavender, orange and fuchsia. Some of the information is as follows: An orange line with "Mason Andrews" is shown. Below are photographs of Vogel and Demetri. Above Vogel's photo is a fuchsia line with Vogel dies -> No Deal -> Vogel -> Cheyenne. Another yellow line from Vogel's photo is Silencing -> Deal-> Vogel [fuchsia]. Below is a photograph of Demetri and a box with Oct. 6, 2009 – GBO written inside in white. To the left is a photograph of Mark is a yellow line with Theo call underneath. In between these photographs are 2 boxes. One reads Sheriff died and the other reads Oct. 9. Below Mark's photograph is CERN in lavender. White dotted line points to Theo Call. To and from CERN are various lines. There is an orange line with arrow heads on both ends pointing to CERN and Theo. There is another orange line with HARVARD written in white. Under the box with Oct, 6, 2009, GBO is another white box with Campos. Below all of this is a white line with 2 white boxes on the line. One reads My Plan B Caine. The other is indistinguishable. The camera moves to show Demetri's naked feet placed on a grate with wires coming out and attached to the metal chair. The camera focuses on the wall and diagram behind Demetri. In a white bubble is Zoom Car and there is a connecting line to March, 15th, Demetri dies with a line connected to Carnival -> LBC -> Lathe connected to a white box reading Queen Sacrifice connected to Kill Pat 9 connected to Jan 4th, 2010 – Somalia. To the left are 2 orange lines. One has Mate in Three written on it and the other Scheveningen Defense. Below this chess play is a lavender line with Kill McKinnon on it. The camera zooms in on Demetri dies.]

March 15th, 2010

[The scene switches to the FBI building in Los Angeles.]

MARK: Okay, Charlie Bear. We need you to tell us what he looked like.

CHARLIE: He was tall.

[A flashback is show of the night of the carnival where Charlie is looking around. She has face paint on and sitting on the bench with Frost.]

MARK: And do you remember what he was wearing?

CHARLIE: A jacket.

JANIS: And what color was it?

CHARLIE: [shrugs] I don't know.

[Another flashback snippet is shown of Frost in a dark jacket. Return to real time. Charlie is sitting on Olivia's lap, leaning against her mom.]

JANIS: Did he have glasses or a watch or anything like that?

CHARLIE: I don't know.

[Olivia strokes Charlie's hair.]

OLIVIA: It's okay sweetie. It's okay.

[Mark stokes Charlie's hand.]

MARK:We wouldn't be asking you if it wasn't important. What you say could help us find Demetri.

OLIVIA: She knows that, Mark. She's trying.

WEDECK: Charlie, you're doing really good. You know, sometimes [pause] closing our eyes helps us remember more. You want to do that with me? Hmm?

[Charlie nods.]

WEDECK: Good. Come on.

[Wedeck sits and closes his eyes. Charlie closes her eyes. Wedeck takes a deep breath.]

WEDECK: What do you see now?

CHARLIE: He knew my name.

[Flashback to the carnival is shown. Charlie speaks in real time as the flashback is show.]

DYSON FROST: Hello, Charlie.

CHARLIE: But I didn't know who he was.

DYSON FROST: They make a mean cotton candy here, don't they?

CHARLIE: I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

DYSON FROST: Oh, well, I'm not a stranger. If I were a stranger, would I know your name? Hmm?

[Charlie shrugs.]

DYSON FROST: I work with your daddy, and I hear that you're a big reader. Do you like Dr. Seuss?


DYSON FROST: [nods] Me, too. You know, my favorite is, "One fish two fish red fish blue fish."

CHARLIE: That one is for little kids.

DYSON FROST: Well, maybe. You know, even grown ups can learn from that book, 'cause Dr. Seuss has all the answers.

CHARLIE: I like Horton.

DYSON FROST: Horton? Oh, that's a good one, too. I mean, Horton's a trooper, had faith to carry his mission through to the end even when others doubted him. You know, Charlie, I need you to do something for me.

[Frost reaches in his bag and brings out a glossy color picture.]

DYSON FROST: I want you to give this to your daddy. Now it's very important. Okay?

[Charlie nods.]


[Charlie looks at the picture. Return to real time.]

WEDECK: And then what happened?

CHARLIE: Then he left.

[Mark turns over the picture. Written on the back is:]

If you want Demetri back:

Union Station.
Main Concourse.
March 15th.

MARK: We should get going.

OLIVIA: We're done, right?

[Mark stroke Charlie's hair.]

MARK: You did great!

[Charlie and Mark hug.]

MARK: We're so proud of you.

[Olivia picks up Charlie and they leave the room. Mark follows.]

CHARLIE: Sorry I didn't know all the answers, daddy.

OLIVIA: Sweetie.

MARK: Oh what are you talking about.

[Mark takes Charlie from Olivia. Charlie is laughing.]

MARK: Come here. You were fantastico.

OLIVIA: Hey, you were a great help. [pause] We should go.

MARK: It was good to see you.

OLIVIA: [emotionless] Yeah.

[Mark kisses Charlie on the head. Wedeck leaves the room and clears his throat.]

WEDECK: Thank you for coming in, Charlie.

CHARLIE: You're welcome.

WEDECK: You know, Charlie, there's one more thing you could do for me. I have this jar of jelly beans on my desk and I hate jelly beans and I, I know you probably hate jelly beans, too...

CHARLIE: I don't hate jelly beans.

WEDECK: You don't hate jelly beans?

[Charlie shakes her head from side to side.]

WEDECK: Really? Why don't you come help me out, then?

MARK: Help him out.

[Mark puts Charlie down on the floor. Laughing, she runs to Wedeck and takes his hand.]

WEDECK: Come on and help me out. Then we'll be right back.

[Wedeck and Charlie run to his office.]

WEDECK: So what's your favorite kind?

CHARLIE: I like the green ones.

WEDECK: I hate those.

OLIVIA: That was fast. She got so big.

MARK: Yeah. She seems okay though, right?

OLIVIA: I think so. I mean as far as you can tell what's going on inside the mind of a six year old.

MARK: She needs to talk to someone.

OLIVIA: I, I really don't want that, Mark.

MARK: Well, look, we have a child psychologist that works here. Why not call her?

OLIVIA: [upset] 'Cause she doesn't need therapy. She needs stability. She needs to feel protected. She needs to know there aren't going to be scary men asking her to deliver messages to her dad. [pause] She thinks you're gonna die, Mark.

[Mark and Olivia look at each other. Charlie comes running from Wedeck's office.

CHARLIE: Look! He let me have all the green ones.

MARK: Wow.

OLIVIA: Yes he did. Do you want one?


MARK: Can mommy have one?


[As Mark tries to feed Olivia the jelly bean, she replies.]

OLIVIA: [coldly] No, thank you. Let's go, sweetie.

[The scene switches to the county prison where Alda Herzog is incarcerated.]

ZOEY: Zoey Andata to see Alda Herzog.

[Zoey waits in a meeting area as Alda is escorted from her cell by two female guards.

FEMALE PA ANNOUNCER: Officer Stillman to Cellblock "D." Officer Stillman to Cellblock "D."

[Zoey is at a table speaking with Alda.]

ZOEY: Alda, it's March 15th, [pause] the day that Demetri's supposed to die [pause] and he's gone missing.

ALDA: Maybe he's just in Cabo with his new girlfriend.

ZOEY: Alda, shut up. I need you to tell me everything that you know, everything, right now.

ALDA: I already have.

ZOEY: I don't believe you. [pause] The only reason that I agreed to represent you is because you said there was more. I know that you don't care if Demetri lives or if he dies. But I do think you do care about getting the hell out of here. Alda, we had a deal. If you know anything, please.

[Alda smirks as she looks around the room.]

ALDA: [smugly] Get me a hearing and we'll talk. I've been held here for five months as a material witness and I haven't been charged with crap. I'm sick of it.

ZOEY: I know. I applied for a Habeas hearing a month ago. You know this. We are just waiting for a court date.

ALDA: Guess you should try to expedite things.

ZOEY: There is no way that we would ever be able to get a hearing today and even if we could, there's no judge that would be able to release you in time.

ALDA: Who said anything about being released? You want me to tell you what I know about Demetri? Get me a hearing [pause] today.

[The scene switches back to conference room at the FBI building. Various agents are preparing their vests, weapons and getting instructions from Wedeck.]

WEDECK: Mark's gonna meet Frost in Union Station like the drawing said, but I want him covered. We'll pick him up on the way out.

MARK: It's not gonna be that easy.

JANIS: All the trains are stopped. He won't be able to get out.

MARK: Frost is a genius, a planner. He's not gonna walk into what he knows is a trap.

WEDECK: Vreede, what do you got on the painting Frost used to get his message.

[Vreede holds up the picture.]

AGENT VREEDE: "Oedipus and the Sphinx" by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres., 1808.

MARK: Is Frost trying to tell us something with that?

WEDECK: It's a bit of a stretch.

MARK: Well, he may be crazy but he's deliberate, could be meaning in everything his does. Why a carnival? Why Dr. Seuss? Why Oedipus?

AGENT VREEDE: He's in love with his mother?

MARK: [chuckles] Right, that and maybe he's trying to tell us something about self fulfilling prophecy. By trying to escape his fate, Oedipus set into motion the very events he wanted to avoid.

JANIS: So by trying not to get shot on March 15th, Dem just walked into Frost's trap?

MARK: Something like that, yeah.

AGENT VREEDE: How do you know that by trying to rescue him, we're not gonna do the same thing and end up sealing his fate?

MARK: I don't.

[Scene switches to Demetri sitting in the chair with the gun pointed at his chest. Mark speaks in the background.]

MARK: But I promised Demetri he wasn't going to die today and I'm keeping that promise.

[The scene expands to show then entire area that Demetri is being held in. The chair is on a platform. A timer is on the gun apparatus. It is counting down the time until the gun fires. 06:05:53, 06:05:52, 06:05:51, 06:05:50. The red laser light shines on his chest. Demetri leans forward every so slowly exhaling deeply as he moves. His elbow barely moves off the chair arm and a red light starts flashing, a disc starts turning, the back of the gun cocks, a pointed rod moves in to push the trigger back when suddenly Demetri moves back and the apparatus reverses the steps and goes back into wait mode. The scene switches to the grounds of a factory.]


[Alda is walking through one of the warehouses with a Hellinger.]

HELLINGER: The man you are about to meet, he's brilliant but a little eccentric. We had to fake his death a while back in order to remove him from the public eye. And he's been difficult ever since.

ALDA: So why rely on him?

HELLINGER: There are only a few people on earth who understand the physics involved in all this. He's one of them. Just know that if he gets too unmanageable, we may ask you to take care of him.

ALDA: Say the word and consider it done.

HELLINGER: That's what I like about you, Alda, clean, efficient and eager to please.

[They open a metal door and inside is Dyson Frost. Alda closes the door behind them. There is a man of black and white dominoes on the floor.]

DYSON FROST: Careful of the dominoes.

[Frost continues to work at his station as the blonde haired man looks at the floor. They approach Frost who has a string of beads that he moves from one hand to the other.]

DYSON FROST: Who's your friend, Hellinger?

HELLINGER: Alda Herzog, this is Dyson Frost. Dyson helped us engineer the Raven River experiments.

DYSON FROST: Helped you? [chuckles] I created them.

HELLINGER: In any event, he's one of the few remaining participants still alive.

[Hellinger walks to the monitor on Frost's work area.]

HELLINGER: So, how are we doing? Are we still on schedule?

[Frost looks at Alda warily.]

DYSON FROST: October 6th. I've set up global monitoring stations to track the waveform's propagation.

[Hellinger opens a blue box on Frost's work area.]

DYSON FROST: So if Simcoe and Campos find their dark matter, then we're on our way.

[Hellinger drops the box on the table.]

HELLINGER: Is the Q.E.D. ready?

DYSON FROST: The first one is.

[Frost opens a box to reveal a sliver ring with a black stone nestled into a piece of soft fabric. He takes it out and tosses the ring to Hellinger.]

DYSON FROST: The rest will take a bit more time.

HELLINGER: It's astounding. It's hard to imagine you’re able to fit that much micro-circuitry into such a small space.

[As Hellinger takes out his handkerchief to put the ring in, Frost grabs it back from Alda.]

DYSON FROST: Well, I'm brilliant, right?

[Frost starts a video on one of his monitors. It is of Hellinger and Alda as they walk to his work area.]

HELLINGER: There are only a few people on earth who understand the physics involved in all this. He's one of them. Just know that if he gets too unmanageable, we may ask you to take care of him.

[Hellinger chuckles.]

DYSON FROST: I promise you that when the time comes, they'll be a half a dozen moves ahead of you.

HELLINGER: Well, let's hope that time doesn't come, then.

DYSON FROST: You can go now.

[Frost points his hand to the door then crosses his arms in front of his chest. Hellinger and Alda turn to leave.]

ALDA: [smugly] I just have to ask, what's with all the dominoes?

DYSON FROST: This is my garden. And the white ones chart the path of my escape.

ALDA: [chuckles] That makes no sense at all.

DYSON FROST: It does if you live in my head.

[Frost taps one of the white dominoes and the rest fall consecutively. The scene switches back to Demetri still trapped in the chair. He turns ever so slightly and is startled.]

DYSON FROST: Careful. You move too much, that gun will fire.

[Demetri continue to breathe deeply and does not respond. Frost points to the drawing on the wall behind Demetri.]

DYSON FROST: I call it the garden of forking paths. All those lines, they're futures that branch off of each critical decision I made.

[Frost continues to move the beads from one hand to other.]

DYSON FROST: For me it started back in the '80's, a place called Raven River. We engineered hundreds, even, even thousands of flash-forwards. Sometimes we jump twenty minutes, sometimes we jump twenty years. But every time we jumped, we saw a different possible future. Take the day of the blackout, had we failed, a different path would have opened up. We succeeded, so we move on to the next decision point, a new path, which brings us to today, March 15th, the most important fork of all.

DEMETRI: What, my murder?

DYSON FROST: No, our murder. You see, the thing is, Demetri, in almost every future, I don't live past today. 78% of the time, you end up killing me.


DYSON FROST: [intensely] Ah, self defense, stupidity, bad luck, I could construct a hundred scenarios. The point is, once we've glimpsed it, the future wants to happen. It gains weight. It's like atmospheric pressure bearing down. And if we want to escape that pressure, we have to do something drastic.

DEMETRI: Why the death trap? Why don't you just kill me now? Why even bother using Mark's gun?

DYSON FROST: I'm attempting to conform to the predicted future as closely as I can while still allowing for the possibility that we both might live. I want to come in from the cold and you're my insurance.

DEMETRI: Well, that makes me feel better.

DYSON FROST: [chuckles] Two birds, one gun.

DEMETRI: You're insane.

DYSON FROST: Most oracles are, you know? They, they see the future and the knowledge ends up destroying them.

[Frost takes out a cell phone.]

DYSON FROST: Well, I'm going now.

DEMETRI: This is ridiculous. You said you want to come in from the cold, you want to share what you know. Come on. Come in from the cold! Share what you know!

[The gun apparatus starts to make noise, then stops.]

DYSON FROST: Careful. I don't know what's gonna happen, Demetri, but in all likelihood, one of us will die today.

[Frost walks out of the room carrying his jacket.]

DEMETRI: Come on. Come back, doesn't have to work out this way, man. [screams] You hear me? You come back!

[The apparatus starts to engage so Demetri stops screaming. The scene switches to Union Station, main concourse. It is crowded and various conversations are going one. A train horn sounds. There is indistinct chatter over the PA system. Janis and another agent are staked out to track Mark. Mark walks to the center of the concourse and opens the picture from Frost, folds it then puts it inside his jacket pocket. He checks his watch for the time. It is 12:01 P.M. Wedeck is watching from his office.]

WEDECK: Bishop 1, how's it going?

JANIS: We've cloned the station's CCTVs for maximum coverage but so far, no sign of Frost.

WEDECK: Just make sure you don't spook him.

JANIS: We're being discreet, sir, I promise.

MALE PA ANNOUNCER: Last call, this is your last call for the number 2 train departing from track 10. Last call for the number 2 train.

[Mark wanders around the concourse with Janis keeping her eyes on him. Mark checks his watch. It is 12:03 P.M.]

JANIS: Bishop 1, this is Bishop 4. I see a white male in a green army jacket approaching Kingmaker.

MALE PA ANNOUNCER: Announcing track change for train number 7, now arriving on track 3.

[The man walks past Mark and never takes his eyes off of straight ahead.]

MALE PA ANNOUNCER: Train number 7 arriving at track 3.

JANIS: Disregard, he's moving on.

[There are various conversations going on. The scene switches to the hospital. Bryce and Olivia are finishing in the operating room.]

BRYCE: Well, that was the fastest cholecystectomy I've ever seen.

OLIVIA: Trying to catch up. I got a late start and a board full of elective cases. Hey, Maneesh, what inhaled anesthetic did you use?

MANEESH: Sevoflurane.

OLIVIA: Does anyone use Halothane anymore?

MANEESH: In developing countries maybe, but here it's pretty much been replaced by a newer agents.

[Olivia and Bryce wash their hands.]

BRYCE: So, uh, why the sudden interest in old school anesthesia?

OLIVIA: Oh, it's complicated. There's this formulae that Lloyd showed me.

BRYCE: Lloyd? Lloyd Simcoe?

OLIVIA: Yeah, he thinks it has something to do with the blackout.

BRYCE: So you're talking to him again.

[Olivia dodges the question.]

OLIVIA: Anyway, he thinks the formula for Halothane has something to do with it.

BRYCE: Oh, interesting.

OLIVIA: Yeah. Can you meet me in the P.I.C.U.

BRYCE: Yeah.

OLIVIA: I need to cannulate a kid for E.C.M.O. okay.

[The scene switches to the Court House. Zoey and Alda enter the court room.

ALDA: I knew you'd get a same day hearing if you put your mind to it.

MAN: Hold here, please.

ALDA: Is appendicitis supposed to hurt on the right or the left?

[Zoey rolls her eyes.]

ZOEY: Alda, please. I could get disbarred for this.

ALDA: Mm, lost job, dead boyfriend, hard choice.

[A buzzer sounds and they proceed into the courtroom.]

ALDA: You arrange for all these extra Marshals? You must think I'm a really big cheese.

ZOEY: Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart. This is standard procedure for all of my lying, psychopathic clients.

[Alda looks out the window and makes eye contact with two men on a scaffold.]

ZOEY: So just stay quiet and follow my lead.

ALDA: Oh, I'll be good, I promise.

[The scene switches back to the hospital. Olivia is in her office and taking a clip out of her hair so her pony tail hangs.. Agent Vreede enters her office.]

AGENT VREEDE: Dr. Benford?

OLIVIA: What's happened? Is Mark okay?

AGENT VREEDE: I need to talk to you about a murder. As a part of the investigation into Dem's disappearance, we're looking into the shooting of a homeless man in a shelter downtown. He didn't have any formal I.D. on him.

OLIVIA: What, what does this have to do with Demetri?

AGENT VREEDE: Mark's gun was used in that murder and we have reason to believe that the man who took Demetri has that gun now.


AGENT VREEDE: We were hoping that if we could I.D. the guy, we might uncover a connection to Frost that would lead us to him.

OLIVIA: So once you find Frost, you'll find Demetri.

AGENT VREEDE: Right. I went through the victim's stuff and, uh, found a disposable cell phone. The phone had an old text message sent to your number.

OLIVIA: [surprised] My number? Why would he possibly have my number?

AGENT VREEDE: Well, it was from October. The contents were sensitive.

[A flashback to Olivia answering her phone in her bedroom is shown. The text message read: Mark was drinking in his flash-forward. Return to real time.]

OLIVIA: It said, "Mark was drinking in his flash-forward."

AGENT VREEDE: Would you mind just coming down to the morgue and taking a look at the body? You must know this man somehow.

OLIVIA: Yeah, I'm sure I don't.

AGENT VREEDE: Well, he knew you and anything you know could help Demetri.

OLIVIA: [rolls eyes] Let me change.

[The scene switches back to Union Station and Mark standing in the middle of the main concourse.]

JANIS: All Bishops, I have an African-American boy, blue shirt, Superman backpack, approaching Kingmaker.

BOY: Are you Mark Benford?

MARK: That's right.

BOY: Some weird guy paid me $50 to give you this.

[The boy hands the backpack to Mark who in return takes it. The boy walks away.]

JANIS: Something's going down.

[Mark unzips the backpack.]

JANIS: Bishop 5, pick up that kid outside the west entrance for questioning.

AGENT: Bishop 5, ten four.

[Mark takes a Polaroid photograph of Demetri from the backpack. It was taken while sitting in the rigged chair. Mark flips the photo over to find 423 written on it. A cell phone in the backpack rings. Mark answers it.]

MARK: Yeah?

DYSON FROST: Don't speak. I know they're watching you. But they can't hear what I'm saying so just listen. I've got Demetri and I'll kill him if you don't do exactly what I say.

JANIS: Crank it up. All I hear is ambient noise.

DYSON FROST: I want to come in, and I can tell you when and why the next blackout will occur. I want to help you but because I've parted ways with my associates, they're gonna do anything to insure that you don't bring me in to custody.

MARK: Listen, we can protect you.

DYSON FROST: Don't speak! You speak again and Demetri's dead. If you understand, say, "Figueroa."

MARK: Figueroa.

WEDECK: He just said, "Figueroa." It could be Figueroa Street in downtown L.A.

DYSON FROST: That should misdirect your friends a bit. Now I'm gonna direct you to a new location where we'll meet face to face and discuss the terms of my surrender. When I hang up the phone, this is what you're gonna do.

WEDECK: All right people, I want a tap on that cell phone now!

AGENT: We're scanning frequencies, sir, but there are just too many in the station.

JANIS: Mark can draw him out, sir. We just need to give him some time.

WEDECK: Time is the one thing we don't have.

DYSON FROST: Now, Mark, if all my directions are understood, say, "Pico."

MARK: Pico.

JANIS: He said Pico and Figueroa.

WEDECK: All right, I want two SWAT teams to the intersection of Pico and Figueroa.

DYSON FROST: Perfect and that number that I jotted down on the back of the Polaroid? Set your watch to count back from it.

[Mark sets his watch to 04:23:00.]

DYSON FROST: Now you know how long Demetri has left to live. Start running, Mark, we'll see each other soon.

[Frost hangs up. Mark closes his cell phone and starts running out of the station.]

WEDECK: What's he doing? What's he doing?

AGENT: Where's he going? We're all eyes on Benford. He's leaving the concourse.

AGENT 2: We can't lose him.

[An Agent and Janis jump out of the back of the van they were doing surveillance from.]

AGENT 2: Go!

[Mark runs into the men's room. As Mark runs he hears Frost in his mind.]

DYSON FROST: Remember these instructions. Run to the men's room, throw the phone away. If you bring a weapon, Demetri will die.

[Mark tosses the phone in the trash then removes his weapon from its holster and tosses the holster away. Janis and other agents are in pursuit of Mark.]

DYSON FROST: There's a panel. Inside you'll find a ZoomCar access card.

[Mark removes the panel, takes the card and goes into the duct feet first. One of the agents enters the men's room and checks all the stalls.]

AGENT 2: He's not there.

JANIS: What the hell is he doing?

[Mark has reached the end of the duct work and kicks out a screened panel then exits. In the meantime, Agent 2 points out the route Mark took to Janis. She crawls through. Mark runs through the basement where various pipes are. At the end he is outside and runs up a flight of stairs. Janis and Agent 2 are close behind. Mark jumps over the railing, gets into a metallic grey SUV with a advertisement on the side. A cell phone on the armrest rings.]

MARK: I'm here.

DYSON FROST: Start driving north. I'll give you directions on the way.

[Mark speeds out of the parking space with tires screeching. Janis makes it to the top of the steps and watches Mark drive away.]

WEDECK: What the hell is going on out there.?

JANIS: He's running.

[The scene switches to the courtroom where Zoey has obtained a hearing for Alda.]

ZOEY: Your honor, it is imperative to Ms. Herzog well-being that the Metropolitan Detention Center order a CAT scan on her clearly distended and painful abdomen.

FEMALE JUDGE: Ms. Andata, the doctor on call at M.D.C. examined Ms. Herzog not once but twice. Isn't that right?

ZOEY: Yes, that is correct, your honor, but...

FEMALE JUDGE: And he's found no evidence of appendicitis in either of those examinations. Now correct me if I'm misreading the records.

ZOEY: No, Judge Sandoz...

FEMALE JUDGE: I am misreading things?

ZOEY: I'm sorry. That's not what I meant. But, appendicitis is responsible for over 20,000 deaths in the United States alone, and I...

[Alda smirks as Zoey speaks.]

JUDGE SANDOZ: That's some very nice research, Ms. Andata, but I'm afraid it's not relevant to your motion, which is hereby denied. And, Ms. Andata, I suggest you think twice before you bring another frivolous claim into my courtroom. I will impose sanctions on attorneys who abuse the process.

ZOEY: Understood, your honor, thank you.

[Zoey sits as the judge bangs the gavel.]

ZOEY: I'm sorry.

ALDA: Don't look so worried. I didn't say we had to win.

ZOEY: Then tell me, where's Demetri?

ALDA: I don't know but in my flash-forward I heard they found his body in building seven.

ZOEY: Building seven? What, what does that even mean?

ALDA: That's all I know.

[Alda and Zoey stand as Alda is escorted back to her cell.]

ZOEY: What am I supposed to do with that?

ALDA: You're a smart girl. I'm sure you'll figure something out.

[Alda makes eye contact one of the two men on the scaffold outside the window in the corridor.]

ALDA: Bur right now I've got somewhere else I need to be.

[Alda ducks as an explosion shatters the window into the corridor. A security agent and Zoey duck after the explosion occurs. Alda gets up, runs to the window and leaps out. Buzzers and alarms are sounding in the building. The security agent gets up, runs to the window and looks out toward the pavement with his gun ready to fire. Another security man joins him.]

MAN: We got a breach in holding cell 4! We got a breach in holding cell 4!

[Zoey looks up in amazement. The scene switches to Mark driving in the desert. He is on a cell phone with Frost. Mark is driving and following Frost's instructions.]

DYSON FROST: All right, Mark. If you want to save Demetri, you're gonna have to come to me alone. Head north on Highway 57 into the Antelope Valley. At the 31st mile marker, you're gonna turn right on an unmarked dirt road. Follow the road 5 miles till it comes to an end. I left a compass for you in the glove compartment. Get a bearing north and start walking towards the Tehachapi Mountains for 1 mile. If you make any outgoing calls or if anyone follows you, Demetri will die.

[Mark reaches the end of the road, gets out of the SUV and looks at the compass to get a bearing of north. He takes a plastic bottle with water out of his pocket and starts running. The scene switches to the Coroner's building in Lost Angeles. Dewey escorts Olivia and Vreede into the morgue.]

CORONER DEWEY: No dental records, no identifying scars. Even his fingerprints were scrubbed off.

OLIVIA: Scrubbed off?

CORONER DEWEY: This guy definitely did not want to be identified.

AGENT VREEDE: Come on, man, throw us a bone, huh? Is there anything distinct here or unusual? Demetri is running out of time.

CORONER DEWEY: Well, there is this.

[Dewey walks to a small table and uncovers a pan holding a human brain.]

CORONER DEWEY: Look at the lymbic system, huge hippocampus. I'm thinking our John Doe could have been some kind of savant.

OLIVIA: [same time at Dewey] Savant.

[Olivia and Vreede look back at the corpse as Dewey continues to speak.]

CORONER DEWEY: Savants can develop an enlarged hippocampus related to their incredible memory capacity.

AGENT VREEDE: What, like a "Rain Man" sort of thing?


OLIVIA: Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I've never seen this man in my life.


OLIVIA: Mm hmm.

AGENT VREEDE: Well, there's a box of stuff we found under his bed in the shelter. It had an address book in it. Perhaps there's something in there that'll explain the connection to you.

OLIVIA: I'd do anything to help Demetri, but I'm not connected to him.

AGENT VREEDE: Olivia, you are. You just don't know how.

[The scene switches back to the desert.]


[Mark is trotting up a hill. Mark continues running after the hill crests. Mark checks the compass. Mark stops and checks his counter on his watch. It reads 01:29:00. Mark is panting. He looks around and finds no one. He turns around and sees Frost, holding a gun and approaching him in the distance. He is carrying a messenger bag. He stops when he reaches Mark.]

DYSON FROST: So, here we are again, Mark, time for you and me to save the world.

[Frost holds a revolver and points it at Mark then cocks the gun.]


DYSON FROST: You got my messages and followed the instructions. I'm impressed.

MARK: So I'm flattered. Where's Demetri?

DYSON FROST: Most of my associates wanted you dead months ago. But I resisted because I wanted to see things through to this day.

MARK: Why me?

DYSON FROST: Because I don't trust the rest of the FBI nor should you.

MARK: We found a mole.

DYSON FROST: [laughs] And you think that makes you safe? You have no idea!

[Frost takes something from his pocket and tosses it to Mark. A pair of handcuffs falls to the ground.]

DYSON FROST: Here. Put those on and we'll talk.

[Mark pauses and starts to unscrew the top from the plastic bottle.]

MARK: Mind if I have a little water first?

DYSON FROST: Be my guest. At this point, it's Demetri's minutes you're burning.

[Mark fills his mouth, screws the cap on the bottle and places it on the ground. He picks up the handcuffs and as he stands, he spits the contents of his mouth at Frost, who is taken off guard. Frost fires a shot, but it goes into the air as Mark grabs Frost's wrist and forearm. Another shot is fired. Mark flips Frost onto the ground and starts to handcuff Frost.]

DYSON FROST:Gasoline! It burns!

MARK: Siphoned from the gas tank.


[Mark has Frost's wrists handcuffed behind his back and then pulls Frost to his feet.]

MARK: Get up!


[Frost is on his knees as Mark crouches in front of him and grabs Frost's jaw and holds the revolver to his neck.]

MARK: No more games, Frost. Where's Demetri?

DYSON FROST: This is not the way it was supposed to play out!

[The scene switches back to the FBI offices. Zoey is in a conference room speaking with Janis and Wedeck.]

ZOEY: Yeah, building seven.

JANIS: That's it?

ZOEY: [pacing] There's gotta be at least a million building sevens in all of Los Angeles and do we even know it is Los Angeles?

JANIS: I'll run it through the system.

ZOEY: Of course, Alda could be lying. Demetri told me, he warned me about...

WEDECK: Zoey, stop. Sit, please.

[Zoey complies and sits.]

WEDECK: I'm gonna have Janis flag every building seven in the vicinity of your house, the FBI and the wedding chapel. We'll start there and we'll keep sweeping until we find him.

ZOEY: How? How could you possibly do that in time?

[Janis looks at Zoey then returns to working on the laptop.]

WEDECK: We have the most sophisticated search technology in the world and a team of agents who won't quit until he's back safely. We're gonna find him.

[The scene switches back to Mark and Frost.]


MARK: Listen to me! I'm tired of playing around, Frost! Where is Demetri?

DYSON FROST: You already know where he is! I gave Charlie all the answers!

[Mark points the gun to Frost's jaw.]

MARK: You game my Charlie the answers? What the hell are you talking about?

[Mark pushes Frost away and stands up. He pulls Frost up by grabbing his jacket.]

MARK: Get up. Get up. Get up! Start walking. We're running out of time.

[Frost struggles yet manages to turn to face Mark.]

DYSON FROST: I know! The whole world is!

MARK: Quiet. Walk!

DYSON FROST: In the end, you're gonna be saved by the lady you see every day.

MARK: What are you talking about, huh? What? Start walking.

DYSON FROST: Listen! Listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you.

[Frost looks ahead and sees something.]

MARK: Move!

[Frost sees a motorcycle parked on a dirt road.]

DYSON FROST: Someone followed you here.

MARK: No one followed me.

[Mark looks and sees the motorcycle. A flash, as if from a mirror or metal, is seen by it. A woman takes aim and shoots Frost in the chest using a rifle. He falls to the ground and Mark dives to the ground so they are flat to the shooter. The shooter takes aim and cocks the rifle again.]

ALDA: Not today, Mark.

[Alda leaves the rifle on the ground, brushes the sand from her gloved hands and runs back to the motorcycle. She gets on, starts it and speeds away. Frost is on the ground coughing and gasping for air.]

MARK: Shh, shh. Stay with me, Frost all right? Stay with me. You gotta tell me where Demetri is.

[Frost is bleeding from the mouth and gasping for air.]

MARK: What's going on, Frost. What's this all about? What are you doing?

DYSON FROST: [gasping] I, I did what I did [pause] for a reason.

MARK: How do I stop this? What do I need to know? Hmm? What do I need to know?

[Frost is groaning.]

MARK: Tell me where Demetri is. Stay with me, Frost, all right? Stay with me.

[Frost closes his eyes.]

MARK: You gotta tell me where Demetri is! When's the next blackout? When?

[Mark puts his ear to Frost's face and looks away. Frost is dead. Mark stands up, walks a few steps then turns back to Frost. Mark notices Frost's messenger back on the ground and grabs it. He kneels down, opens it and pulls out photographs. The first is of a man wearing an old styled scuba diving gear and man standing to his right, holding a hose. A snippet is shown of the same photo on Mark's board during his flash-forward. The next picture is of two men in diving gear on the steps on the side of the boat and climbing down into the water. A snippet of this photo on Mark's board during his flash-forward is shown. Mark puts the photos aside and opens a map. It is of the schematic consisting of gears like the one on Mark's board. It is shown in a snippet of Mark's flash-forward also. As Mark gathers up the map, he checks his watch. It reads, 01:18:41. He reaches into Frost's pocket and pulls out a ZoomCar card with a key attached with a chain. He stands up with the papers in hone hand and the revolver in the other then runs back to where Frost left his car.]


[Mark reaches the car, which is parked behind his.]

MARK: I need Frost's car. Demetri!

[He opens the rear gate to see if Demetri is there, finds nothing then slams the gate closed.]

MARK: Damn it!

[Mark gets in the vehicle and opens his cell phone. A "No Service" indicator is shown. He closes the phone and slams it on the passenger seat.]

MARK: Damn it!

[Mark sees the GPS device on the dashboard. He moves the indicator to Memory then Previous and selects it. A list of addresses is shown.
4502 Ashwood Drive
071 Davisson Street
867 Eugene Ave
423 Ingres Street
3761 Poling Road
4519 Rosemont Ave]

MARK: Where have you been, Frost?

[Mark recalls Vreede's explanation of the photo Frost gave Charlie.

AGENT VREEDE: "Oedipus and the Sphinx" by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

[A snippet is shown of Vreede holding the picture and describing it at the FBI office earlier.]

MARK: Ingres.

[Mark presses buttons to find the location of 423 Ingres Street from the list. The GPS voice speaks the directions.]

FEMALE GPS VOICE: Proceed to the highlighted route.

[Mark checks his watch. It reads, 00:42:08. Mark starts the engine and drives away in the SUV. The scene switches to the hospital. Agent Vreede and Olivia are sitting with a male doctor.]

DR. EBBING: So what brings you guys to the Neuroscience Center?

AGENT VREEDE: Well, Dr. Ebbing, we're investigating the murder of a homeless man in a shelter downtown. We found something of yours among the victim's belongings when he died.

[Agent Vreede places a black binder on the table and Dr. Ebbing flips through the pages.]

DR. EBBING: My address book, obviously, stolen from my office.

OLIVIA: Well, we think the guy may have been a savant. Perhaps he was one of your patients.

[Dr. Ebbing looks at the photo taken at the morgue.]

DR. EBBING: Uh, it's possible. He doesn't look familiar. Savants are referred to me from all over the country and any number of them have eidetic skills.

[Vreede looks at Olivia.]

OLIVIA: That's photographic memory.

[Vreede takes the photo back.]

DR. EBBING: Some of my patients are like human video cameras. You know, they're compelled to record staggering quantities of information, phone books, encyclopedias, the entire Sunday "New York Times."

AGENT VREEDE: So, any one of your patients could have lifted this phone book.

DR. EBBING: Exactly.

OLIVIA: There's really no one particular person who maybe stands out as a candidate?

[Dr. Ebbing takes a bite of his sandwich and smiles.]

DR. EBBING: Sorry.

DR. EBBING: Oh, you're, you're a trauma surgeon?


DR. EBBING: Savants, not your usual terrain, are they?

OLIVIA: I guess I'm branching out.

[The scene switches to Mark speeding on a road with a warehouse facility next to it]


FEMALE GPS VOICE: Turn left ahead.

[Mark crashes through the rusty chain link fence and pulls up to multiple warehouses.]

FEMALE GPS VOICE: You have arrived at your destination.

[Mark opens his cell phone to find the No Service indicator again. He looks at his watch which reads 00:04:02. He gets out of the SUV, starts running through the compound, still holding the revolver.]

MARK: Demetri! Demetri!

[The scene switches to the FBI offices.]

WEDECK: Any luck finding Mark?

[Janis is looking at an aerial view of the ground.]

JANIS: The GPS request just came in from Antelope Valley. It is possible that we could get a lead on where he was going.

WEDECK: Do they have data?

JANIS: We're waiting on that.

WEDECK: Why the hell not...

WEDECK: I'm trying! It's not our satellite!

[The scene switches back to Mark running through the warehouse compound. Mark speed dials his cell phone. The In Service indicator is shown.]

MARK: Yes!

[Wedeck answers the office phone.]

WEDECK: Wedeck.

MARK: [running] Look, I've got no time for explanations. I'm in an abandoned army depot 46 miles northeast of Antelope Valley. I'm standing in front of two dozen or so warehouses. Dem's inside one of them. If I don't find him in 3 minutes, he's dead.

ZOEY: Oh, my God.


JANIS: Building 7.

WEDECK: Building 7.

MARK: Seven? How'd you know?

ZOEY: Alda Herzog, she, she told me it was a very important piece of information.

MARK: None of these buildings have numbers on 'em!

[Janis works on the laptop.]

JANIS: Yes, they do.


JANIS: Rooftops. Mark, where are you?

MARK: I'm three buildings up from the south end of the complex.

JANIS: Okay, they numbered them even/odd. It's the fourth building on the right.

MARK: Get an ambulance just in case.

[Mark closes his cell phone and runs to building 7. Mark bangs on the metal door.]

MARK: Demetri!

[Mark shoots the padlock so he can open the door. As he enters the building pointing his gun, he sees Demetri sitting in the rigged chair.


MARK: Demetri! Are you alone?

DEMETRI: I'm alone.

MARK: Talk to me. Talk to me. What's going on?

DEMETRI: Okay. There's a rig with your gun and it's pointed at me. I can't move. You got about two minutes and change to do something. Easy.

MARK: All right, garage door auto-firing pistol.

[Mark puts down the revolver and examines the rig.]

DEMETRI: Easy, there's wires around the barrel, sensors. You monkey with any of that stuff or try to put anything between me and the gun and...

MARK: It fires.


MARK: It fires, all right, okay. All right.

[Mark puts his hands around the grip of the gun.]

DEMETRI: What are you doing?

MARK: I'm gonna push back against the trigger mechanism to see if I can try to...

DEMETRI: Try to do what?

MARK: I can't stop the timer but maybe I can move the gun.

[Mark puts his index fingers behind the trigger. The timer on the front of the gun rig reads 00:01:53. Mark's hands are shaking.]

DEMETRI: This is it.

MARK: This is it, my hand, my gun, just like Nhadra said.

DEMETRI: Eighty five seconds, no pressure.

MARK: One, two, red and blue.

DEMETRI: Tell Zoey, tell Zoey I love her, okay?

MARK: Tell her yourself. Frost said Charlie gave me all the answers, "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish."

DEMETRI: Is that uh, is that Dr. Seuss?

MARK: One, two, red, blue. If I pull the wires in that order, then maybe I could try to disengage the gun.

DEMETRI: Mark. Whichever way this goes, no regrets, okay? No looking back.

MARK: [nods] No regrets.

[Zoey, Janis and Wedeck are waiting at the FBI offices. Back to Mark, his hand shakes as he attempts to remove a read wire. The counter reads, 00:00:34.]

[MARK: [whispers] No regrets.

[Mark removes the red wire. Both men exhale deeply. Mark removes a blue wire.]

MARK: It's gonna work, if I can just move the gun.

[Mark struggles to move the gun on the stand. The red laser site on Demetri's chest slowly moves upward. Demetri closes his eyes as the time reads, 00:00:13. The site is on Demetri's chin. The timer reads, 00:00:08. Mark struggles to move the gun.]

MARK: [whispers] Come on, come on.

[The red laser site is on the bridge of Demetri's nose. The timer reads, 00:00:03. The site is now pointing at Demetri's forehead. Mark lifts the gun a bit more. The timer reads, 00:00:01.]

MARK: Come on, come on.

[The timer reads 00:00:00 and the apparatus engages. Mark has his index finger between the trigger and the pointed gear which was to engage the trigger. The gun fires 3 times and all the shots miss Demetri. Both men are breathing heavily. Mark's finger is quite bloody. Demetri is gasping for air. The bullets have hit the photograph of Demetri on the wall. When they realize this, they laugh.]

DEMETRI: Sloppy work, buddy, bleeding all over yourself.

MARK: [chuckles] I'm just having an off day. You okay?

DEMETRI: I'm friggin' great.

MARK: Yeah, you should be. It's March 15th, and you lived. Frost said he saw different futures.

[Mark walks over to Demetri, stops and looks at the wall behind Demetri.]

MARK: Whoa.

DEMETRI: His map of the future He called it his, uh, garden of forking paths. You think it's safe to stand now?.

MARK: Well, only one way to find out. Stay low.

[Mark reaches for Demetri's left wrist.]

MARK: On the count of three, one, two three.

[Mark pulls Demetri from the chair. The sound of machinery starts to whir. Water sprinklers engage from the ceiling, washing away everything that was written on the wall.]

DEMETRI: You gotta be kidding me.

[The two men watch as the chalk starts to drip down the wall.]

MARK: Oh no, no, no. Gotta love this guy, even in death, he manages to screw us.

[The scene switches to the hospital. Vreede is with Olivia in the food court.]

AGENT VREEDE: Good thing Mark saved the day since all we found was a phone book.

[Olivia walks to a vendor.]

OLIVIA: Hi there. Can I get a small...

NERVOUS MAN: She'll have a small soy latte, no foam, extra shot, half sugar, half aspartame. Okay, now you say your thing.

[Olivia laughs.]

NERVOUS MAN: Say it. Say the thing you were gonna say. You say...

OLIVIA: How do you know my coffee order?

NERVOUS MAN: Yeah, that's what you say. I say, I have stood behind you in this line many times. You always order the same way.

OLIVIA: [chuckles] No, I've never ordered from this cart before.

GABRIEL: I have stood behind you here in this line, on this day, many, many times. [chuckles] And you always order the same way. My name is Gabriel. You deserve a break today.

OLIVIA: Oh, okay, hi.

GABRIEL: Yeah, my name is Gabriel.

[Agent Vreede tries to get Gabriel to stop bothering Olivia by patting him on the arm.]

AGENT VREEDE: Come on, buddy.

GABRIEL: Don't touch this. You can't touch this.

OLIVIA: You know what? Let's just...


GABRIEL: It's about the Raven River experiments, the Raven River experiments.

OLIVIA: What experiments?

GABRIEL: That's what my friend wanted to talk to you about. Only he's dead now and it's, it's up to me.

AGENT VREEDE: What friend?

GABRIEL: My friend, he's dead although technically he's still my friend. He texted you.

OLIVIA: What do you know about the text?

GABRIEL: The flash-forwards [whispers] the blackout.

AGENT VREEDE: Sir, I think, uh, you need to come and talk to us.

[Vreede lightly touches Gabriel's arm which he quickly pulls away.]

GABRIEL: No, you don't say that. You never say that. Can't touch this. Can't touch this. Can't touch this.

AGENT VREEDE: Listen, just a few, just a few questions.

[Gabriel walks away.]

GABRIEL: The dominoes are falling, Olivia.

[Gabriel bumps into a chair as he turns back to look at Olivia and continues walking. Vreede takes out his cell phone. Olivia is stunned. The scene switches back to the warehouse. Demetri and Zoey are hugging each other. Police sirens are heard in the background. They kiss. A police officer is writing on a tablet as a SWAT team member walks by. A male and female FBI agent, walk towards a table. Two SWAT members examine the gun rig. Janis and Wedeck walk passed Demetri and Zoey. Janis pats Zoey's shoulder and Demetri's arm. Wedeck pats Demetri's shoulder.]

WEDECK: You got through the day.

[Mark is sitting on the platform of the rigged chair. He taps fists with Wedeck.]

MARK: Boss.

[Janis looks up at the wall.]

JANIS: What was all this?

MARK: [stands] Oh this? This could've been the break we needed, the key to the MOSAIC investigation, Frost's personal roadmap of the future. According to Demetri, they guy had hundreds of flash-forwards. So, this crazy ass map charted all the moments he saw leading up to today and beyond.

JANIS: What do you mean?

MARK: There were events on here that occurred after April 29th.

WEDECK: You remember any of them?

MARK: Mm hmm, a few, one stood out, though, it was all the way up by the top, the furthest one from today. All the various branches seemed to lead to it. December 12, 2016.

[A snippet from the board is shown. It reads, December 12th 2016 – The End. Return to real time.]

MARK: And after the date [pause] it just said, "The End."

WEDECK: The end of what?

[Janis looks at Mark who says nothing as he lowers his head.]



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