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#120 : Dernière ligne droite


It’s April 28 - le jour précédant la date prophétisé des flashforwards - et pendant que le monde attend de voir si leurs visions du futur vont se réaliser, Mark doit faire tout ce qui est en son pouvoir pour protéger Gabriel, qui est le pont entre Dyson Frost et le blackout.

Aaron localise les ravisseurs de sa fille et met sa vie sur la ligne afin de la sauver ; Janis est chargé de tuer un coéquipier ; et Simon se retrouve face à face avec le chef de l'organisation néfaste qui est peut être responsable du blackout mondial.

Titre VO
The Negotiation

Titre VF
Dernière ligne droite

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


FlashForward 1x20 - Promo

FlashForward 1x20 - Promo


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Scénaristes: Debbie Ezer, Byron Balasco & Quinton Peeples
Réalisateur: Leslie Libman

Guest Stars: Peter Coyote (Dave Segovia) ;Barry Shabaka Henley (Shelly Vreede) ; Annabeth Gish (Lita) ; Genevieve Cortese (Tracy) ; Gil Bellows (Timothy) ; Neil Jackson (Lucas Hellinger) ; Lee Garlington (Carline) ; Dominic Rains (Kahmir) ; Michael Ealy (Marshall Vogel) ; James Callis (Gabriel McDow)

Audiences US : 4,75 millions de téléspectateurs
Audiences FR - Tf1 : 2 millions de téléspectateurs


Joseph Fiennes → Mark Benford
John Cho → Demetri Noh
Jack Davenport → Lloyd Simcoe
Zachary Knighton → Dr. Bryce Varley 
Peyton List → Nicole Kirby
Dominic Monaghan → Simon Campos
Brian F. O'Byrne → Aaron Stark
Courtney B. Vance → Stanford Wedeck
Sonya Walger → Dr. Olivia Benford
Christine Woods → Janis Hawk
Peter Coyote → President Dave Segovia
Annabeth Gish → Lita
Barry Shabaka Henley → Agent Shelly Vreede
Genevieve Cortese → Tracy Stark
Gil Bellows → Timothy
Neil Jackson → Lucas Hellinger
Lee Garlington → Carline
Dominic Rains → Kahmir DeJean
Michael Ealy → Marshall Vogel
James Callis → Gabriel McDow
Gabrielle Union → Zoey Andata
Jon Braver → Merc
Dominic Bogart → Keith Conner


Nous sommes le 28 avril, la veille du jour J. La réalité va rattraper le jour du Flashforward, la population s'inquiète. Pour ne rien arranger, les médias diffusent une vidéo du stade de Détroit où l'on voit un homme conscient durant le blackout. La vidéo n'est pas celle du FBI, c'est une vidéo qui leur est inconnu.

Simon fait enfin la rencontre avec le grand chef de l'organisation, Mr Hellinger. Celui ci lui propose de travailler pour lui. Simon se sent en position de force pour négocier, mais Hellinger lui fait comprendre que même quelqu'un d'aussi utilise que Simon ne doit pas dépasser les limites.

Le FBI piège les membres de l'organisation avec un faux transfert de prisonnier. Ils parviennent à remonter jusqu'à leur planque de Los Angeles. Si les ordinateurs sont effacés et les données perdues durant l'assaut, le FBI arrête Mr Hellinger.

Avec cette arrestation, Mark Benford réalise que Janis est un agent double, Janis l'avoue. Elle a été recruté par la CIA lors de sa formation à Quantico. Janis l'annonce également à Demetri Noh qui souhaite s'investir dans sa grossesse.


“Tomorrow is D-Day. The day we catch up to the flash forwards.” These are the words of Stanford Wedeck as he assures everyone in his charge that come April 29th the FBI will, indeed, be open for business.

Simon Campos has gone underground. Someone has leaked surveillance footage of Simon, aka Suspect Zero, from the stadium in Detroit. The video didn’t come from the FBI, as it was shot from a different angle. Now the world wants to know the identity of this man who was awake during the global blackout. The FBI knows who he is. They just don’t know where he’s hiding.

Even though the feds can’t find Simon, a woman named Lita has no trouble tracking him down. Lita is the same person who recruited Janis Hawk to be an FBI mole. She convinces Simon to join her in a motel room for a little fun. Afterwards, she introduces him to her boss, Lucas Hellinger. If you remember, Hellinger is the man who had Simon and Lloyd Simcoe kidnapped. He’s also the person who recruited the now-deceased Dyson Frost.

Hellinger wants Simon to work with him, but the fugitive scientist prefers to go it alone. He knows that Hellinger needs him to calibrate the accelerator in their experiments. He’s the only one who can do it and that’s why they haven’t killed him. Hellinger doesn’t deny this, though he does assure Simon that there will come a time when they’ll cut their losses. It won’t be today, as Simon is left to walk away.

Zoey hands Demetri a plane ticket to Hawaii. She says, “I’m going to be on this plane tomorrow. I’m hoping you will be, too.” Demetri doesn’t want to abandon his friends or the job. He also struggles with the fact that Janis doesn’t want him involved with the baby he fathered for her. Toss in the fact that he wasn’t supposed to live to see April 29th and you have one conflicted FBI agent.

Aaron has found the location of where Jericho is holding Tracy. It’s known as a Joshua Base, and it won’t be found on any map. Aaron shoots photos of the base and sends them to Wedeck, who promptly calls President Segovia to ask about the secret bases. The President knew this call was coming. He just didn’t know it would be from his old friend. Segovia hangs up on Wedeck, who then makes another call. This time he ask for Vice President Joyce Clemente.

Jericho is moving Tracy. Aaron has no choice but to launch the rescue effort immediately. Khamir thinks it’s too dangerous, but Aaron assures them they’ll be all right. Aaron and Khamir’s team are able to take down Tracy’s captures. She’s hurt and needs to be taken to a safe place to heal. They arrive at just such a location, the place Aaron saw in his flash forward. They made it.

Gabriel has been in Mark’s office in his flash forward. He wants to rearrange the Mosaic board to fit the drawing he created in his book. Gabriel is shown a photo of Nhadra, the woman from Hong Kong who warned that Demetri would die. She was involved in the Raven River experiments. When Mark asks about another blackout, Gabriel says the man he drew in his book would know. The sketch is a picture of Lucas Hellinger.

With orders to kill Mark from her impatient handlers, Janis tells Vogel she wants out of the double agent game. But there is no way out. She must finish what she started. To appease her handlers’ need for info, Janis reveals the details of Gabriel’s transfer to a safe house. The van transporting Gabriel is ambushed by gunmen. As the bad guys move in on their target, they are taken down by Mark, Demetri and Vreede. The FBI was ready for the attack. Now they want the gunmen to take them to the big boss.

The gunmen’s van pulls into a warehouse. Hellinger steps into the room to welcome Gabriel back into the fold. But it isn’t Gabriel who steps toward him. It’s Special Agent Mark Benford. Hellinger takes off deep into the warehouse and manages to delete all computers files just before Mark takes him down. Simon’s face is seen on one of the computer screens. His whereabouts are still unknown. All that anyone does know is that he’s in possession of the QED ring.

The sting to nab Hellinger wasn’t the only trap that was set. During the planning stages of the transfer, Mark realized that Janis was the mole. When he confronts her, Janis admits working for the CIA. She blew her cover because they wanted her to kill her friend, and that’s something she just couldn’t do. Mark says, “You’re on the outside now, Janis. If you sacrifice everything, be prepared to walk alone.”

After Janis breaks the news of her double agent status to Demetri, she returns home. Waiting for her in the shadows is Simon Campos, gun drawn. First he tells her to relax. Then Simon says, “I need your help.” The question is…with what?

[The episode commences in the FBI building in Los Angeles. Wedeck is speaking to a group of agents.]

WEDECK: On October 6th, the planet blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds and the whole world saw the future.

[The scene changes to outside while Wedeck speaks in the background. Outside a man is wearing an A-Frame posters board which reads, "The end is the beginning is the end."]

WEDECK: Some of us were alarmed by what we saw. Others were elated and rejoiced.

[The scene now shows a table where t-shirts are being sold for $20. Switch back to the FBI building.]

WEDECK: Still others saw nothing at all.

[Outside a movie theater, Timothy greets people as they enter. The neon sign reads,]
Flash Forward Day
Prayer Service
This is Our Destiny

WEDECK: They were left confused, concerned and otherwise uncertain.

[Switch back to the FBI atrium.]

WEDECK: But that uncertainty will soon be resolved. Tomorrow is D-Day, the day we catch up to the flash-forwards. Our future, both as individuals and as a collective is upon us.

[Vogel is shown off to the side with his head lowered.]

WEDECK: This building may very well come under attack tomorrow night. But we will not back down. We are the FBI and we will be open for business. That said, the Director is instituting high maximum alert protocols and procedures. Agents Benford and Noh will be coordinating S.W.A.T. and sniper teams to provide external security and support. Vreede, Hawk, will be briefing supervisors on additional O.P.S. plans. We are in uncharted waters, people. But we will get through this, together. That's all.

[Vogel watches Janis and she looks at him. Mark watches Vogel, too. Vogel uses his cell phone. Various indistinct conversations are heard in the background.]

WEDECK: Mark, walk with me. Simon Campos?

MARK: His photo's out to all local and national agencies.

WEDECK: His cell phone?

MARK: So far, inactive.

WEDECK: What about his sister? She's back with the family in Toronto. Maybe he'll try and contact her.

MARK: R.C.M.P. is sitting on the house. We also have a trap and trace on their phones.

WEDECK: He's gone underground and taken that Q.E.D. ring with him. I want him back here immediately.

MARK: We're on it.

[The scene switches to a conference room. Vogel is speaking. Mark and Wedeck stand off to the side.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: Gentlemen, this is turning into one hell of a day.

[Vogel uses a remote control and starts a video on the large monitor. It is a man dressed in dark clothing at the Super Oxide Stadium on October 6th, 2009.]

MALE NEWS REPORTER: Once again, we have breaking news out of Los Angeles.

WEDECK: What is this?

MALE NEWS REPORTER: WIKR has just obtained footage of what appears to be a man who was awake during the global blackout.

[Vogel looks at Wedeck.]

WEDECK: [angry] I gave strict orders for this to be kept under wraps. Who released this?

[Mark walks closer to the monitor.]

MARK: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This isn't us. It's a different angle.

[The video resumes.]

MALE NEWS REPORTER: Authorities are still trying to identify the man but the footage was take from a security camera.

[The reporter's voice is now in the background and inaudible.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: He's right. No one's seen this on our end.

WEDECK: Well, where did it come from?

MARK: The better question is, why now?

MALE NEWS REPORTER: With April 29th, only one day away, the stunned world wonders, who is this man and why was he awake?

[The video ends with a pixilated man, dressed in dark clothing, walking out of the stadium. The scene switches to a bar/restaurant. Simon is sitting at a table, reading from his passport without his British accent.]

SIMON: Hi, my name's David Walker. David Walker, David Walker.

[Simon is wearing a hat and glasses. He has his passport open.]

SIMON: David Walker. David Walker. Hi, my name's David Walker. Hey, my name's Dave Walker, Dave Walker.

LITA: Is this seat taken?

[Simon looks at her and is silent. He quickly puts his passport in his bag. "Rec Center" by Ovideo plays in the background.]

SIMON: All yours.

[Lita leans against a bar table]

LITA: Hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

SIMON: Me? No, no.

LITA: You have such a cute face, Simon.

[Lita removes Simon's glasses at returns to leaning at the bar table.]

LITA: Don't hide it.

SIMON: Who are you?

LITA: Lita. And if you run, they will find you.

SIMON: What do you want?

LITA: I'm here with an offer.

SIMON: An offer? Like what, take my last remaining nine fingers and kill my mother?

LITA: You'll want to hear us out. Simon, please, I'm dying of thirst. Just pour me one drink.

SIMON: Well, I suppose a taste wouldn't hurt. What'll it be?

LITA: Not here.

[Lita takes the eyeglasses as walks from the bar table. Simon finishes his drink and follows her.]


[The scene switches to the FBI building. Demetri is walking quickly while talking on his cell phone.]

DEMETRI: Yeah, this is Agent Noh, N-O-H, of the FBI. I need to speak to the news director that took possession of the Suspect Zero footage. Yeah.

[As Demetri walks to his cubicle, Zoey is sitting at his desk and smiling.]

DEMETRI: Well, see if you can find him. I'll hold.

[Zoey stands and walks to Demetri and kisses him.]

DEMETRI: Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing here?

ZOEY: Hi. Is something wrong?

DEMETRI: No, no, no, no. I'm just uh, just surprised to see you.

[Demetri takes a folder from his desk and starts to walk away.]

DEMETRI: What's going on?

ZOEY: Oh, I was in court over on Spring. I, um, need a favor.

[Demetri checks his phone.]

DEMETRI: What's up?

ZOEY: Take tomorrow off.

DEMETRI: Tomorrow? Not a chance. You know what tomorrow is.

ZOEY: Exactly. I looked into airfare to Hawaii, dirt cheap.

[Demetri rolls his eyes at Zoey.]

ZOEY: Apparently, people are afraid to fly on flash-forward day so...

DEMETRI: [interrupts] Baby, listen.

[Zoey ignores Demetri and continues to talk.]

ZOEY: We, we can make this happen. Tomorrow can be whatever we want it to be. We're not, we're not tied down to anything now. Let's just go.

DEMETRI: Listen, we just can't pretend I'm not connected to other people, all right? You know what's supposed to happen to Mark, and there's, and there's Janis, and there's Wedeck...

ZOEY: For once, baby, can this just be about you and me?

[Zoey takes a plane ticket from her purse and hands it to Demetri.]

ZOEY: I'm gonna be on this plane tomorrow. I'm hoping you will be, too.

DEMETRI: [sternly] This isn't fair.

[Demetri's phone beeps and he takes the call.]

DEMETRI: Hang on. Hi, yeah. This is Agent Noh from the FBI. Yeah, I need to speak to your news director.

[Disappointed, Zoey leaves the FBI building.]

DEMETRI: Whoever took possession of the Suspect Zero footage. I need to know how you got it.

[The scene switches to Wedeck and Mark walking to Mark's office.]

WEDECK: I've got McDow in your office. Olivia is with him.

MARK: Why?

WEDECK: They've got some kind of a connection. She keeps him calm. If he knows anything about who's going to attack this office tomorrow night, I want to be the first to hear about it.

[Switch to inside Mark's office where Gabriel is looking at the board with Olivia.]

GABRIEL: That's, that's not right.

OLIVIA: Mm hmm.

GABRIEL: That's in the wrong place.

OLIVIA: Oh, I don't think you should touch that, Gabriel.

GABRIEL: No, but this isn't, it's not right.

OLIVIA: I know, I don't need you to, don't touch it. Don't touch it.

GABRIEL: This one.

MARK: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

GABRIEL: That's not right. That's not right. Who did this?

MARK: Could you leave those? Could you leave those, please?

GABRIEL: Who did this? It's not right. It's not right as rain.

MARK: Gabriel.

GABRIEL: So many things I missed before.

MARK: Gabriel, my name is Mark.

GABRIEL: Yeah, you're Mark Benford. She's Olivia Simcoe. I, I'm gonna meet Stanford Wedeck and Janis Hawk when they walk through that door in about five minutes.

MARK: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Go back.

GABRIEL: Go back to the drawing board. Go back to the drawing board.

MARK: No, go, go back.

GABRIEL: [points] It's not right, see?


[Gabriel points to red lines in his book.]

GABRIEL: See it? Right time, wrong place, see it? It's not right. And this one, that's not right.

MARK: Can I take a look at that?

GABRIEL: Mm hmm. It's my book, be careful, it's my book. It's my book.

[Mark examines Gabriel's composition book.]

MARK: Gabriel, how, how did you draw this?

GABRIEL: With a pen.

[Olivia chuckles in the back ground.]

GABRIEL: With a pen. It's with a red pen, because I like to use the red pen for the lines, red pen.

OLIVIA: Gabriel was given multiple flash-forwards so he may have been here before.

GABRIEL: I was here [pause] with Dr. Frost.

MARK: Dyson Frost?

GABRIEL: He told my mother he'd take care of me. He, he didn't say it would be good care. It wasn't. Olivia took good care of me at the hospital and I got some new shoes. So you like my new shoes?

[Gabriel and Mark look at his shoes.]

MARK: They're cute.

GABRIEL: Mm hmm and I have a huge hippocampus, F.Y.I.

MARK: [to Olivia] Thanks, uh, thanks for bringing him in.

OLIVIA: Glad I could help.

[Gabriel listens as Mark speaks to Olivia.]

MARK: We have to formally debrief him, though.

OLIVIA: Okay, uh, Gabriel?

GABRIEL: Mm hmm.

OLIVIA: I'm gonna go now, so...

GABRIEL: Right, should I stay or should I go now, too?

OLIVIA: You're staying.

[Olivia comforts Gabriel by gently touching his arm.]

GABRIEL: You're staying?

OLIVIA: No, no, I'm, you're staying.

GABRIEL: No, you're gonna stay.

OLIVIA: No, please...

GABRIEL: No, you're gonna stay.


GABRIEL: Okay? No, you're staying.

OLIVIA: Can you let go of my arm?

GABRIEL: No, you're staying.

[Mark walks to Gabriel and puts his hand on Gabriel's shoulder]

GABRIEL: Hey, Hey! You can't touch!

[Mark quickly removes his hand.]

MARK: Okay, I just won't...

GABRIEL: You can look but you can't, can't touch.

OLIVIA: Gabriel, it's okay.

GABRIEL: [points to shoulder] You can't touch this!

OLIVIA: It's okay, Gabriel. It's okay, it's okay. [to Mark] Maybe I should stay.

MARK: I think that's a good idea.

OLIVIA: [smiles] Okay, everything's okay. It's all okay.

GABRIEL: It's okay now?

OLIVIA: It's all okay now. See? It's okay. You want a soda?

GABRIEL: Yeah, can I have a soda?


GABRIEL: With a straw?

OLIVIA: Okay, good, here we go, okay.

[Mark nods. The scene switches to a tavern. Janis enters. Vogel is waiting at the bar for her. "Hear You Say," by Tracy Spuehler is playing in the background.]

JANIS: It's over. I'm done. Pull me out. I've gone as far as I'm willing to go.

MARSHALL VOGEL: Just take a breath.

JANIS: They want me to kill Mark. I tried to stall by going to D.C. but Carline's been calling me every single hour.

MARSHALL VOGEL: You can't say no.

JANIS: What am I supposed to do? He's an FBI agent. He's my friend. I'm not gonna do it.

MARSHALL VOGEL: If you say no, they'll find someone else to kill him and then they'll kill you.

[Janis looks away from Vogel.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: There is no coming in from the cold here, Agent Hawk. The only way out is to finish what we started. Look at me.

[Janis takes a few moments before looking at Vogel.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: We're close.

JANIS: Fine. But they're getting antsy and they're gonna burn me if I don't give them something big.

MARSHALL VOGEL: [sternly] Then give them something big.

[Vogel walks away from the bar leaving Janis alone. The scene switches to the FBI building. Demetri and Janis chat as they walk.]

DEMETRI: I tried calling you last night, and the night before that.

JANIS: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. Things have been really crazy.

DEMETRI: Listen, I didn't want to talk to you about this at work but, um, I think we need a plan.

JANIS: Dem, I'm really busy. Do you think we can talk about this later?

DEMETRI: Um, I want to be a part of what's going on with this baby.

JANIS: Demetri, I really appreciate that you were there for me when I needed you, but, you don't have to do anything now. She's my responsibility. It's fine.

DEMETRI: What if that's not okay with me? What if I don't want to walk away?

JANIS: Dem, [pause] you have a second chance at life. You and Zoey should make the best of it.

[Janis turns and walks away from Demetri. He goes to his cubicle and sits. The scene switches to Olivia pouring a glass of soda for Gabriel. Mark walks to her.]

MARK: I put everything in place for the security detail at the house tomorrow.


MARK: I'll have them lay low so as not to upset Charlie.

[Olivia nods. She is not looking at Mark.]

MARK: What's the matter?

[Olivia walks out of the vending room with the soda for Gabriel.]

OLIVIA: I don't know, Mark. It's just weird. It's weird to be talking to you about security details and not, I don't know, garage door openers and parent-teacher conferences.

MARK: Yeah, I wish I had something to say that would make it easier.

[Gabriel is in Mark's office humming as he adjusts the red strings on Mark's board. He has one of the strings in his mouth. He moves a string and tacks it on the wall.]

GABRIEL: Gotta make it right. Yeah, gotta make it right. It's wrong. Right is right, yeah. That's right.

MARK: Hey, Gabriel, I thought I told you.

GABRIEL: That's right.

MARK: What's he doing in here by himself? Where's Vreede?

GABRIEL: He went to get my book. It's not in the right place.

MARK: Vreede!

GABRIEL: It's not right.

MARK: Look, I can't just have you just pulling things apart...

AGENT VREEDE: I'm sorry, Mark.

[Gabriel shows Mark the book.]

GABRIEL: Make it look right.

MARK: I don't understand.

GABRIEL: You make it look right. You, you make it look like this, like that.

[Mark looks at the book then his board. The scene switches to Afghanistan.]

Helmand Province,

[The terrain is mountainous and rocky. In a clearing there are various sized trucks and quansut huts. A man is speaking Arabic. Aaron and Khamir are perched behind a rock on higher ground. Aaron is quickly taking pictures of the trucks and huts using a camera and a very long zoom lens.]

KHAMIR: That's where they're holding Tracy, Joshua Base. Jericho has these bases all over, none of them on a map.

[As seen through Aaron's camera lens, tow men are standing guard. He switches to photograph other men on the base.]

KHAMIR: Kidnap, imprison, torture whoever they want.

AARON: A shadow army.

[Four men are behind one of the trucks.

AARON: That does things your government wants to do but legally can't.

[Aaron takes pictures as the men open the back of the truck and begin to unload it.]

KHAMIR: Who are you sending these to?

AARON: Someone who shares your beliefs that Jericho are criminals.

KHAMIR: [points] There.

[Khamir is pointing to a particular quansut hut with 2 guards and the opening covered in cloth.]

KHAMIR: That's where they conduct all the interrogations. Tracy will be in there.

AARON: We get these uploaded, then we'll get my daughter back.

[Khamir speaks Arabic to his men. As he gives commands, his men take up various positions. One gives Khamir a laptop and he begins to upload the photographs. The scene switches to a motel. The name is The Gordon. Inside one of the rooms, the television has the newscast on. The same video that Vogel showed to people at the FBI is airing.]

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: Authorities have identified him as physicist Simon Campos, the same man who...

[Simon's picture is shown on screen. In the room, Simon is lying on his side on the bed, wearing his pants and hat. Lita is sitting in her bra and panties and she continues to get dressed.]

SIMON: Run away with me.

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: Along with Dr. Lloyd Simcoe, took responsibility...

LITA: Where would we go?

SIMON: Well, I would say Paris but you messed that up when your people plastered my face all over the news.

[Lita looks over her shoulder, which has a tattoo of a seven headed dragon.]

LITA: Don't get snippy with me. I'm just the messenger. Besides, Hellinger wants you to help you.

SIMON: Who's Hellinger?

LITA: Hellinger's our boss.

[Lita stands up and Simon moves to sitting on the edge of the bed.]

SIMON: I don't have a boss.

LITA: Everyone has a boss. He paid for your school, got you a job equal to your talents, protected you along the way. He's the big guy.

SIMON: Piss off. I'm done paying my debts.

LITA: Hey, we're not the enemy. In fact, we're your only friends.

SIMON: Well, I have a message for your friends. I'm done dealing with lower level functionaries. I thought I sent that message with Flosso. These things need to be face to face.

LITA: Believe me, he got that message. He's anxious to speak with you.

SIMON: Then why are you here?

[Lita walks to the edge of the bed and removes Simon's hat and puts it on her head.]

LITA: Trying to keep you in one place.

[There is a knock on the door and Lita goes to answer it.]

LITA: One thing you should know [unlocks door] he's a very charming man until he's not.

[Lita opens the door and Hellinger smiles and remains at the door.]

HELLINGER: Mr. Campos, let's share a drink, shall we?

[The scene switches to a conference room in the FBI building. Gabriel is antsy. There are photographs on the table of Nhadra, Frost and the homeless man. Gabriel mutters under his breath.]

GABRIEL: Yeah, all of them. Yeah, we were, we were all together at Raven River.

MARK: And you're certain about her?

[Mark points to Nhadra's picture.]

GABRIEL: Nhadra? Nhadra, yeah. Nhadra, Nhadra had a nice smile. Hmm, not in this picture, but Nhadra had a nice smile.

[Gabriel points to the picture of the homeless man.]

GABRIEL: And this is Kent. This is a terrible picture of Kent. Kent's my friend, although technically he's dead, he's, he's still my friend.

JANIS: So all of these people were together and they're all connected by the experiment?

MARK: I think we can posit that Raven River was some kind of research and development, and Somalia was an alpha test for the G.B.O. on October 6th.

MARSHALL VOGEL: Or October 6th was the beta test and this is just the beginning.

MARK: Gabriel, do you have any idea when the next one will be, the next global blackout?

WEDECK: We need your help with this. Is there a specific date or time?

GABRIEL: Dr. Frost was in charge. He, he chose the time an-and the day. No, I, I just went on my trips, is all. I just went on my trips and then I wrote down the notes.

MARK: Dyson Frost ran the experiments by himself? Was there anyone else?

GABRIEL: Oh, yes. Yeah, the big guy, he's the boss, big guy.

[Janis and Vogel look at each other.]

GABRIEL: You have his picture? I drew his picture. He's very clean.

MARSHALL VOGEL: Does big guy have a name?

GABRIEL: I just, I just told you his name. His name is big guy.

JANIS: And where is his picture?

GABRIEL: In my book.

[Mark holds Gabriel's composition book.]

MARK: This one?

GABRIEL: Yeah, page 15.

[Mark turns to page 15 while Wedeck walks closer to get a better look.]

GABRIEL: It's a good picture. It's in the black pen.

[Mark stops at page 15.]

GABRIEL: Yeah, yeah, ah, that's big guy. Yeah, big guy.

[On page 15 is s sketch that appears to be Hellinger.]

MARK: Gabriel, I need you to tell me everything you know about this man.

DEMETRI: Hey, sorry to interrupt. Mark, can I talk to you for a minute?

[Gabriel sees Demetri and is filled with fear. He puts on his headphones and whimpers. He puts the hood up on his jacket and pulls the strings for the hood.]

OLIVIA: Hey, hey, hey, what's up? It's okay.

GABRIEL: It's not safe. It's not safe.

MARK: You're safe here.

GABRIEL: I'm fine! I'm fine! He, he's not supposed to be here right now! He died! He died! You died. Very sad that day but that's, that's the way it has to go if things are gonna work out right. You, you died that day.

[The scene switches to the Gordon motel. Hellinger pours a drink for Simon and slides it across the table. Lita is on her side on the bed. She is wearing a black dress, black leather jacket and Simon's hat. Hellinger picks up another glass and inspects it.]

HELLINGER: Can you imagine what vile, diseased lips last touched these glasses [points to Lita] or those sheets? I'd hate to see them under a black light, the life of Suspect Zero.

SIMON: Yeah, you'd be surprised what you get used to.

[Hellinger puts down his glass on the table.]

HELLINGER: So, we're about a day away from the 29th. It's time to come home, Simon.

SIMON: Piss off.

HELLINGER: Can we get a little ice in here please, Lita?

[Lita gets up and leaves the room.]

HELLINGER: You have every right to be angry.

SIMON: Oh, I'm way past angry, mate.

HELLINGER: Where do you go from here, Simon? You're a fugitive from the FBI, the whole world for that matter. Your life's work is over, you have nothing. You, you are nothing. I can give it all back to you. Come work for us. You will be protected, your work will continue. And we can even arrange for you to see your family from time to time.

[Lita returns to the room with a bucket of ice.]

HELLINGER: Your dear Annabelle.

SIMON: That's the carrot. What's the stick?

HELLINGER: The stick is the stick.

[Lita places the ice bucket on the table then sits on the edge of the bed.]

HELLINGER: I don't even want to consider that.

SIMON: Because there is no stick. What are you gonna do, kill my family? Cut me up? Hasn't worked so far. You need me, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

HELLINGER: [annoyed] At some point, we will cut our losses.

SIMON: I'm the only person that can calibrate the accelerator and you know it.

HELLINGER: This is your final offer. I'd say sleep on it but we're running out of time.

[Simon picks up his glass.]

SIMON: Yeah, well, you'll be receiving my response soon enough.

[Simon finishes his drink and places the glass on the table. He stands up, grabs his jacket and bag then takes his hat from Lita's head and dons it. He proceeds to leave the motel room. Lita and Hellinger look at each other. The scene switches to the FBI building. Mark is walking with Demetri.]

MARK: Maybe Gabriel's "Big Guy" can give us a lead on Simon. We'll run this through facial recognition analysis, get it out worldwide. We closing in, Demetri.

[Demetri says nothing.]

MARK: Hey, you with me?

DEMETRI: Yeah, I'm sorry, sorry.

MARK: Did McDow get under your skin?

[Mark and Demetri stop at a copying machine. Mark makes copies of some papers.]

DEMETRI: A little, and the whole thing with Slingerland trying to kill people to course correct the universe and Dyson Frost and his garden of forking paths.

[Demetri looks at Olivia and Gabriel sitting on in the atrium. Gabriel is listening to music and moves with the beat.]

DEMETRI: Now this guy.

MARK: I know where you're headed with this. Don't go there.

DEMETRI: [nods] You believe any of that stuff?

[The copier ejects a copy of Gabriel's sketch.]

MARK: That the universe is somehow pushing us towards one certain outcome?

[Mark glances at Olivia and Gabriel.]


DEMETRI: Then my being alive isn't somehow [pause] screwing things up?

MARK: Oh, I think you're screwing a lot of things up but the universe has nothing to do with it.

[Demetri nods then chuckles.]

DEMETRI: Thank you. That was, that was really touching.

MARK: Happy to help.

[Mark looks at Olivia.]

DEMETRI: You know, after 10:00 tomorrow night, we're gonna have to go back to living the way we used to.

MARK: Thank you.

DEMETRI: Not looking ahead.

[Mark and Demetri watch as Lloyd enters the atrium.]

DEMETRI: Gotta say, kind of looking forward to it.

MARK: Yeah.

[Lloyd approaches Gabriel and Olivia. She smiles when she sees him.]

MARK: Me too.

[Mark and Demetri leave the copier machine.]

GABRIEL: [smiles] Lloyd, Lloyd.

[Gabriel and Olivia chuckle as Gabriel taps his feet on the floor.]


LLOYD: I can see you're feeling better, Gabriel.

[Gabriel takes off his earphones.]

GABRIEL: Yeah, well, I, I have a huge hippocampus, F.Y.I yeah, Olivia, Olivia told me so. Olivia said so.

LLOYD: Well, she would know.


LLOYD: How's the debriefing?

OLIVIA: Uh, stressful.

GABRIEL: Very stressful. Very stressful.

LLOYD: Yeah, I know. I've been there.

OLIVIA: How's it going without Simon?

LLOYD: Struggling with the decoherence equation.

GABRIEL: Yeah, the equation, yeah, the equa...

[Gabriel leans forward then stands up.]

GABRIEL: The, the equation? Yeah, you, you do the math. Do the math. I don't do math. I do art. You do the math. Do the numbers. You do the numbers together. They have to be in the right order, though, and then, and then you're both part of the equation, both of you, part of the equation, yeah.

[Lloyd looks at Gabriel. The scene switches to Wedeck's office. He is on the phone.]

WEDECK: This confirms Clemente's suspicions. This entire operation is not supposed to exist.

[Switch to Afghanistan with Aaron and Khamir, who is uploaded photos.]

AARON: You got what you're looking for?

WEDECK: I do, You've done a great job, Aaron.

AARON: Then it's time to get Tracy.

[The scene switches back and forth from Wedeck's office and Afghanistan.]

WEDECK: You're not going n there.

AARON: Yes I am.

WEDECK: Don't, please, sit tight at, at least until I can get the military there to back you up.

AARON: Negative. My daughter is now the priority. I've held up my end of the deal.

WEDECK: I know and I appreciate that, Aaron, but I want to keep you safe. Stay where you are.

[Aaron watches the quansut hut as two Jericho soldiers drag Tracy from the hut.

AARON: I can't.

[Aaron ends the call and hands the binoculars to Khamir.]

WEDECK: Damn it!

AARON: [to Khamir] Hey, Tracy.

[Khamir uses the binoculars and sees the same as Aaron. Tracy appears to be unconscious.]

AARON: They're putting her in the truck. Let's go.

[Khamir speaks Arabic to his men as the hurry around. The scene switches to the Laundromat. Sirens are heard in the background. Janis and Carline are inside.]

CARLINE: I'm running out of excuses for you, darlin'.

JANIS: You asked me to kill my friend, Carline, not to bake a cake.

CARLINE: I didn't ask you to do anything and when I tell you something needs to be done, you need to do it.

JANIS: I understand that, but Benford's an FBI agent. I just can't walk into the office and shoot him in the head. I'll take care of it.


JANIS: When I can do it without getting myself killed in the process.

[Carline rolls her eyes then tosses her keys in the air and catches them.]

CARLINE: Well, it better be before tomorrow night.


CARLINE: [sarcastically] Ooh, questions get you killed, sweat pea. Where are we with MOSAIC?

[Janis pauses.]

CARLINE: Oh, don't piddle, Janis. You are hanging on by a thread.

[Carline moves closer to Janis and they are almost touching noses.]

CARLINE: If I go back empty handed, it's over for you.

[Carline touches Janis' stomach.]

CARLINE: You have a baby to think about.

JANIS: [long pause] Gabriel McDow. Do you know him?

CARLINE: Yeah, I know Gabe.

JANIS: He's in the FBI right now laying the whole thing out, Raven River, Dyson Frost, all of it.

CARLINE: And they're buying it?

JANIS: They know he's a gold mine and that your people want him dead.

CARLINE: Well, he has been a bit of sand in the petroleum jelly. [sarcastically] Can you deliver him?

JANIS: He's being moved to a safe house. I can tell you when and where.

[Carline moves in closer.]

CARLINE: I don't care what they say about you. You're worth the money, honey.

[Janis turns her face away from Carline who strokes her index finger along Janis' cheek. Carline leaves the Laundromat. The scene switches to the FBI building. Mark and Wedeck are walking down a flight of stairs as they talk.]

MARK: News Director says the Suspect Zero footage came on a flash drive delivered by a messenger. I've got forensics on the envelope.

WEDECK: Review the surveillance tapes from the cable news building. I want to talk to that messenger.

[Janis joins Mark and Wedeck in the atrium inside the building.]

JANIS: Hey, the marshals have a safe house available in Sylmar. It's our best option for McDow.

MARK: Sylmar is overused. How about Silver Strand Beach?

JANIS: D.E.A.'s using it.

WEDECK: Sylmar it is. We're on the move within the hour.

JANIS: McDow's gonna blow a gasket if we separate him from Olivia.

WEDECK: [to Mark] I'll let you break the news.

[Wedeck and Janis walk away from Mark.]

MARK: Thanks.

[The scene switches to Olivia and Gabriel sitting in Mark's office. Gabriel is blowing air into the straw, creating bubbles in the soda. Wedeck knocks on the door.]

WEDECK: Olivia, could I talk to you for a minute, please?

OLIVIA: Sure. [to Gabriel] I'll be right back, Gabriel. I'm gonna be right outside, okay?

[Gabriel gets nervous.]


OLIVIA: Right there.

[Olivia walks outside the office to speak with Wedeck. Mark enters his office and sits next to Gabriel, who is staring at the board.]

MARK: Hey, Gabriel. We're gonna take you to your new house. You'll like it there.

[Gabriel continues to stare at the board and does not reply to Mark.]

MARK: Can you tell me what you see?

GABRIEL: Loose ends.

[Gabriel continues to stare at the board and he speaks with Mark.]

MARK: Yeah, I know the feeling. Listen, before you go, I need to ask something. [pause] You called. You said, "Olivia, [pause] Olivia Simcoe."

GABRIEL: Olivia Simcoe, yes.

MARK: That's right.


MARK: And I need to know, is that how this all turns out?

GABRIEL: It's what I've seen. I see so, so many things. So many things I see come true, and I've been waiting a long time.

MARK: Is she gonna be okay? Will she be safe?

[Gabriel looks at Mark.]

GABRIEL: Yes. [pause] Yes.

[Worried, Mark nods. The scene switches to nighttime in Afghanistan. Two Jericho soldiers drag Tracy along with them from their base.]

JERICHO SOLDIER: That's far enough. Let's put her down over there and start digging.

[Aaron has his rifle aimed at the soldiers. He is using a night vision site. He watches as they drop Tracy on the ground. He takes one shot and hits one of the soldiers. He takes another shot and hits the other soldier. The two soldiers are on the ground.]


KHAMIR: Nice shot.

[Aaron, Khamir and his men, move forward through the tall grass, using it as cover.

KHAMIR: Don't move! Don't move!

AARON: Tracy!

[Aaron crouches next to his daughter.]

AARON: Tracy.

KHAMIR: Don't move! Don't move!

[Aaron turns Tracy onto her back.]

AARON: Tracy, it's me. It's dad. You're safe now, sweetheart. You're safe.

KHAMIR: Aaron, we've got to move and take cover. I'll assess her injuries over there. Please.

AARON: All right. It's okay. You're gonna be okay.

[Aaron picks Tracy up and carries her.]

AARON: I got you. I got you. I got you.

[The scene switches back to the FBI building. Wedeck is in his office watching the photographs Aaron has sent him. He sees the two men opening the rear doors to a truck and unloading items. Another picture is of the truck driving into the base with armed soldiers on guard. Wedeck looks over to a picture of him and President Segovia then back at his monitor. He exhales deeply then picks up the phone receiver.]

WEDECK: Daisy. Yes, it's Stan. Can you get the president for me?

[The scene switches to the President's office. He is on the phone with Wedeck.]

PRESIDENT SEGOVIA: Put him through.

[He turns on his speaker phone.]

PRESIDENT SEGOVIA: Big day tomorrow, Stan?

WEDECK: Yes. Yes, it is. Listen, Dave...


WEDECK: I'm sitting here with something, something that I don't want, and it has to do with you.

PRESIDENT SEGOVIA: Well, you know all my secrets, Stan. We've come all this way. How bad can it be?

WEDECK: Joshua Base.

PRESIDENT SEGOVIA: It doesn't ring a bell.

WEDECK: Then I have nothing to worry about if I turn these photos over to Clemente for further investigation.


WEDECK: Have you ever asked your Vice President what she saw happening, tomorrow?

PRESIDENT SEGOVIA: I always knew this call was coming. I just never figured it would come from you. I appreciate the call, Assistant Director Wedeck.

[The president ends the call. Wedeck has a dial tone on his end and hangs up the receiver. He thinks for a few moments then picks up the phone receiver.]

WEDECK: Assistant Director Stanford Wedeck for Vice President Clemente.

[The scene switches to Mark walking quickly to the conference room. He is checking his gun as he walks

MARK: Gentlemen, we all squared away?

[Gabriel is checking his Kevlar vest. Vreede and another agent prepare themselves. Gabriel punches his chest.]

AGENT VREEDE: Ready to go. How you doing, Gabriel?

GABRIEL: I'm, I'm bulletproof now.

MARK: [smiles and punches his own chest] Feels good, doesn't it?

GABRIEL: Yup, yup.

[Mark and Vreede chuckle as Gabriel puts on his jacket hood.]

AGENT VREEDE: Where's Dem?

MARK: Prepping the van. Let's go.

[Mark leads the way. Vreede escorts Gabriel as other agents guard the group. Janis sees them leaving and walks into the Ladies Room. She takes out her cell phone and makes a call.]

JANIS: McDow is on the move. Black van, two agents, two S.W.A.T., heavily armed, 118 East to Sylmar. Exit Foothill towards Arroyo, 20 minutes.

MAN: Copy that. We're on our way.

[Janis closes her cell phone and places her hand on her belly as she looks in the mirror. The scene switches to outside the FBI building. The black van drives down the street. On the radio, a man is heard.]

RADIO ANNOUNCER: It's the day before the flash-forward and once again, everyone's asking, "what did you see?"

[Demetri is riding in the passenger seat of the van and Vreede is the driver.]

RADIO ANNOUNCER: So I'll tell you exactly what I saw. I was, and will be, enjoying atomic wings at Wing a Ding Ding, off Tujunga! Tuesday night is Ladies' Night, where ladies...

[Demetri turns off the radio.]

DEMETRI: Jackass.

AGENT VREEDE: Sounds good to me.

[Suddenly a black car along the curb, moves in front of the van, bringing to a stop. Other cars honk their horns and tires are screeching.]

AGENT VREEDE: This guy didn't even think about using his blinker.

[Vreede honks his horn.]

AGENT VREEDE: Learn, the rules, son!

[A man, wearing sunglasses, looks back at Vreede. The black car speeds away.]

DEMETRI: You all right back there?

[It appears to be Gabriel, giving the thumbs up. It is not his voice we hear.]

SWAT MEMBER 1: We're good.

SWAT MEMBER 2: We're good.

GABRIEL: We're good.

[Vreede begins driving again and he briefly looks at Demetri. They come upon an open flat bed truck carrying trash cans, tires and other garbage. It is stopped in the middle of the road. Vreede stops the van.]

AGENT VREEDE: Dem, check this out.

DEMETRI: Get out of here. Reverse. Reverse!

[A man wearing a cowboy hat and jeans, gets out of the truck and starts shooting at the van's windshield with an automatice rifle. He gets several quick rounds off and continues to fire. There are 8 bullet holes in the van's windshield.]

DEMETRI: Go! Go, Vreede!

[Demetri starts firing his gun out the window at the man as Vreede speedily backs up the van. He hits the man and he falls down to the pavement. A black SUV, turns the corner with its tires screeching. It is behind the van. A dark haired man gets out of the passenger side and starts firing an automatic rifle at the van. The van veers off as it speeds backwards and hits a white, parked vehicle. The side of the van is being peppered with metal piercing bullets. The driver gets out with his hand gun at the ready. The two men from the SUV approach the silent van to check who was in the van and if anyone is still alive. As they approach the van, the driver looks into the passenger window and the man with the rifle slides the side door open. It is not Gabriel in the van. It is Mark, acting as Gabriel. He exits the van with his hands raised and the hood pulled over his head.]

MARK: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot.

[Men are yelling indistinctly.]

MARK: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't, don't, don't, don't!

[Mark reaches for his gun and shoots at the man with the rifle in the shoulder. Demetri and the rest of the men in the van exit. Mark then grabs the driver and puts his arm around the driver's neck.]

MARK: On the ground! Drop your weapon!

DEMETRI: On the ground!

MARK: Play along. Just play along. We're after the "Big Guy." Okay?

[The driver struggles to get away from Mark.]

MARK: Call your boss. Tell him you have your man.

[On of the SWAT team members takes control of the driver from Mark.]

MARK: On the ground!

[He throws the driver to the ground and the SWAT team member takes over.]


DEMETRI: Are we clear?

MARK: Yeah.

[The agents and SWAT team members have the situation under control. The scene switches to Khamir and the group, walking from Joshua Base in Afghanistan. It is nighttime. Aaron walks with Khamir and his men. They have captured one of the Jericho soldiers. Aaron is carrying Tracy.]

KHAMIR: My men will interrogate this soldier. We'll see what he knows about Tracy.

AARON: There must be a military hospital back near Kandahar.

KHAMIR: No, the roads are too dangerous. They'll flag us at the checkpoints.

AARON: Screw the checkpoints.

KHAMIR: Even if we managed to get there without getting killed. I don't think she'll survive the ride.

[Aaron places Tracy down in the back of an SUV. Her face is badly bruised and bloody.]

AARON: Hold on, honey. I got you.

TRACY: [weakly] Daddy.

KHAMIR: Aaron, we can't go back now.

[Aaron is consumed with his daughter's safety. He refuses to listen to Khamir. He is thinking with his heart and not his head. He pulls Khamir close so they are face to face, literally.]

AARON: You listen to me, buddy. We are gonna drive back to Kandahar, and you're gonna save her life.

KHAMIR: Aaron...

AARON: [angry] I saw her alive. She's gonna make it. We all are, now drive.

[Aaron tends to Tracy in the back of the SUV.]

AARON: Hold on, sweetheart. I got you.

[Aaron closes the door to the XUV as Khamir starts the engine. Tracy is moaning from the pain.]

AARON: We're gonna be fine. I got you. Drive!

[The scene switches back to a warehouse garage door opening. A black SUV enters.

GUARD: Mr. Hellinger said wait over there.

[The SUV pulls over and stops. Hellinger and another man are dressed in suits. They approach the black SUV. Mark, disguised at Gabriel, exits the passenger rear seat and walks around the back other SUV. His head is lowered and covered with his jacket hood. He approaches Hellinger.]

HELLINGER: Gabriel McDow, welcome back into the fold.

Mark continues to walk. Hellinger looks over at the SUV. He sees the driver shake his head indicating no.]

HELLINGER: It's a trap!

[Hellinger suddenly runs back the way he entered. The man with him draws his gun.]

MARK: Don't!

[Mark shoots the man.]

HELLINGER: Red! Red! Red, red, red!

[People start scattering inside the warehouse. There is a laptop on a table with Simon's photograph on the screen. Men and women are yelling indistinctly as they scatter.]

HELLINGER: Burn it all!

[Chaos ensues. SWAT team members flood the warehouse. Mark is chasing Hellinger. He stops to direct SWAT members and people.]

MARK: Get down! Move! Move!

[Mark has Hellinger in view and aims his gun.]

MARK: Hellinger, freeze!

[Hellinger runs to the laptop and starts keying in data rapidly. He backs away from the laptop. Simon's photograph is on the monitor. A window framed in red with appears. It blinks as it shows, "DELETING FILES." Mark grabs Hellinger by the back of his suit jacket and throws him to the floor. The beeping from the laptop speeds up.]

MARK: Down on the ground! Face down!

[Mark puts his gun into the back of Hellinger. Alarms sound.]

MARK: Don't move!

[Two SWAT members have their rifles aimed at Hellinger.]

MARK: Game over, Hellinger. Start talking.

[Mark turns around to look at the laptop monitor as it goes black.]

MARK: Simon Campos, does he work for you? Is he here? Tell me where he is!

[Helicopters are heard outside. Just about everyone is gone from the area where Mark and Hellinger are. Sirens are wailing. Hellinger remains silent. The scene switches to Simon taking the box with the ring from a door in a large vent. The area is dark. It is very industrial. He takes the ring from the box and looks at it. The scene switches back to the FBI building. It is nighttime. Janis is walking in the parking garage to her car. As she opens the door, she sees Mark's reflection in the window and quickly closes the door.]

JANIS: Damn it, Mark.

[Mark stands between Janis and her car.]

JANIS: You scared me.

[Mark crosses his arms in front of his chest.]

MARK: [sternly] Who do you work for?

JANIS: What?

MARK: You're not FBI. So who the hell signs your paychecks?

[Janis looks around and takes a long pause before replying.]


MARK: How long?

JANIS: Vogel recruited me at Quantico.

MARK: Three years.

JANIS: How did you know?

MARK: I got suspicious when you sold out Marcie as the mole.

[A quick flashback to Janis speaking to Mark is shown.]

JANIS: Marcie has a brother. He's dying in Missouri in a full care facility. It's expensive.

[Return to real time.]

MARK: The meetings with Vogel, the Fish Store, [pause] where I assume you were meeting your contact.

[A flashback of Janis entering the Fish Store where Carline works is shown in the background. Return to real time.]

MARK: But it was the Hellinger sting, confirmed everything.

[A flashback of Mark adjusting his Kevlar vest in preparation for the sting is shown. Wedeck is speaking to Mark.]

WEDECK: Your assignment today goes beyond being McDow's decoy.

[Mark puts on the hooded jacket.]

MARK: How far beyond?

[Vogel and Janis are with Wedeck.]

MARSHALL VOGEL: Intel says they're planning to kidnap McDow en route to the safe house, so...

[Janis glances at Vogel as she speaks to Mark.]

JANIS: It's our best chance to capture someone of value.

MARK: Based on what intel, Janis?

MARSHALL VOGEL: There's a lot of chatter.

[Mark checks his gun.]

MARK: There's a lot of chatter? There is no chatter. We don't even know where to listen. Who's your source?

MARSHALL VOGEL: My source is reliable.

[Mark looks at Janis. She makes little eye contact with Mark. Return to real time.]

MARK: You blew your cover by setting him up. Why now?

JANIS: Because they wanted me to kill you, Mark. I told them I would.

MARK: A lot of people are gonna be wondering who the hell you really are.

JANIS: I did what I had to do.

MARK: "Sacrifice for the greater good." I've tried that line. It doesn't work. It looks good on a plaque, though.

JANIS: [upset] Don't say that to me, Mark. I've been living in between two separate lives in this tiny space where nothing ever happens. I can't have any friends. I can't fall in love. Nobody even knows me. [pause] I was doing my job. That has to count for something.

MARK: It does. Too bad all anyone will ever see is the deception [pause] and they will never get past it. You're on the outside now, Janis. If you sacrifice everything, be prepared to walk alone.

JANIS: You're walking right beside me.

[Mark nods and begins to walk away.]

JANIS: You're about to lose your family. Is it worth it to you?

MARK: I don't ask that question.

JANIS: How can you not?

MARK: Too much at stake.

[Mark walks away from Janis. She calls out to him.]

JANIS: Mark. Please don't tell Demetri. Just let me do it.

[Mark nods and continues walking. The scene switches to Janis and Demetri walking along the street.]

JANIS: It's all over. I'm glad to be out from under all that lying.

DEMETRI: I don't understand how you could do this.

JANIS: I thought I could get away clean and not hurt anybody.

DEMETRI: What about the pregnancy? How does that not involve me?

JANIS: Demetri, I just [pause] I needed a way out. I thought it would be a new beginning. I'm sorry. You're my friend and I should have done better by you but this baby is the most important thing that has ever happened to me.

[They stop walking.]

DEMETRI: [upset] It didn't just happen to you. Every little decision you make leads to something else and now we're all connected, you and me and Zoey.

JANIS: [defensive] No, we're not. Demetri, there's me and my baby and then there's you and Zoey. Don't let this situation ruin your life. You don't need to be part of the mess that I made.

DEMETRI: Yeah, well, [pause] I already am.

[Demetri turns and walks away from Janis. The scene changes to the Motor Inn. A television is on in one of the rooms.]

MALE CARTOON VOICE: Meanwhile, in the ready room of the American Eagle Squadron, Yank, Doodle and Dee watch while Dan tries to contact Roger Ramjet."

[Gabriel is watching the cartoon show. Demetri enters the room.]

DEE: Roger should have located the No-Goods' hideout by now.

YANK: Then why can't we reach him on the incredibly high frequency telecommunicator?

[The cartoon continues in the background.]

DEMETRI: Hey, Gabriel. [points to himself] Agent Noh.

GABRIEL: Yeah, I know.

DEMETRI: Mind if I sit?

GABRIEL: Take a seat. Sure, take a seat.

DEMETRI: Roger Ramjet?

GABRIEL: Yeah, it's Dr. Evilkisser.

DEMETRI: I love this show.

GABRIEL: Yeah, me, too. Dr. Evilkisser.

[Dr. Evilkisser is on the television.]

DEMETRI: Evilkisser, yeah.

[Demetri and Gabriel laugh.]


[Demetri laughs again.]

MALE CARTOON VOICE: Chief of the army's counter-bad-guy division...

DEMETRI: Can I ask you a question?

[Gabriel moves back and forth as he watches the show.]

GABRIEL: Yeah, yeah, sure.

DEMETRI: [pause] In all the futures you saw, was I in any of them?

GABRIEL: No, you died. People, people were sad, very sad.

[Gabriel munches on his snack.]

DEMETRI: What do you think happens when the future you saw changes?

GABRIEL: Yeah, y-you know, that, that's not possible. It's not possible. It's like trying to find a different path. You wind up in the same place always, always in the same place, like fate, fate. Like Lloyd and Olivia. E-everyone is ending up where, where they're supposed to be [pause] even you.

DEMETRI: [forced smile] Makes sense.


MALE CARTOON VOICE: The No-Goods will take over. Now what's your plan?

ROGER RAMJET: I plan to find that diabolical machine before it's too late.


[The scene switches to Afghanistan. It is daytime. A single road is seen from above. There are men speaking Arabic in one of the buildings. Khamir's men, the Jericho soldier, Khamir and Aaron carrying Tracy, enter the building.]

KHAMIR: Wait here. Wait here.

[Aaron looks around the room. It is the same room from his flash-forward. There are drawings on the walls. One is of a helicopter. A snippet of Aaron's flash-forward is shown. The wall with helicopter is exactly the same. Next, he is sitting next to Tracy, who is on a cot. Return to real time.]

AARON: Oh, my God.

[A man gives commands in Arabic.]

AARON: This is it. We're here.

[Another snippet from Aaron's flash-forward is shown where Tracy looks at her father.]

AARON: I'll always find you, kiddo.

[Return to real time.]

AARON: It's okay.

TRACY: Okay.

AARON: We made it.

[The scene switches to Janis returning home. It is nighttime. She puts her coat over the sofa and walks a bit and sees someone in the mirror. She quickly turns and tries to get her gun but the man is already pointing his gun at her.]

SIMON: No. Janis, relax. Relax.

[Janis raises her hands.]

SIMON: I need your help.

[Janis looks at Simon and says nothing.]



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05.10.2016 vers 15h

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Date inconnue

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Dominic Monaghan dans Waldo au côté de Mel Gibson et Charlie

Dominic Monaghan dans Waldo au côté de Mel Gibson et Charlie
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La trilogie WWW de Robert J. Sawyer bientôt adaptée en série

La trilogie WWW de Robert J. Sawyer bientôt adaptée en série
Après FlashFoward, c'est au tour de la trilogie WWW (ou Singularité) née sous la plume de Robert J....

Jessica Alba et Gabrielle Union bientôt dans LA's Finest

Jessica Alba et Gabrielle Union bientôt dans LA's Finest
La série LA's Finest, reboot du film Bad Boys, arrivera sur Spectrum Video le 13 mai. Les 13...

Light as a Feather | Peyton List - Renouvellement

Light as a Feather | Peyton List - Renouvellement
La série Light as a Feather créée par R. Lee Fleming Jr a été renouvelée. En effet, Hulu lui accorde...

Magnum PI | En avant pour une 2ème saison !

Magnum PI | En avant pour une 2ème saison !
Ils peuvent afficher un large sourire, la série Magnum PI aura droit à une 2ème saison ! L'annonce a...


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Luna25, 22.02.2020 à 20:13

Nouveau mois dans les forums du quartier Legends of Tomorrow ! Venez départager les personnages de Tobias Menzies.

elyxir, Avant-hier à 20:58

Hello ! Y'a du nouveau sur X-Files : design, sondage, calendrier... Et l'animation "A ton clavier" toujours en cours, venez nous rendre visite !

EBishop, Hier à 11:24

Hello ;-) Un nouveau sondage est disponible sur le quartier Profilage ! A très vite !

Miniheart, Hier à 13:42

Nouvelle photos du mois sur le quartier Heartland.

pretty31, Hier à 19:03

Nouveau duel sur Haven, A travers la faille : Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives) vs Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls)

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