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#114 : Les meilleurs anges


Demetri, Janis, Simon et Vogel voyagent en Somalie dans la recherche d'indices d'une mystérieuse tour et croisent la route d'un homme dangereux qui a vu ses concitoyens subir le black-out en 1991.

Bryce raconte à Nicole qu'il a un cancer ; et parallèlement, Olivia tente d'obtenir de Charlie ce qu'elle a vu dans son flashforward.

Titre VO
Better Angels

Titre VF
Les meilleurs anges

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Première diffusion en France


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Scénaristes: Scott M. Gimple ; Ian Goldberg - Réalisateur: Constantine Makris

Guest Stars: Michael Massee (D. Gibbons) ; Owiso Odera (Abdi) ; Michael Ealy (Marshall Vogel)

Audiences US : 5,04 millions de téléspectateurs
Audiences FR - Tf1 : 2 millions de téléspectateurs


Joseph Fiennes → Mark Benford
John Cho → Demetri Noh
Jack Davenport → Lloyd Simcoe
Zachary Knighton → Dr. Bryce Varley
Peyton List →Nicole Kirby
Dominic Monaghan → Simon Campos
Brian F. O'Byrne → Aaron Stark
Courtney B. Vance → Stanford Wedeck
Sonya Walger → Dr. Olivia Benford
Christine Woods → Janis Hawk
Michael Massee → Dyson Frost
Owiso Odera → Abdi Khalif
Michael Ealy → Marshall Vogel
Lennon Wynn → Charlie Benford
Ryan Wynott → Dylan Simcoe
Zora Bikangaga → Awaale
Travis Johns → Malveaux
Robert Neary → Statham
Pascal Petardi → Agent Crowley
Adrian Kali Turner → Korfa
David Haley → Marine Major Blauvelt
Nina Onuora → Somali Woman
Robert Lonzo Thompson → Young Abdi
Larkin Campbell → Carl


Toute l'équipe se rend en Somalie sous couverture de l'organisation Red Panda pour enquêter sur les mystérieuses tours. Mark reste à Los Angeles. Une fois sur place, le groupe tombe dans une embuscade, leur traducteur tué. Le meneur des troupes armées se nomme Abdikalif, il reconnaît Simon, il l'a vu à la télévision.

Lorsqu'il était enfant, Abdikalif a vu arriver des étrangers. En installant les cinq tours, ils promettaient de l'électricité pour leur village. Mais ils avaient menti. A l'époque, le blackout ne les avait projeté que 2 semaines dans le futur.

Alors que l'agent Voegel cherche des survivants pour obtenir des témoignages, le groupe découvre les ossements de tout le village. Les habitants ont tous été exécuté par l’équipe de Frost.

A Los Angeles, Mark et Olivia décident de parler à leur fille pour apprendre ce qu'elle a vu dans son flash. Charlie ne connait pas D. Gibbons, elle sait juste que c'est un homme méchant car elle avait entendu Lloyd Simcoe au téléphone.

Mais ce qui terrorisé la jeune fillle c'est d'avoir vu dans sa vision deux hommes discuter dans le jardin. L'un d'entre eux disait que Mark Benford était mort, alors qu’il était bel et bien vivant dans son bureau. L'agent en question n'est autre que l’agent Voegel...

Demetri Noh s’aperçoit avec Voegel que Frost lui a laissé un message vidéo. Le message a été enregistré il y a 18 ans, Frost savait qu’il viendrait un jour...



Posing as Red Panda humanitarian relief workers, Vogel, Demetri, Janis and Simon chopper into the Ganwar Region of Somalia. A hail of gunfire erupts. The team has no choice but to surrender as the attacking gunman close in. The leader of the group, Abdi, shoots the team’s translator. He’s not needed. Abdi speaks English.

"Your destiny is to stop the war, not start one."Abdi tells a tale of how foreigners came to his village when he was a boy. They claimed to have built five towers to provide electricity. This was not the case. After being out in the fields tending to the goats, Abdi returned to find everyone in town collapsed on the ground. His mother was there, too. Abdi believed everyone to be dead, as he saw a black camel - a harbinger of death. Abdi ran and, when he returned, all bodies were gone.

Abdi doesn’t buy the Red Panda cover story and has the chopper pilot executed. Our team attempts a daring escape that goes south. Abdi gets the information he seeks from a man on the team’s security detail. Then he kills him. Again, it’s because this man is no longer needed.

On the day of the global blackout, Abdi saw himself as the leader of Somalia giving a speech about the Better Angels. It’s from Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address. The Better Angels speech was about unity. To convince Abdi that his prophecy was a flash forward shared by others, Janis shows him the Mosaic Collective website. A posting from a man who heard Abdi’s speech says that he saw him wearing his mother’s necklace. This was at a peace conference. Janis says, “Your destiny is to stop the war, not start one.”

The team heads into the last remaining tower with Abdi. Inside, Demetri finds a chessboard that hides a VHS tape. The video shows testimonials from the villagers about what they saw in their flash forwards in 1991. One of the people on the tape is Abdi’s mother, still wearing her necklace.

The next message comes from a man who most definitely was not a member of the village. It’s D. Gibbons. He says, “The preceding interviews from Test Group B confirm that the subjects uniformly experienced a consciousness shift two weeks into the future.”

Simon finds access to a tunnel. They discover a linear accelerator, one of five that created a perimeter around the village. A burst was released in 1991 as part of a beta test for the global blackout. Abdi wasn’t in the village at the time. That’s why he stayed awake.

They also discover a chamber filled with skeletons. It served as a mass grave for executed villagers. Abdi finds his mother’s necklace around one of the skeletons. He blames Simon for all that has happened. Abdi is about to kill Simon when Vogel shoots him in the back. He’s dead. His vision of Better Angels is now also gone. Janis says, “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Back in the States, Bryce’s cancer is taking a toll on him. He tries to hide his illness from Nicole, who reveals that she’s thinking about going to medical school. Bryce gives her his good luck calculator and eventually comes clean about his cancer.

"She's afraid her daddy's gonna die."Mark has accumulated more info on D. Gibbons/Dyson Frost, but he still has no idea why Charlie mentioned him after her flash forward. He wants her to chat with a child expert at the FBI, but Olivia convinces him to let her talk to their daughter first. Olivia also wants Mark to consider a move to Denver. Though he’s a big fan of the omelet, Mark knows that a move to the Mile High city means the end of his Mosaic investigation. Olivia doesn’t have a problem with that. Mark does.

When Olivia asks Charlie about her flash forward, she says Dylan overheard his dad talking about D. Gibbons on the phone. But that’s not what has Charlie so upset. She also heard fireworks. When she walked up to the back door, she saw two men wearing suits, one of them being Agent Vogel. After finishing a phone call, Vogel said, “Mark Benford is dead.” That move to Denver is looking better and better. Olivia wants a yes or no answer. Mark can’t give her one. Olivia believes this may be the start of how they drift apart. "There's gonna be another blackout and I have to see this through. I have to try and stop it."

Thousands of miles away, Janis is feeling sad about another flash forward never coming true. She’s thinking of both Abdi’s legacy and her future baby. The window of time for conception is closing. It’s not like she can make a baby while stuck in Somalia. Demetri begs to differ. After all, he’s a man…she’s a woman… These are desperate times. When Janis asks about Zoey, Dem says that odds are he won’t be around in a few months. But it would be nice if Janis’s baby was. "What happened to the world happened in your village first."

As Demetri packs up items from the tower, he watches the D. Gibbons portion of the videotape again. When Simon enters, Demetri lets the videotape run past its presumed ending. But it’s not over yet. There’s another recording of D. Gibbons. This one is personalized. D. Gibbons says, “Hello, Demetri. My name is Dyson Frost and I am recording this message in 1991. Got your attention, didn’t I?” Sure did.

[The episode commences with a helicopter, with a Red Panda logo on the side, flying over dry, mountainous terrain.]

Ganwar Region, Somalia

[Passengers dressed in Red Panda uniforms in the helicopter are Janis, Demetri, Vogel, Simon and 4 men.]

INTERPRETER: Okay, try this one.

[The man speaks Somali while Janis and Demetri repeat what he is saying.]

INTERPRETER: [chuckles] It means "I don't eat dairy.”

[Janis and Demetri look at the man with no response to his translation.]

INTERPRETER: Okay, try this one [speaks Somali]

[Janis and Demetri repeat the words.]

INTERPRETER: Good, it means, "What did you see?" So [speaks Somali]

JANIS: I was baking bread.

INTERPRETER: [excited] Bread! Yes! [chuckles] [to Demetri] And, and you?

DEMETRI: I was water skiing.

[Janis looks at Demetri and smirks.]

INTERPRETER: [laughs] Good for you.

DEMETRI: Hey, I thought this weekend you were supposed to "bake bread."

JANIS: Vogel's little field trip kind of closed the window on that.

[As the helicopter lands, there is indistinct chatter on the radio. A man exits the pilot's side of the helicopter along with the interpreter and Simon who he assists. Vogel, Demetri , Janis and another man exit the co-pilot's side of the helicopter.]

MAN: Got that one?

[The two men unload the bags from the helicopter and speak with each other in the background. As Vogel picks up his bags, he is approached by Simon.]

SIMON: I want a gun.

MARSHAL VOGEL: It's not happening.

SIMON: Going into Somalia with a gun is like going scuba diving without an oxygen tank.

MARSHAL VOGEL: You're here in an advisory role. [looks at the 2 men with rifles] They're here to back us up. [shoves a bag into Simon] I suggest you stick close to 'em.

[Vogel walks away from Simon and addresses the 2 men with rifles.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: Let's get to the tower and get out of here.

[Simons looks behind him to see a deserted town.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: This is what I wanna do. You guys get all the equipment out of the helicopter… [voice trails off]

[Simon walks to the deserted town. The scene switches to Wedeck's office in the FBI building in Los Angeles. Mark knocks on the door.]

WEDECK: Come in.

[Mark places a color, color picture of a 7 headed beast with a pyramid in the background.]

WEDECK: What is that?

MARK: They Hydra, 7 heads, bad breath, killed by Hercules.

WEDECK: Why am I looking at it?

MARK: D. Gibbons, Dyson Frost, Simcoe gave us his name. Here's the rest of the story. Brilliant, reclusive particle physicist trained in Engineering at M.I.T. minored in Victorian Lit.

WEDECK: An achiever.

MARK: Typical story, domineering father, only spoke to him in French even though they grew up in Wyoming.


MARK: Became a Chess Grand Master at 15.

WEDECK: The chess piece you found in Pigeon.

MARK: The white queen.

[Wedeck nods and points in agreement.]

MARK: Apparently, he still plays, which is weird considering he was killed in a boating accident in 1990 on a boat called, "Le Monstre De Boisteau", Boisteau's Monster.

WEDECK: Who's Boisteau?

MARK: Pierre Boisteau, 18th century French writer. He had illustrations of monsters in some of his books, among the more well known, the Hydra.

WEDECK: The Hydra.

[A snippet of Mark's the board in Mark's office with the picture tacked to it.]

MARK: On my board on the 29th. It's all leading back to Frost. Somehow, he's even part of Charlie's vision.

WEDECK: Charlie saw him?

[A flashback to Charlie being tucked into bed by Mark is shown.]

CHARLIE: D. Gibbons is a bad man.

[Switch back to real time.]

MARK: "D. Gibbons is a bad man." That's all I've been able to get out of her. Meanwhile, everything we know about him is coming to a head and all we've got are blind alleys and cryptic messages. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? Huh?

WEDECK: Be like Hercules and slay the beast. Keep looking for Dyson Frost.

[The scene switches to Somalia. A large tower is rises from a stone building. There is a large disk, shaped like a hockey puck, at the top of the tower with several metal coils just below it. Janis is looking at it with binoculars.]

JANIS: There it is.

[Janis hands the binoculars to Demetri. As he looks at the base of the tower he sees graffiti that reads 66:6.]

SIMON: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

MARSHAL VOGEL: Keep movin’.

SIMON: It's not so bad here, a bit sleepy, a little hotter than I expected.

[Suddenly the ground is riddled with bullets from a automatic rifles.]


[Everyone falls to the ground, trying to avoid being shot. Two snipers on the roof, three on the ledge below the roof, and eight men on the ground are firing at Vogel's team. Another man exits a building and approaches them as he fires at the ground. Simon crouches and raises his hand as two more man behind Vogel's team aim at them. Men are shouting in Somali.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: Awale, we need you to translate. Tell them we're aid workers with Red Panda Resources, a relief organization, protected under Articles 59 through 63 of the Geneva Convention. We have a right to humanitarian access.

[Awale slowly raises himself to a kneeling then standing position and begins to translate what Vogel said. The man in front of the group motions for Awale to come closer to him. Awale slowing approaches him as he translates as the man blows chewing gum bubbles. As he translates the man puts his palm up indicating that Awale stop. He complies. The man raises his automatic rifle and fires several rounds into Awale's torso. Men are shouting in Somali as Awale is checked to see if he is dead or alive by his executioner.]

ABDI KALIF: [chewing gum] My name is Abdi Kalif. I speak English. [approaches those still on the ground] You don't need him anymore.

FlashForward Logo

[The scene switches to the Vogel's team being shoved into a building where they are surrounded by armed me. Adbi Kalif instructs one of his men to restrain Simon. Instructions are shouted by other men. Abdi Kalif shouts at the 2 men restraining Simon and approaches him.]

ABDI KALIF: I know you. I saw you on Al Jazeera telling the world you caused the blackout.

SIMON: Always nice to meet a fan.

[Abdi back fists Simon across the side of his face. The men laugh as Adbikalif spits on the ground in front of Simon.]

ABDI KALIF: You did not cause this. God caused this. He merely put your finger on the button.

[Vogel walks a few steps, hands on his hips, and speaks. The sound of rifles being cocked is heard.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: We are employees...

[One of them men says something to Vogel. Vogel pauses then continues.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: ...of Red Panda. We're on a relief mission to deliver Cholera kits.

ABDI KALIF: [looks at Simon] This man is not a relief worker.

DEMETRI: We were having mechanical problems. Okay, now if you just let us continue on to our destination ...

ABDI KALIF: [interrupts and shouts] Do not lie to me!

[He rips a page from the Red Panda folder of the aerial photograph of the 5 towers and puts it in front of Demetri.]

ABDI KALIF: This is your destination. You arrived at your destination. You came here for a reason [pause] just like the others.

JANIS: What others?

[A flashback to 1991 where a small boy and his goats look at the town in amazement is shown. Return to real time.]

ABDI KALIF: When I was a boy the foreigners came to our village and told us they would bring us electricity.

[A closer aerial view of the village and 5 towers is shown.]

ABDI KALIF: They said 5 towers would provide power until the end of time, that it was a humanitarian act.

[Flashback of a small boy looking at the village from a ridge and seeing unconscious people and crows on the ground are shown as Abdi speaks in the background.]

ABDI KALIF: But those towers were not for electricity. They were for something else, something not humanitarian. I had gone out to tend the goats.

[Footage is shown of the boy walking through the town and seeing everything up close.]

ABDI KALIF: I was not away long, only a few moments but even a single moment can change [pause] everything.

[Young Abdi drops his staff walks around. There is a man who was riding a bicycle lying on the ground on his side with the bicycle still in place. As he walks he sees more people and crows.]

ABDI KALIF: What happened [pause] it made no sense. I felt afraid.

[In the flashback, young Abdi is running.]

ABDI KALIF: They were there, but [pause] they were gone.

[Young Abdi, in the flashback, stops by a woman who is wearing a yellow and red beaded necklace and tries to waken her. He speaks in Somali.]

YOUNG ABDI KALIF: Hoyo. Hoyo. Hoyo! [louder] Hoyo!

[Return to real time.]

ABDI KALIF: But it was all of God's plan [pause] this I learned from my mother. Everything in this life happens for a purpose.

[In the flashback, the young Abdi sees a dark colored camel turns and runs.]

ABDI KALIF: And before the hand of death could take hold of me too [pause] I ran.

[Return to real time. Adbikalif holds out the page he tore from the folder and speaks in Somali. There is a ruckus in the background and the men start shouting in Somali as they drag another man, the helicopter pilot into the room.]

HELICOPTER PILOT: Hey! Hey! Let me go! Come one, I'm just the pilot!

[One of the Somali men closes the doors as the pilot is dragged into another room.]

ABDI KALIF: That man, for instance, is here for a purpose.

[There is shouting in the next room followed by the sound of automatic gunfire. The FBI agents cringe.]

ABDI KALIF: And now he has served it. You are here for a reason and I will kill you, all of you, if you do not tell me what that reason is.

[Abdi exits the room and Somali men aim there guns at Vogel's team. The scene switches to the FBI building in Los Angeles. Bryce is in one of the bathrooms at the hospital, on his knees, vomiting. As he flushes the toilet and puts down the seat cover, his pager beeps. He reads the message.]

BRYCE: Oh, damn.

[A woman is speaking, indistinctly over the P.A. system and the scene switches to Bryce hurrying down the stairs. As he turns the corner he bumps into Nicole and all the books and her purse fall to the ground. One of the books is entitled, "Organic Chemistry," by Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves, Stuart Warren and Peter Wothers, falls on the floor with the cover showing.]



BRYCE: Um, I'm, I'm so sorry.

[Bruce gathers the books from the floor as Nicole grabs her purse.]

NICOLE: It's not a bid deal. Are you okay?

BRYCE: Yeah, I'm fine.

[Bryce picks up the book Organic Chemistry.]

BRYCE: A little light reading?

NICOLE: I like the pictures.

BRYCE: Seriously? Orgo?

NICOLE: Okay, um, just shut up for a second.

[Nicole takes Bryce aside.]

NICOLE: [stutters] I'm, I'm kind of, I'm thinking about possibly...

BRYCE: Thinking about possibly what?

NICOLE: I'm trying out a pre-med class, all right?

BRYCE: So that's the big secret?

NICOLE: Well, I don't want people to know about it because it's really hard and I don't want them to see me fall on my face.

BRYCE: Dr. Kirby, it's got a nice ring to it.

NICOLE: Mm hmm, that's very funny. Thank you.

BRYCE: No, seriously, that's the most difficult thing about becoming a doctor, it picking the right name. I mean, take me for instance, my real name is Martin Goathead.

NICOLE: [chuckles] You're an idiot.

BRYCE: Really. Martin Goathead.

[Bryce starts to walk away from Nicole. She turns and walks with him.]

NICOLE: Yeah, I think I like Bryce Varley better.

BRYCE: Ahh, of course you do. It sounds rugged. It's like a guy that eats protein bars and climbs mountains, Dr. Bryce Varley.

NICOLE: Promise me you won't tell anybody, please?

BRYCE: Nicole, I wouldn't do that to you.

[Bryce begins to cough.]

NICOLE: Are you sure you're all right?

BRYCE: Oh, look at you, diagnosing patients already? I'm fine.

[Bryce's pager beeps again.]

BRYCE: Look, uh, I gotta run [pause] Dr. Kirby.

NICOLE: Dr. Goathead.

[They begin to walk in opposite directions. The scene switches back to Somalia were Abdi and a man are playing backgammon.]

JANIS: Why don't we just tell 'em who we are why we're here?

[Scene is now in the room where Vogel's team waits.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: We're not breaking cover.

DEMETRI: Hey, he's not buying the Red Panda bit and I'm not gonna sit around waiting for a bullet in my head.

MARSHAL VOGEL: [smugly] Right, 'cause you're waiting for three to the chest.

DEMETRI: What'd you say?

MARSHAL VOGEL: You heard me. It doesn't matter if it happens here or on your couch or in the arms of you're soon to be widow. Let's face it, you're done.

[Demetri punches Vogel in the face. As Vogel falls back he grabs Demetri by the arm and throws him into one of the Somali guards. Vogel then throws another guard to the ground. Demetri punches the guard that is under him. The two men that were to guard Vogel's team, pick up the rifles of the fallen Somalis. Simon gets up just as Vogel shoves the rifle butt into the abdomen of another Somali then Janis kicks the Somali and he does not get up. The Somali guards are not conscious and Vogel's team is out of breath.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: Hey, thought we said not the face.

DEMETRI: My ball to call. Let's get to the chopper, get the guns, neutralize Abdi's men, then we interrogate 'em.

MARSHAL VOGEL: Let's move.

[As the team exits the room, Vogel speaks to Simon.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: If all goes well, you might get that gun.

[The scene switches back to the helicopter where the 2 Somali men are going through the contents of it and the bags. One has a grenade launcher on his shoulder as the other loads items into a pick up truck bed. One of the security guards, Demetri and Vogel hide behind the rubble of a small stone wall. Simon peeks around the wall to see what is happening.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: All right, now once we start firing, Abdi's other men are gonna be coming. Take the shot [pause] fire.

[The security guard with Vogel shoot and the bullet reaches its target. He fires again and reaches the second target. Both men are on the ground. As the second male falls the grenade launcher is fired. It hits a building with a loud explosion.

SECURITY GUARD: Let's move! Go! Go! Go!

[As they all run for the helicopter, on Somali on the ground starts shouting and is hit in the face with the butt of the guard's rifle. Everyone starts grabbing guns, including those of the Somali men, rifles and other armaments.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: Come on! Simon. Come on. Here they come!

[The sound of trucks approaches the helicopter. The loud whirring of a vehicle is heard.]

DEMETRI: What the hell is that?


[The entire Vogel team starts firing into the smoke when a Humvee with Abdi firing a machine gun. He is shielded by a large piece of metal. Demetri and Simon drop their guns. The two Somali men on the ground groan and they are shot by Abdi.]

ABDI KALIF: They failed me but you will not. You will fulfill your part of the plan.

[The scene switches to the Benford residence as Mark enters the house.]

MARK: Honey?

OLIVIA: Hey! Lunch is ready.

[Mark puts his jacket on one of the stools at the counter and grabs a potato chip and eats it. He looks through photographs of different houses that lay on the counter. Olivia joins him.]


MARK: Hey. Three bedroom Colonial with a sun porch?

OLIVIA: That's right.

MARK: In Denver.

OLIVIA: It's where we could go, Denver.

[Mark looks at the plate with lunch on it.]

MARK: Mm hmm, big fan of the omelet.

OLIVIA: laughs] It's one hell of an omelet.

[Mark chuckles.]

OLIVIA: But seriously, I mean, I've been doing some research.

MARK: Mm hmm.

OLIVIA: There's two major hospitals in Denver and they both need surgeons, and the FBI has a division in Denver. I mean we, we can do this.

MARK: So this is why we're having lunch.

OLIVIA: Well, that, and I wanted to see your beautiful face.

MARK: Mm hmm, the Mile High city.

OLIVIA: Mm hmm.

[Olivia and Mark bring lunch from the counter to a table.]

MARK: I could join the ski police, be home at five.

[Mark walks around the table and hugs Olivia as she sits.]

MARK: Me by the fire, you wrapped up in a vegan Tiger skin, [kisses her head] nothing on underneath.

OLIVIA: Doesn't sound so bad.

MARK: Mm hmm.

[Mark walks back to his chair and sits opposite Olivia.]

OLIVIA: Look, I mean, I [pause] you know, we don't have to make any decisions right now but I think we should, soon.

MARK: Mm hmm.

MARK: Hey, there's, um, something I wanted to talk to you about, too. Something we haven't been talking about. Charlie, what she saw, we need to know.

[Olivia stands up and starts to walk from the table and to the refrigerator.]

MARK: Livvy, we've needed to know for a while now.

OLIVIA: I thought we said we were gonna give her time.

MARK: We were doing that for us. But if she knows something, something that can help this investigation then that goes way beyond us.

OLIVIA: Well, what is it you think that she knows?

MARK: There are things in this investigation that keep coming back.

OLIVIA: D. Gibbons.

MARK: Mm hmm, he's at the center of everything. I kept thinking I could do this without involving our family but we can't ignore this. We can't deny this anymore. Listen, hon, I, I have people at the FBI office who know how to talk to kids. I want to take Charlie down there tomorrow and just see if maybe...

OLIVIA: [interrupts] Can you let me talk to her first? You can take her but can I try talking to her first?

MARK: Okay.

OLIVIA: This isn't beyond us, Mark.

MARK: I know.

OLIVIA: And I mean it. [changes subject] Will you take a look at this stuff?

[Olivia gets up and takes a folder from the counter.]

OLIVIA: You know, it is one hell of an omelet.

[Mark looks down at the omelet on his plate.]

MARK: [nods] Mm.

[The scene switches back to Somalia. Abdi sits in the corner of the room with his rifle across his lap. Vogel's team is all standing.]

ABDI KALIF: On this continent, a child dies every six seconds from malnutrition. Your country could easily provide this food yet it does not.

JANIS: That's not true. Every year we send hundreds of millions of dollars in aid just to have it stolen by people like you.

ABDI KALIF: People who live in heaven shouldn't judge those who live in hell.

[Abdi gives his rifle to one of his men and takes out a handgun and walks to Simon and simultaneously puts the gun to the neck of one of the Security guards.]

ABDI KALIF: Tell me who you people are or I will kill him.

SIMON: Sod off.

[Abdi fires his gun but no bullet is in the chamber. The guard falls to his knees gagging and coughing. Adbi puts his gun in the guard's face.]

ABDI KALIF: Who are you? Tell me?

SECURITY GUARD: They are CIA here to investigate the tower. We are security.

[Abdi laughs, pats the guard on the shoulder.]

ABDI KALIF: This is your security?

[As Abdi passes Simon he whacks him in the side of the head with his gun. Next he walks to Demetri and puts the gun at his neck.]

ABDI KALIF: So you are with CIA.

[Demetri pushes the gun to the side and away from his neck.]

ABDI KALIF: You are not afraid of death.

DEMETRI: I've gotten used to it.

ABDI KALIF: What do you want with that tower? Why have you brought the scientist here?

[Simon slowly stands back up.]

DEMETRI: We think what happened on October 6th, the day of the blackout, happened before on a smaller scale in your village because of the towers.

ABDI KALIF: No, I came back from herding the goats. I saw them on the ground. They were dead. It was no blackout.

MARSHAL VOGEL: How do you know they were dead?

ABDI KALIF: I saw the black camel.

JANIS: What's the black camel?

MARSHAL VOGEL: Black camel's considered a bad omen here.

ABDI KALIF: Death is a black camel that kneels at every man's gate. They were dead.

[Flashback to young Abdi walking in his old village, armed with a rifle, as Abdi speaks in the background.]

ABDI KALIF: I returned from the refugee camps changed, a man now. The bodies of my people were gone and all that remained was a village of ghosts and there was only 1 tower left. Word spread that I had lived when others had died and for this, I became feared. I used this fear and became what I am now.

[Return to present time as Abdi looks up.]

ABDI KALIF: God's plan and then the day of the blackout, I had my prophecy. I saw it. I was making a speech. I spoke of the Better Angels.

[Snippet of Abdi's flash-forward where he is standing at a podium and speaking to a large audience in a stadium is shown.]

ABDI KALIF: ...when again touched by the better angels of our nation.

[Return to real time.]

ABDI KALIF: I called myself the new face of Somalia.

[His flash-forward continues in the background as he speaks in real time.]

ABDI KALIF: I was telling the world, I spoke as a conqueror. My enemies crushed, God's plan.

[Return to flash-forward.]

ABDI KALIF: I'm not willing to wait one day longer!

[The crowd cheers and applauds. Return to real time.]

ABDI KALIF: There will be one more war in this land, my war. I will rule this country. The better angels [pause] the better warriors [pause] will win.

[Quick snippet of his flash-forward as the crowd cheers is shown. Return to real time.]

ABDI KALIF: And you will help because you are CIA. You can get me these things, planes, tanks, boats, what I will need to win my war.

MARSHAL VOGEL: That's not gonna happen.

[Abdi punches Vogel in the abdomen with his gun.]

ABDI KALIF: Planes! Tanks! Boats! You will get me these things!

SECURITY GUARD: No, no, no, no!

[Abdi shoots one of the two security guards. He looks at Simon face to face.]

ABDI KALIF: It happens every six seconds.

[The camera pans from Simon to Vogel to Janis to Demetri and stops with Abdi. Vogel and his team are now alone in the room.]

JANIS: Vogel, just make the call. The request alone will tell our people what's going on.

MARSHAL VOGEL: I'm not going to make the call because no one's going to pick up the call. It's like I told you before, there is no cavalry. We're on our own.

DEMETRI: There's gotta be some options here.

MARSHAL VOGEL: Meeting his demands isn't one of them.

DEMETRI: That's it? We just die?

[Vogel looks out the window and does not reply.]

DEMETRI: Janis, come on. You saw yourself alive on April 29th.

JANIS: And that lunatic actually saw himself the leader of this country.

DEMETRI: Right, better angels.

[Somali men speak in the background. Janis sits up.]

JANIS: Better angels.

[Abdi and two of his armed guards return to the room holding a phone in one hand and a rifle in his other hand.]

ABDI KALIF: Which will it be?

[No one replies. Abdi points at Simon, speaks Somali and his two guards pick up Simon and take him from the room.

SIMON: Hey, hey!

JANIS: Wait! Get off him!

[One of the guards go after Janis and Demetri intervenes.]


[Rifles are cocked and everyone stops immediately and Abdi tosses the phone to one of his men. Simon is standing in front of Abdi who has his rifle aimed at him.

ABDI KALIF: Which will it be? [louder] Which will it be?

JANIS: Your prophecy is wrong.

[Janis slowly stands up.]

JANIS: What you saw [pause] it isn't what you saw, and I can prove it to you. I know about the better angels.

[The scene changes to Abdi pulling Janis out of the building and onto the street and into another building. He puts Janis in a chair on one side of a table then sits down opposite her.]

ABDI KALIF: Sit down. You say you know about the better angels. Tell me what you know.

JANIS: It's from Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Address. Lincoln was...

ABDI KALIF: [interrupts] Your president, ended slavery. He was strong, not afraid to crush his enemies.

JANIS: We were fighting a civil war in our country, just like your country. Better Angels was a speech about unity, about bringing people together.

ABDI KALIF: You do not know what I saw.

JANIS: No, I don't, but I think I might be able to find someone who did. [pause] Can you get on the internet here?

[The scene changes to Janis using a laptop to access the MOSAIC website.]

JANIS: We created a website where people can come on and share their prophecies with each other.

[Janis types Better Angels in the database search window. Various windows pop up, all with Better Angels in their prophecies.]

JANIS: Here, a man was at the Assembly of the African Union at a Peace Conference. You were speaking.

[The windows show people who attended the Assembly of the African Union in their flash-forwards.]

ABDI KALIF: How do you know what this man says is true?

JANIS: You tell me. Look, they know your name. They say you were wearing a wire necklace with an amber bead surrounded by two red ones. Do you have something like that?

ABDI KALIF: No, [pause] but my mother did.

[A flashback of Abdi as a boy finding his mother on the ground, surrounded by dead bodies and crows is shown. She is wearing the necklace.]


[Return to real time.]

ABDI KALIF: I haven't seen that necklace or my mother since I was a boy.

JANIS: Someone else says they saw you, said that you were quoting Lincoln. "To every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land will yet swell the chorus of the union when again touched...

[Snippet of Abdi's flash-forward is shown.]

ABDI KALIF: "When again touched by the better angels...

[Return to real time.]

ABDI KALIF: ...of our nature.

JANIS: You don't need tanks or guns. Your destiny is to stop the war, not start one.

[Janis backs away from the laptop as Abdi sits back in his chair, digesting the experience. The scene switches to the Bedford residence. Charlie is playing a bowling video game using the TV. Olivia watches as Charlie scores a spare.]

CHARLIE: Yes! Spare!


CHARLIE: I'm throwing rocks tonight. Mark it, mommy.

[Olivia laughs and walks around the couch to Charlie.]

OLIVIA: Nice job.

CHARLIE: You want to play?

OLIVIA: I think I'll play after. I want to talk first.


[Charlie sits on the sofa as Olivia sits on the floor in front of her. Charlie is hugging her Squirrlio stuffed animal.]

OLIVIA: Ah, Charlie bear. So, uh, do you remember when Tim Tim talked to Squirrlio about heroes?

CHARLIE: When Finnegan the super shark trapped them in the snow globe of Snow Doom?

OLIVIA: Yeah, Squirrlio-zactly!

[Charlie laughs.]

CHARLIE: Yeah and Tim Tim said that heroes are people who help people even when it's hard. Yeah?

[Charlie nods.]

OLIVIA: Well, I need you to be like a hero, Charlie.


OLIVIA: I need you to be brave and tell me what you saw in your flash-forward.

[Charlie's smile disappears as she lowers her head. Olivia strokes Charlie's hair.]

OLIVIA: Hey, it's okay to be afraid. It really is, it's okay, but if you tell me, you might be able to help me, you might be able to help daddy, help a whole load of people we don't even know.

CHARLIE: [voice cracks] If I tell, tell you...

OLIVIA: Mm hmm.

CHARLIE: ...something bad will happen.

OLIVIA: No, no, it won't. Nothing bad's gonna happen, I promise, okay? Nothing. Can you tell me what you saw?

[Charlie's flash forward is shown. She walks into the kitchen and finds Dylan standing in front of the cookie jar.]

CHARLIE: Go ahead. It's your house, too.

CHARLIE: We were in the kitchen and Dylan wanted a cookie.

OLIVIA: Daddy says that you said, "D. Gibbons is a bad man." Why'd you say that?

[Return to Charlie's flash-forward.]

LLOYD: The man you call D. Gibbon lied to you.

[Charlie and Dylan look at each other. Return to real time.]

CHARLIE: We heard his dad. He said D. Gibbons lied.

[Return to flash-forward. Dylan moves the magnetic letters on the refrigerator door to spell out D GibBo s.]

DYLAN: Bad people lie.

[Dylan finds the letter N and places it before the s so that it now reads D GibBoNs. Charlie's voice is heard in real time.]

CHARLIE: And Dylan made the magnets say that on the refrigerator.]

DYLAN: Bad people lie.

[Return to real time.]

OLIVIA: But you didn't see D. Gibbons. He wasn't in the house?

[Charlie shakes her head indicating no.]

OLIVIA: Keep going, sweetie. What else did you see?

[Return to the flash-forward as Charlie speaks in real time in the background. Noises outside the house startle Charlie.]

CHARLIE: I heard fireworks and I went to the back door.

[Return to real time.]

CHARLIE: I saw a man walk up to another man. They were wearing suits.

[Charlie's flash-forward and real time flash change rapidly.]

CHARLIE: And he said...

OLIVIA: It's okay, Sweetie, you can do it. What did he say?

MAN: Mark Benford is dead.

[Return to real time. Charlie is crying and hugs Olivia. Olivia comforts Charlie.]

CHARLIE: "Mark Benford is dead." Mark Benford is dead.

[Olivia is stunned by what Charlie just said. The scene switches to Mark and Olivia's bedroom. Olivia is sitting at the foot of the bed and Mark joins her.]

MARK: It's not possible.

OLIVIA: It's what she heard. "Mark Benford is dead." That's why she's been so frightened to tell us. She's afraid her daddy's gonna die.

MARK: That's not gonna happen, Olivia. On April 29th, I'm gonna be in my office at my board, alive. Livvy, whatever Charlie saw, what she said...

OLIVIA: Oh, God, it's not that.

MARK: Then what is it?

OLIVIA: It’s just that this is the part where I tell you that we could escape this. We could go to Denver. We could go anywhere and get away from it all, get away from all of this. [pause] And this is the part where you tell me that you won't.

[There is silence as Olivia waits for a response that doesn't occur. She gets up and walks away from the bed.

OLIVIA: Right.

MARK: There's gonna be another blackout [pause] and I have to see this through. I have to try and stop it.

[Olivia pauses in the doorway to the bathroom then continues on.]

MARK: [whispers] I have to try.

[The scene switches back to Somalia. Abdi leads Janis and the rest of Vogel's team from a building.]

DEMETRI: What happened to the world happened in your village first, at least, that's our operating theory.

JANIS: Your people didn't die, they were blacked out.

ABDI KALIF: They had prophecies?

MARSHAL VOGEL: That's what we think. We had hoped to find some of them and talk to them.

ABDI KALIF: The war came when I was gone. My people, my mother [pause] they must have been driven away. I saw the black camel. I thought the devil had taken their souls.

[The group stops outside the one remaining tower.]

ABDI KALIF: The Koran, Chapter 66 Verse 6. "Save yourself and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones." I painted it myself as a warning. In all my time, I haven't been in there. Devil or no, it is an evil place.

[Simon looks at the sketch design of the tower that he drew when he was 13 years old.]

ABDI KALIF: But there is one thing that can push a man more than fear.

DEMETRI: What's that?

ABDI KALIF: Destiny.

JANIS: You look like you've see a ghost.

SIMON: It's entirely the opposite. What I designed was theoretical. It could only be done in the future and yet it's been standing here for 18 years.

[Abdi leads the group to the tower. The camera focuses on the top of the tower, the coils and disk.]

JANIS: Welcome to the future.

[The scene changes to a door to the tower being opened. It is very dark in the chamber. Abdi is in the lead postiion. He steps aside to let everyone enter and aims his flashlight. Everyone with a flashlight is looking around. There are boxes with levers on the wall.]

JANIS: You said these designs were stolen from you?

[Simon looks at several gauges on the walk with metal conduits running down the wall from them. Vogel checks 2 electrical boxes.]

JANIS: This was built in '91 but you didn't come up with the concept till '92.

SIMON: I don't know how that's possible.

DEMETRI: Someone must have invented it before you.

SIMON: No, this is exactly what I designed.

DEMETRI: I don't get it. Whoever did this, why would they leave it behind for somebody to find?

MARSHAL VOGEL: They were hauling these things away, then the war come.

DEMETRI: Why didn't they ever come back to finish?

MARSHAL VOGEL: The war hasn't stopped.

[Demetri opens a panel and finds a wooden chess board attached to the back of the panel.]

DEMETRI: Found something. It's a chess board.

[There is a VHS tape next to the chessboard. He picks it up and opens a glass door and inserts it into a player.]

DEMETRI: It's been sitting here for 18 years.

JANIS: And we have portable power.

DEMETRI: Here's to hoping.

[Everyone gathers around the VHS player. The video has a man speaking to a Somali boy.]

MAN 2: What did you see?

[Another man translates English into Somali. The boy responds in Somali.]

ABDI KALIF: I knew this boy. He was my friend.

DEMETRI: What'd he say?

ABDI KALIF: He said he saw himself playing a game.

MAN 2: And did it happen?

[Another man translates English into Somali. The boy responds in Somali.]

ABDI KALIF: He said what he saw [pause] came true.

[There is some static and a woman is now being questioned. She is Abdi's mother.]

MAN 2: What did you see?

[She replies in Somali.]

ABDI KALIF: This is my mother.

[She continues to speak in Somali.]

ABDI KALIF: She was looking for me. She couldn't find me but she had hope. She knew I would survive, that [pause] I would become great.

[The picture changes to the man asking the questions.]

MAN 2: The preceding interviews from test group "B" confirm that the subjects uniformly experienced a consciousness shift two weeks into the future.]

DEMETRI: That's the man who shot at us in Utah. That's D. Gibbons.

[The screen has static then the picture turns to static snow.]

DEMETRI: D. Gibbons was here [pause] in 1991?

SIMON: Conducting an experiment.

MARSHAL VOGEL: [to Abdi] You see? God didn't have anything to do with this. This was man.

[Abdi looks at Vogel then back to the monitor saying nothing.]

SIMON: Over here!

[Simon opens a trap door in the floor and goes down the ladder attached to the wall and walks briskly along an unlit corridor. He is followed by Demetri, Janis and the rest of the team. Simon finds and touches a long conduit along the wall.]

DEMETRI: What are you seeing, Simon?

[No reply.]


[Simon stops in front a sign that reads – DANGER RADIATION. Various conduits and coils are seen behind the signs.]

SIMON: This tunnel, vacuum systems, the lead shielding, it's a linear accelerator, one of five. Smaller, less powerful versions than the ones we use at N.L.A.P.

DEMETRI: They ran a perimeter around the village.

SIMON: Somehow, they unleashed a tachyon burst, creating a beta test of the global blackout in this village. [points to Abdi] You weren't in the village at the time the experiment was conducted, which explains why you didn't lose consciousness.

DEMETRI: If what you're saying is true, it took 5 accelerators to create this beta blackout. There's no way one just knocked out the entire world, right?

SIMON: How can you possibly say that? Technology moves fast, Agent Noh. Even if you knew the rules, which you don't, I don't think they apply anymore.

[Vogel is looking around and finds a metal door.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: I got something down here!

[Everyone moves to Vogel's location. Demetri helps Vogel.]


[The two men slide a door along the wall, exposing another chamber. Vogel enters first. The group is on a walkway overlooking bottom of the chamber. There is a flight of steps leading down. Everyone stares at the bottom of the chamber. Demetri goes down a few steps and stops. The floor is strewn with skeletons. There is silence.]

DEMETRI: I don't think your people were driven off by the war.

[The scene switches to the bottom of the chamber. Vogel and Demetri are inspecting some of the skeletons.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: They were shot. Executed, all of them.

DEMETRI: Remote village, wartime, given all the unrest, they knew nobody would ever find these people.

JANIS: They showed them tomorrow and ripped it away.

[Abdi stops at one particular skeleton. It belongs to his mother. He takes the beaded necklace from around her neck.]

ABDI KALIF: You said God had nothing to do with this.

[Snippet of Abdi's flash-forward as he tries to waken his mother is shown.]


[Return to real time.]

ABDI KALIF: That is was man but it was not any man. [to Simon] It was you.

SIMON: No, those plans were stolen from me.

[Abdi stands up, focused on Simon.

ABDI KALIF: [angry] I said you were sent here for a reason. Now I know what that reason is.

[Abdi cocks his rifle and starts to aim at Simon. Simon raises his hands.]

ABDI KALIF: God delivered you to me!

JANIS: Abdi, no!

ABDI KALIF: So I could avenge my people! Let your end mark a new beginning.


[A gunshot is heard and Abdi falls on top of Simon. He was shot in the back by Vogel.


JANIS: Oh, my God.

[Demetri moves Abdi and helps Simon to his feet.]

JANIS: "Better Angels." His vision, this wasn't supposed to happen.

[The scene switches to the Bedford residence. Mark walks down the stairs to find Olivia sitting on the sofa staring blankly.]

MARK: You want some cookies to go with that milk?

OLIVIA: No. I want to leave. I want to go away with you and with Charlie. I just want to get away from all of this, from everything that we saw. Yes or no?

[Mark leans over Olivia touching her head with his forehead.]

MARK: [whispers] Livvy.

[Mark says nothing and walks around and sits on the coffee table.]

OLIVIA: Yes or no? [pause] You want to say both, don't you? It's who you are, Mark. You can't have it both ways.

MARK: This is what we signed on for. You save lives. I save lives. This is how we do it.

OLIVIA: But we saw how we did it. You're at your office. I'm here with Charlie hearing you've died. I love you, Mark. That doesn't work for me.

[Mark doesn't speak. There is a long pause.]

OLIVIA: This is how it happens.

MARK: Don't say that.

OLIVIA: You say you need things to play out like you saw. You want them to. You need to. You're forgetting there's another part to what we saw, the part where we're not together anymore.

MARK: Livvy, I don't want that.

OLIVIA: You can't have it both ways. Yes or no?

[Mark stays silent. The scene switches back to Somalia. Janis is sitting and thinking when Demetri approaches her with two glasses, a bottle of alcoholic beverage and a canister of potato chips.]


JANIS: Whoa, where'd you get that.

DEMETRI: Abdi's men. Brutalized his people but they were too scared to say anything because destiny said he was their leader. We changed their destiny today. Rum?

JANIS: [chuckles] Yeah.

[Janis takes the glass from Demetri.]

JANIS: To yet another flash-forward never coming true.

DEMETRI: You okay?

JANIS: Yeah, fine. So what? I don't have a baby. Who cares? Lots of people don't have babies.

DEMETRI: You can still have a baby, right?

JANIS: Yeah, but I can't have Willa.

DEMETRI: You named her. Willa? That's nice.

JANIS: Well, I would have.

[Demetri pours another glass of rum.]

JANIS: It was supposed to happen this weekend and now her window's closed and [pause] she's never gonna get here. [pause] God. [chuckles.]


JANIS: It's so stupid. I just saw a mass grave and all I can think about is a mythical baby.

DEMETRI: Grave, the baby, you're having a circle of life moment, right? You know, the weekend's not over.

[Demetri and Janis look at each other. There is silence then Janis laughs and Demetri chuckles.]

DEMETRI: I'm just saying, if it's baby making you need, I will take one for the team.

JANIS: [laughs] Okay, first of all, no offense, but that's kind of gross.


JANIS: Second of all, that's like, 1,000% wrong.

DEMETRI: Desperate times.

JANIS: I'm gay.

DEMETRI: I will make you gayer.

JANIS: Oh, yeah? What about Zoey?

[Demetri stops laughing and pours another drink.]

DEMETRI: Chances are [long pause] I'm not gonna be around in a couple of months, okay? I think it'd be nice if Willa was.

JANIS: Are you serious?

DEMETRI: Mm hmm.

[Janis and Demetri look at each other and the scene changes to Vogel and Simon, who is carrying a rifle. Vogel is seated and Simon joins him.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: How the hell did you get that?

SIMON: I fixed their satellite TV. I know you think I can't handle weapons but in my vision, [unwraps missing finger] ahh, I was killing a man, didn't even need a gun.

MARSHAL VOGEL: How many fingers did you have?

SIMON: Enough to do the job. What about you? What did you see?

[Switch to Vogel's flash-forward where fireworks are heard in the background. Vogel is wearing a suit and talking on his cell phone. He is with another man in a suit.]


[Vogel puts his cell phone in his jacket pocket.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: Mark Benford is dead.

[Vogel looks to his side and sees Charlie at the door crying.]

[Return to real time. Vogel is sitting with his hand under his chin and holding his gun.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: I was doing my job.

[The scene switches to the hospital in Lost Angeles. Nicole is putting packages of graham crackers into a plastic bag. Bryce approaches her.]

BRYCE: What are you doing?

NICOLE: I promised our little snowboarder that if he held still for his x-ray, I'd get him a hundred packets of graham crackers. You know I raided every floor, and I still only on 46.

BRYCE: [chuckles] You are so very good at this.


BRYCE: Listening to people, you know figuring out what they need. Um, bribing them with baked goods. It's gonna make you a really good doctor one day.

NICOLE: Well, I can ace graham crackers. It's organic chemistry I'm worried about.

[Bryce takes a leather case from his scrub pocket and hands it to Nicole.]

BRYCE: Uh, here. This is for you.

[Nicole opens the case to find a calculator.]

NICOLE: Calculator?

BRYCE: Oh, oh that's not just any calculator. No, I bought that my junior year at Duke right before I miraculously passed a physics final, and, um ever since then, M.C.A.T.s., med school, board exams, that's been my good luck charm.

NICOLE: This is great. Up until today my good luck charm was a brainy smurf.

[Nicole starts packing graham crackers again.]

NICOLE: You really ting I can do this, huh?

BRYCE: Yeah, I really do.

NICOLE: You're not just saying that to be nice?

BRYCE: Well, I don't lie and I'm not nice.

NICOLE: Four years of college...

BRYCE: Mm hmm.

NICOLE: ...four years of med school...

BRYCE: Yeah.

NICOLE: ...four years of psychiatric residency...

BRYCE: Psychiatry, huh?

NICOLE: you said, I'm a good listener. [pause] Plus I'm kind of an expert when it comes to dealing with people with problems.

BRYCE: Mm hmm.

NICOLE: So, 12 years from now, when I finish my training, we'll be able to work together.

BRYCE: Twelve years?

NICOLE: Well, you'll probably be head of the department by then.

BRYCE: Yeah, um, about that, uh, Nicole, earlier today I, I lied to you.

NICOLE: What do you mean?

BRYCE: I told you that everything was fine with me. It's not. [pause] Twelve years from now, I'm not so sure that I'm gonna be around.

[The scene switches back to Somalia. Demetri is watching a VHS tape. D.Gibbons is speaking.]

D. GIBBONS: The preceding interviews from Test Group "B" confirm that the subjects uniformly experienced a consciousness shift two weeks into the future.

[The metal door opens and startles Demetri. He turns around and has his gun aimed at the intruder. Simon is standing at the door with a rifle. Demetri puts his gun back into his waistband.]

SIMON: What are you doing?

DEMETRI: Couldn't sleep, just packing up stuff to take back to the Bureau.

SIMON: That all?

DEMETRI: No, thinking, little things, life, death, fate.

SIMON: Careful not to ponder too much. The ancient Greeks did it all the time, usually ended up dead.

DEMETRI: Well, all of them wound up dead.

[Demetri continues to pack when static appears on the monitor. When the picture settles, it is of D. Gibbons.]

DEMETRI: What the hell?

DYSON FROST: Hello, Demetri. My name is Dyson Frost and I'm recording this message in 1991. Got your attention, didn't I?



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