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#112 : Suspect Zéro (2/2)

Janis pars pour Toronto avec Simon, et apprend quelques secrets de famille.

Titre VO
Revelation Zero, part 2

Titre VF
Suspect Zéro (2/2)

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Scénariste: Quinton Peeples - Réalisateurs: Constantine Makris ; Jon Polson

Guest Stars: Ricky Jay (Flosso) ; Lindsay Crouse (Nicole's mother) ; Gil Bellows (Timothy) ; James Cosmo (Phillip) ; Michael Massee (Deacon Gibbons) ; Claire Jacobs (Lorraine Campos) ; Marc Menchaca (Wheeler) ; Karl Herlinger (Quarry) ; Michael Ealy (Marshall Vogel)

Audiences US : 6,5 millions de téléspectateurs
Audiences FR - Tf1 : 2,4 millions de téléspectateurs


Joseph Fiennes → Mark Benford
John Cho → Demetri Noh
Jack Davenport → Lloyd Simcoe
Zachary Knighton → Dr. Bryce Varley
Peyton List → Nicole Kirby
Dominic Monaghan → Simon Campos
Brian F. O'Byrne → Aaron Stark 
Courtney B. Vance → Stanford Wedeck
Sonya Walger → Dr. Olivia Benford
Christine Woods → Janis Hawk
Ricky Jay → Ted Flosso
Lindsay Crouse → Mrs. Kirby
Gil Bellows → Timothy
James Cosmo → Phillip
Michael Massee → D. Gibbons
Claire Jacobs → Lorraine Campos
Marc Menchaca → Wheeler
Karl Herlinger → Quarry
Michael Ealy → Marshall Vogel
Brian Skala → Adam Campos
Josh Kelly → Graham Campos
Hannah Marks → Annabelle Campos
Rodney Rowland → Victor
Amy Rosoff → Marcie Turoff
Paul Bates → Phil

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RESUME FRANCAIS 1ère partie :

Lloyd Simcoe a été kidnappé. Simon et une équipe du FBI se rendent chez lui pour essayer de trouver des indices. Janis se fait surprendre par des hommes masqués, Simon est enlevé à son tour. Les masques correspondent à ceux présents dans la vision de Mark Benford.

Lloyd et Simon sont interrogés par un mystérieux Mr Flosso, il souhaite connaître des détails sur l'expérience menée au CERN. L'expérience n'a pas causé le Flashforward, il le sait, mais elle a considérablement élargie sa force et sa portée. L'homme souhaite connaître le nombre d'électron-volts générés lors de l'expérience.

L'agent Benford est mis à pied. Mais il continue d'enquêter. Stanford Wedeck l'oblige à consulter une psychologue qui lui suggère d'utiliser une drogue pour se rappeler la partie du Flashforward qu'il oublié. Mark se voit parler au téléphone avec Lloyd Simcoe, ils discutent du prochain blackout.

Mr Flosso poursuit l'interrogatoire de Llyod. Lui et ses hommes surveillent Llyod depuis longtemps, bien avant le blackout mondial. Après avoir coupé un doigt à Simon, il fini par obtenir les informations souhaités. Alors que le matériel du CERN ne peut générer plus de 500 tera d'électron-volts, l'expérience de Lloyd Simcoe a généré un peta d'électron-volts, soit un millier de trilliards d'électron-volts... Et il n'ont pas trouvé la matière noire tachyonique qu'ils recherchaient, mais une conjugaison de charge, une rupture dans la symétrie temporelle.

L'agent Benford continue d'exploiter sa vision enfin complète. Il suit la piste Red Panda, ONG qui finance des écoles à travers le monde qui lui permet de retrouver les deux otages. Après un cours séjour à l'hôpital, Simon part au Canada pour voir sa famille car sa sœur a disparue. La famille organise repas, l'oncle Teddy se joint au groupe. L'oncle Teddy est Mr Flosso...

Simon est le suspect zéro, celui qui était conscient dans le stade de Detroit lors du blackout. Le mystérieux D. Gibbons lui avait donné une bague, seuls les porteurs de cette bague n'ont pas été affecté par le blackout. Simon a collaboré avec ce groupe et a donné la date de l'expérience du CERN à « son oncle », mais il en ignorait la finalité.

Simon n'accepte pas d'avoir perdu en plus un doigt dans l'affaire. Il apprend également que « son oncle » a fait tuer père et qu'il retient désormais sa sœur en otage pour s'assurer sa collaboration sans faille. Simon décide de le tuer. Ainsi, il espère rentrer en contact avec le véritable responsable de l'opération.



Wedeck informs Mark that he must be cleared by a Bureau-mandated therapist before there’s any chance of him being reinstated into the FBI. Olivia is in an adjacent room recounting the details of Lloyd Simcoe’s kidnapping. Marshall Vogel, the CIA agent Mark and Demetri met in Hong Kong, joins the Mosaic Task Force.

"I can see working for the FBI is going to be much more interesting than academia."The imposter paramedics who kidnapped Lloyd ambushed the real EMT’s at an old railroad yard. Vogel and Demetri discover two bodies in a boxcar and track the ambulance to a warehouse. There’s a bomb inside. BOOM! The vehicle explodes. The bad guys were one step ahead of them. Vogel believes they know that Mark and Demetri are at the center of this investigation. They should focus on how they may use that information.

A well-dressed man visits Lloyd Simcoe in the abandoned restaurant where he’s being held. He wants information, but Lloyd isn’t talking. Meanwhile, Janis escorts Simon to Lloyd’s house to break the encryption code on his computer. While there, Janis is knocked unconscious by two men wearing masks resembling the ones on Mark’s board. The bad guys snag Simon and take him to the place where Lloyd is imprisoned.

A man we first saw in Playing Cards With Coyote makes his way into the restaurant. His name is Flosso and he seems to take great pleasure in telling the two scientists that he’s a villain. Some unknown folks are paying him a lot of money to get info out of Lloyd. Flosso wants to know how much collision energy was generated during his experiment. Flosso tells Lloyd that he did not cause the blackout. All he did was amplify it.

Simon tells Lloyd that he was killing a man with his bare hands during his flash forward. To crush a man’s trachea, you need full use of your thumbs. That means Simon could not have been texting Lloyd during his flash forward, as he originally believed. Lloyd writes the words “Help Us” on a Crown Cheese Steak takeout menu. He slips it through a cracked window, but it blows away down the street. "It's a possible future. Anything's or no vision."

At the hospital, Nicole believes she sees the man from her flash forward. This is the guy who held her head underwater until she stopped breathing. Rattled, she visits a discussion group called Sanctuary. It’s headed by Timothy, a former window washer who survived a harrowing blackout incident which led to an epiphany.

Nicole asks Bryce to keep an eye on her as she has a discussion with Timothy in a diner. Timothy says, “Every day, God puts something good in your life.” He says this as Nicole stares fondly at Bryce, who is gathering pennies as she’d requested. They are for Nicole’s slightly odd mother who is creating a wall of pennies in her house. She only uses ones dated 1989, as that’s the year Nicole was born. The wall is a tribute to her.

"Some stranger tells me I'm gonna put three bullets in my friend, I'm not gonna invite her to a tea party."Mark visits the psychiatrist, Dr. Callie Langer, who gives him a drug to help him remember the missing pieces of his flash forward. Several new clues pop up. He sees a picture of a multi-headed serpent monster (a Hydra), a sign for Red Panda Resources and that takeout menu bearing Lloyd’s “Help Us” message. He also recalls that he received a call. He says to the caller, “I just wish you were standing behind the 8 ball when I came crashing through.” The person on the other end of the line: Lloyd Simcoe.

As he sits in his car outside of a bar, Mark calls Aaron for support. He recounts his newly-remembered flash forward conversation with Lloyd. It sounded like they were working together. They spoke of D. Gibbons, who Lloyd dubs a liar. Then Mark says, “Unless we can stop this, there’s gonna be another blackout.”

After working from home on a makeshift Mosaic board, Mark visits the offices of Red Panda. It’s a humanitarian aid organization that wasn’t around in 1991, a time when a blackout may have happened in Somalia. Mark later visits Crown Cheese Steak to discover the original location was trashed during the blackout.

Flosso returns to show Lloyd that he found his “Help Us” note. To motivate Lloyd into talking, Flosso has one of his thugs cut off Simon’s finger. He then threatens to do worse to his son, Dylan. Lloyd gives Flosso the info he wants, which means he and Simon have outlived their usefulness. Their heads are covered in hoods as they are led up some stairs, presumably to be executed. "Al Gough jumped off a building to save a woman's life...a woman he didn't even know. There's nothing I won't do to save our marriage."

Mark arrives at the exterior of the original Crown Cheese Steak restaurant. Graffiti covers the abandoned storefront. Thinking this is a dead end, Mark drives away. Once again, he recalls his flash forward conversation with Lloyd. He said, “I just wish you were standing behind the 8 ball when I came crashing through.” The graffiti on the front of the storefront was that of a giant 8 ball.

Mark whips the car around to speed back to the restaurant just as Lloyd and Simon are led into the main dining room. CRASH! Mark floors his car into the restaurant. As one of the thugs fires on the car, the other flees into the street. Simon finds his gun, follows him outside and shoots him in the head. Inside, Mark kicks open the car door and subdues the other thug. Simcoe is safe. Now Mark wants him to spill everything.

"There's gonna be another blackout."As Simon is loaded into an ambulance, he discovers someone other than an EMT inside. Flosso is waiting for him to say that he cut off his finger to direct suspicion away from him. It’s obvious these two are in cahoots, though Simon wants out. Flosso threatens to expose Simon as the man who was awake in the Detroit stadium during the blackout. This means Simon Campos is Suspect Zero.

On the day of the blackout, a hired driver forces Simon away from his father’s funeral. He’s taken to Detroit to attend a baseball game. A man we recognize as D. Gibbons speaks to him via his cell phone. He instructs Simon to take his seat and put on a ring. The blackout occurs and everyone in the stadium passes out. Everyone but Simon. In the stadium tunnel, Simon meets up with Flosso, who asks for the ring back.

In present day, Simon skips out of protective custody to go home to Toronto to help his family search for his missing sister, Annabelle. Janis tracks him down and suspects Simon may have other reasons for being there. Janis is right. Simon visits an old professor who confirms that a particle accelerator could have generated a wave that caused human consciousness to flash forward. Simon wants to find a way to protect themselves from the effects of another blackout.

Later, Simon’s mother informs Janis that Uncle Teddy will be joining them for dinner. When Simon opens the front door, we see that Uncle Teddy is actually Flosso. Flashing back to the blackout day, Flosso informs Simon that the experiment he’s been working on for years was associated with the blackout. The ring he wore kept him awake. Simon’s father was killed to create an alibi for him. Flosso tells Simon to make up a story for his flash forward to further the alibi. After realizing the hired driver is the man who murdered his dad, Simon chokes him to death. Now he truly does have a killer story for his flash forward.

In present day, the phone rings. It’s Annabelle. She’s in New York and wants to come home. Flosso assures Simon that his sister will be returned as long as he cooperates. Simon’s professor has been killed. There’s no one else who can help. Simon knows that Flosso is just the middle man. He wants to know who is pulling his strings. Simon pushes him down, applying enough pressure on his chest to cause him to go into cardiac arrest. Flosso is dead. Simon has effectively eliminated the middle man.

[The episode commences at a coffee shop. Nicole and Bryce have just arrived.]

NICOLE: You have to at least let me pay for your coffee.

BRYCE: It's okay. I didn't have any plans anyway.

[Nicole looks around and sees Timothy sitting at a booth, alone.]

NICOLE: I mean, it's not like he's scary or anything. I just feel better if you're here.

BRYCE: I'll be right here if you need me.

NICOLE: Great. Oh, and can you see if you can get the change in pennies?

[Bryce looks at Nicole a bit puzzled as she walks to join Timothy.]

TIMOTHY: Can I buy you a cup of coffee?

NICOLE: That's all right. I'm getting one to go.

TIMOTHY: Why don't you tell me what upset you earlier?

NICOLE: In my flash-forward I was underwater.

[Snippet of Nicole's flash-forward where she is being held under is shown.]

NICOLE: Someone was drowning me and in the end, I was dead.

TIMOTHY: People ask me all the time to interpret what they saw and I can't. Ultimately, interpretation is your responsibility.

NICOLE: How could my drowning be good?

TIMOTHY: What if you were being baptized? Wouldn't that be a good thing?

NICOLE: But then why was I struggling?

TIMOTHY: I'm sorry to say that I've dropped more than one person in a full-emersion baptism. Water gets up their nose, they freak out, slip away.

NICOLE: But I died.

TIMOTHY: Or fainted. My point here is that these visions are just a snapshot. You only see a small portion. Think of Jesus and his sacrifice. To his disciples it was a tragedy because they couldn't see the bigger picture. It's a new reality for everyone who came after.

NICOLE: Is that what you think is happening now?

TIMOTHY: It's not fate versus free will. It's fate and free will. But hey, I'm just a super religious weirdo dude and you don't have to believe anything I say. But every day, God puts something good in your life.

[Nicole looks over at Bryce who is putting pennies in his messenger bag.]

TIMOTHY: Embrace it and let all the other stuff fall away.

[Bryce looks to Nicole and raises his messenger bag to let her know he has the pennies. The scene switches to Mark's parked car. All the cars have a yellow pamphlet on them.

TIMOTHY: The challenge we face is recognizing that the answers to our most burning questions may be right in front of us.

[Mark takes the yellow pamphlet and opens it. He is holding a menu from The Crown Cheese Steak. For a moment he flashes to see the same menu on his board, the same one that has Help Us on it. The scene switches to the front of The Crown Cheese Steak then to the inside where Mark is speaking with the Manager.]

RESTAURANT MANAGER: You sure you don't want to try our tofurky soy cheese steak? It's on special.

MARK: I'm positive.

RESTAURANT MANAGER: I really wish I could have been help to you, but since I don't even know what you're looking for.

MARK: Me neither. Thanks anyway.

RESTAURANT MANAGER: Yeah, no problem.

[As Mark walks out of the restaurant he notices a sign on the front window. It reads, "New Location – New Menu."]

MARK: When did you guys change locations?

RESTAURANT MANAGER: About a month ago. We had a fire during the blackout. Luckily, I got my money before the insurance company went broke.

MARK: Where was your old location?

[The scene switches to the dank basement. The menu that Lloyd wrote Help Us on, lies on the floor. Flosso is clipping of the end of a cigar continuously. Lloyd is sitting on the stairs.]

FLOSSO: Dr. Simcoe, how many electron volts were generated? It's a number, Dr. Simcoe, an abstract object.

LLOYD: I can't sacrifice any more lives.

FLOSSO: Sacrifice is an interesting word. I appreciate its duality. It can be used as either a noun or verb.

[The two henchmen drag Simon back into the basement area with Lloyd and Flosso. They put him over a crate so that his head is over the edge.]

FLOSSO: One can take action, surrender, or give something up for something else.

[Flosso continues to clip off pieces of the cigar.]

SIMON: What, what are you doing?

FLOSSO: I, however, prefer the Greek noun "thusia," to indicate the object itself that is sacrificed, meaning one's family, or the proverbial pound of flesh.

SIMON: Lloyd?

[Flosso tosses the cigar clipper to one of the men holding Simon. He lifts Simon's hand and puts the clipper around the pinkie finger joint nearest the knuckles of his left hand. Lloyd runs over to Simon.]

SIMON: No, No! No! No!


[Flosso pulls a gun on Lloyd and Lloyd stops.]

SIMON: Aah! Lloyd! Tell them what they want Lloyd. Aah! Aah! Just tell. Aah! Aah!

[Simon screams are followed by a crunching sound. The scene switches to Nicole's blue car, parked outside the house of her mother. Bryce exits the passenger side.]

BRYCE: I'm not saying he's bad. I just think most religion is a kind of club designed to keep some people in and some people out.

NICOLE: Well, if it makes you feel better about your life, what difference does it make?

BRYCE: Well, I'm glad you're feeling better. I just want you to be careful.

[As they reach the front door, Nicole stops and turns to Bryce.]

NICOLE: You know what? Um, maybe this wasn't the best idea. You know, even when her medicine's working, she's odd and it's unpredictable.

BRYCE: Hey, I want to hang out. So there's nothing to be afraid of. Okay?

NICOLE: All right but if you want to bail, I totally understand.

[They enter the house and as they pass the clutter, Bryce stops to take in what he is witnessing. Nicole's mother is gluing pennies to a wall. She is still in her robe and wearing her angel wings.]

NICOLE: Mom, this is my friend, Bryce. We work together at the hospital.

NICOLE'S MOTHER: Don't touch my hair. You'll scare the butterflies away.

BRYCE: So this is the reason for all the pennies?

[Nicole's mother stops and turns around.]

NICOLE'S MOTHER: You brought pennies?

NICOLE: Yeah, I got a bunch today.

[Bryce empties the pennies from his messenger bag onto a table with other pennies. Nicole's mother continues to glue pennies to the wall.]

NICOLE'S MOTHER: You're a doctor?

BRYCE: Yeah.

NICOLE'S MOTHER: I've been struck by lightning six times.


[Nicole shakes her head and mouths the word no.]

BRYCE: Can I help with the wall?

NICOLE'S MOTHER: Only use the ones marked 1989. That's the year that Nicole was born.

[Nicole looks sideways at her mother as she puts white glue on another penny.]

BRYCE: Nice.

NICOLE'S MOTHER: This whole thing is a tribute to her.

NICOLE: You never told me that.

NICOLE'S MOTHER: You never asked.

BRYCE: Actually, we were just discussing a question that's been bothering us. Do you think God caused the flash-forward?

NICOLE'S MOTHER: Flash-forward? So what? People are crying about it, boo-hoo. It's not the end of the world. I have a hallucination every day. Nobody gives a damn. And if you want to know about God, what some people call coincidence [pause] is really God at work.

BRYCE: No, that makes perfect sense.

NICOLE: Found one.

NICOLE'S MOTHER: Glue's right there. Oh and start the music, will you?


[Nicole walks to a small record player. She puts the stylus on the record and closes the top. The song is "What You Gonna Do?" by the Staple Singers.]

NICOLE'S MOTHER: Come on girl. Show him how it's done.

[Nicole looks at Bryce who nods as he glues another penny to the wall then bumps his left hip into her right hip. He takes off his jacket and the three of them start dancing.]

What, you gonna do, when?
[The scene switches to the basement where Lloyd is being beaten and Simon lies on the floor unconscious. Flosso stands over Lloyd then sits in a chair.]

FLOSSO: I come bearing gifts.

[Flosso takes several 5x7 black and white photographs of Lloyd and his family, fans them like holding a hand of cards then tosses them on the floor in front of Lloyd.]

FLOSSO: Your sons wears a size four shoe. His physical therapist's name is Joanie. And finally, these were taken before the blackout.

[A picture of Dylan is the top picture on the floor.]

FLOSSO: We've had your family under surveillance for quite some time.

[The scene switches to the FBI offices. Janis is on the phone.]



[Demetri and Vogel are driving with the siren blaring. They are racing to a find the missing ambulance.]

DEMETRI: We got a lead on our missing quantum physicist. LAPD and SWAT are backing us up.

JANIS: [on phone] Where'd you find 'em?

DEMETRI: [on phone] We tracked the ambulance to a restaurant that's been abandoned since the blackout. Infrared's catching four guys inside. You want in on the takedown?

JANIS: Text me the address.

[Vogel looks at Demetri and rolls his eyes. Switch back to the basement.]

FLOSSO: If you care about your son, you will want to consider your next response very carefully. How [pause] many [pause] electron volts were generated?

[Switch back to a LAPD helicopter flying and following the racing police cars to the abandoned restaurant. Switch back again to the basement.]

FLOSSO: C.E.R.N can generate up to five hundred teraelectron volts. Am I in the ballpark?

LLOYD: You're, you're thinking too small. We cracked the peta-electron volt barrier.

FLOSSO: You generated more than a quadrillion electron volts?

[Switch to the helicopter hovering over the abandoned restaurant. A SWAT van has arrived and Janis has arrived in a black SUV. She is wearing a Kevlar vest. As she draws her handgun, she catches up to Demetri and Vogel who are also wearing vests. The SWAT team pours out of the van equipped with battering rams, shields and other equipment. Radio chatter and men are speaking indistinctly in the background.]

SWAT LEADER: Break it down!


[The metal door is rammed open and the SWAT team starts to enter. The scene switches back to the basement.]

FLOSSO: And what about tachyonic dark matter? Did you find it?

LLOYD: We came close.

[Switch back to the entry of the restaurant. Vogel rushes in first after the SWAT Team. The scene switches back to the basement.]

LLOYD: We found charge conjugation, a certain breakdown in time symmetry.

[Switch back to the SWAT team entering the restaurant. As everyone enters, they look around, guns at the ready, for the ambulance or any people that may be hiding.]

SWAT LEADER: Take your side.

DEMETRI: What have we got? What have we got?

SWAT TEAM MEMBER 2: Clear here!

[As they look around, the ambulance is parked in the middle of an open space inside the building. Switch back to the basement. Flosso stands then walks away.]

FLOSSO: Clean this up. Get rid of him.

[The scene switches back to the interior of the abandoned building. A SWAT team member approaches the ambulance.]

SWAT TEAM MEMBER: Take the stairs! Take the stairs!

[As the SWAT team member slowly opens the rear door of the ambulance, an apparatus with a timer is beeping.]


[Everyone runs away from the ambulance just as it explodes. Some people are diving to the ground from the force of the explosion.]


[In the aftermath of the explosion, the helicopter uses a spotlight searching for anyone in the area. A dead body is loaded into an ambulance on a gurney. There are various radio and indistinct conversations in the background. There are many people taking pictures and gathering evidence.]

MARSHAL VOGEL: [to Demetri] The bomb was keyed to 842.3 megahertz.

DEMETRI: That's a bureau frequency.

MARSHAL VOGEL: When we came rolling in here, our radios triggered the explosive.

DEMETRI: That's not your everyday kidnappers.

MARSHAL VOGEL: No. They're sending a clear message, "don't go where you aren't invited."

DEMETRI: Don't go to Pigeon, Utah. Don't go to Washington, D.C.

MARSHAL VOGEL: But it occurs to me that if Mark saw them in his vision, they saw him, too. Beginning On October 6th , they knew that you and Mark were at the center of this thing. How they plan on using that knowledge, [pause] that's what we need to be thinking about.

[Demetri stares at Vogel. The scene switches to Timothy leaving the building where the Sanctuary meetings are held. He is carrying a cardboard box. Bryce has been watching and approaches Timothy as he puts the cardboard box on the top of his car trunk.]

TIMOTHY: Oh, hey, you're, uh, Nicole's friend from this afternoon.

[Timothy and Bryce shake hands.]

BRYCE: Bryce, uh, we work together at the hospital.

TIMOTHY: Right. Is she feeling better?

BRYCE: She's better, actually. Um, that's, that's the reason that I'm here to talk to you tonight. Look, she's a great girl, and this , this whole thing, this, this religion thing, I'm not quite sure what you're selling here but I just want to make sure she doesn't get hurt.

TIMOTHY: Well, I'm not sure if you'll believe me, Bryce, but I'm not selling anything. I'm just receiving a gift from God of a vision of myself on April 29th.

[A snippet of Timothy's flash-forward is shown. He is on stage in a large venue with spot lights on him. He has a smile on his face and the audience fully engaged. They are standing and cheering.]

TIMOTHY: What I saw opened me up to the idea that everyone's purpose is to give and receive love, simple as that.

[Timothy opens the box, takes out a Sanctuary flyer and hands it to Bryce.]

TIMOTHY: My job is to give that message to as many people as possible. No one ever got hurt getting a little more love into their life. What are you afraid of?

[Bryce looks at Timothy warily. The scene switches to Mark exiting his car outside the old location of The Crown Cheese Steak. There are saw horses at the curb. It is nighttime. He walks to the dirty front door and wipes some away so he can look inside. He tries to pull open the chained door. He looks at the menu pamphlet. Shanti Shanti's "Beloved Son Stay With Me", the chanting verse, plays in the background. Mark walks between the saw-horses. As he opens the door to his car, gets in and starts the engine, the camera focuses on the windows at the base of the building. They are the same type of windows in the basement where Lloyd and Simon are being held. Mark drives away. The scene switches to inside the dank basement. One of the henchmen is putting a cloth sack over Lloyd's head and ties the bottom closed. The other man does the same to Simon. The two men escort Simon and Lloyd from the basement. A shot of Mark sitting in his car is shown. The chanting continues in the background. Switch to Timothy walking and replaying a piece of his flash-forward in his mind. The flash forward shows Timothy at the dais in the large venue, preaching to the audience.]

TIMOTHY: God has put us in this place, at this time to do something!

[Shot of Mark in his car. Switch back to Timothy's flash-forward as the crowd cheers.]

TIMOTHY: God is breaking into human history in a way that's never happened before.

[Switch to Mark looking at the menu while sitting in is car. The mild chanting of Shanti Shanti is still playing in the background.]

TIMOTHY: And you, you are right at the center of everything!

[The crowd goes wild as he raises his outstretched arms to the audience. Switch to Mark fiddling with the menu and thinking. He looks at the menu, then the chained door of the restaurant, then the menu again. A snippet of his flash-forward is shown. He answers his phone at the same time his is touching the menu on his board in his office.]

MARK: Go to hell, Llloyd.

LLOYD: Look, you have every right to hate me, but ...

MARK: Listen, I don't hate you. I just wish you were standing behind the eight ball when I came crashing through.

[As Mark finishes this part of his flash-forward in his mind, he thinks back to what he found at the restaurant a few moments ago. He thinks and then recalls seeing a graffiti painted eight ball on front door. He quickly turns the car around and drives back to the restaurant door. Switch to Simon and Lloyd being escorted up the stairs from the basement to ground level and into the kitchen. Various cooking tools and pots are hanging from pot racks. Switch to Mark turning and positioning his car so he is directly in front of the eight ball on the door. His tires are screeching. He revs the engine and backs through the restaurant doors, knocking over tables, chairs and anything in the path of the car. Simon, Lloyd and the two men are in the restaurant. They push Simon and Lloyd to the side so they can avoid being hit by the car. The men start shooting at the rear of the car. Mark opens the trunk lid from inside the car. Simon gets the sack off of his head and sees a gun on the floor and crawls over to it. He gets the gun, stands up and runs after the other henchman. Gunfire is not being returned by Mark. One of the henchmen cautiously checks the driver's seat. Mark's foot crashes through the window. The door opens and Mark starts fighting with the man. Mark forcefully throws him against the car then punches him. As the man starts to move, Mark kicks him in the face. Lloyd is huddled in a niche. As the other man exits a different way, he is followed by Simon into a garage area where a car is waiting for him.]


HENCHMAN: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

SIMON: Word of advice, next time take the trigger finger.

[Still handcuffed, Simon shoots the henchman in the head, tosses the gun on the ground, and walks away. The scene switches to the aftermath of this encounter. There are police all around. The helicopter is heard above.]

TOW TRUCK WORKER: Let's go! Bring it back!

EMT: All right, check the V.T.L.

TOW TRUCK WORKER: Hold it up right there. [pause] Yeah, right there.

[Mark sits at a table with Lloyd. He puts the menu on the table. Lloyd slowly looks at Mark and then takes the menu with Help Us on it from his jacket pocket.]

LLOYD: I was afraid this was my only chance.

[Mark slowly picks up the men that Lloyd had written on.]

LLOYD: How the hell did you find us?

MARK: You called me. We were talking on the phone together in our flash-forwards.

[Mark sits back and puts his arms along the back of the chair.]

MARK: Now it's time for you to tell me everything.

[Lloyd just looks at Mark. The scene changes to Simon being put into the ambulance on a gurney.]

EMT: The painkiller I gave you should be taking effect. How are you feeling?

SIMON: I've been better.

[As the ambulance door closes, Simon looks to see Flosso sitting in the ambulance. Simon is strapped to the gurney and struggles to get free.]

FLOSSO: Well, that didn't go quite as well as planned, did it?

SIMON: [angry] I'd give you the finger, but I'm running out of ones to spare.

FLOSSO: I improvised. I had to. We weren't getting any results and we needed to direct suspicion away from you. I think we’ve accomplished that for tonight, if nothing else.

SIMON: Forget it. I'm done being your bitch.

FLOSSO: [chuckles] Really?

[Flosso takes out a cell phone and open a video on the screen.]

FLOSSO: Then I suppose you won't mind if I have a talk the authorities about the man in this video.

[The video on the phone is of Subject Zero walking in and out the baseball stadium seating area during the blackout. The scene changes to an aerial view of the stadium during the game on October 6th, 2009.. The crowd is cheering.]

FLOSSO: As of this moment, the world thinks you and Simcoe accidentally caused this blackout.

[The back of a man wearing a black coat and skull cap is now shown watching the game.]

FLOSSO: What happens if they find out you were awake while it happened?

[The events of October 6th are shown. Fans and vendors suddenly go unconscious. Some fall to the ground. Some fall down stairs. The stadium goes silent. The man in the black skull cap turns around. It is Simon. He looks around to see that no one is awake around him.]

October 6th, 2009
The day of the blackout
7:30 A.M.

[The scene switches to an internment. People are gathered around a grave. A woman is reading, "We'll Go No More A-Roving," by George Gordon Byron.]

So, we'll go no more a-roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving
And the moon be still as bright.

For the sword outwears its sheath,
And the soul wears out the breast,
And the heart must pause to breathe,
And love itself have rest.

[Simon puts his arm around a young girl.]

SIMON: She'll be okay. We all will.

Though the night was made for loving,
And the day returns too soon,
Yet we'll go no more a-roving,
By the light of the moon.

[Simon puts his arm around a young girl.]

SIMON: She'll be okay. We all will.

SIMON'S SISTER: I can't believe dad is gone.

[As the service ends, people are hugging and then start to leave. Simon speaks to his sister.]

SIMON: Okay, well, I have to take care of the funeral home but I'll meet you back at the house. I won't be long.

[Simon hugs his sister as she cries.]

SIMON: It's all right. It's all right.

[Simon gets into the back seat of a limousine and closes the door. As the car drives off Simon looks around.]

SIMON: This isn't the way to the funeral home.

LIMOUSINE DRIVER: You won't be going there, Mr. Campos.

SIMON: What are you talking about?

LIMOUSINE DRIVER: I have instructions to deliver you to the Lakeside Heliport. From there you will be air-lifted to your final destination.

SIMON: I'm in the middle of my father's funeral. What the hell is going on?

LIMOUSINE DRIVER: I don't know. I just drive.

[The driver hands a ticket to Simon.]

LIMOUSINE DRIVER: This ticket is yours. My boss will be contacting you. Go team.

[The ticket reads: ]

Divisional Playoffs
Detroit Oxide Super Stadium
Eastern Division Champions vs. Western Division Champions
October 6th 2009
Time 1:00 pm
Price $32.50

[The scene changes to the Detroit Super Oxide Stadium. It is a bright sunny day. The sportscaster announces the next batter.]

STADIUM ANNOUNCER: For Detroit, 2nd baseman, number 17, Richie Angel.

[The batter swings and connects with the ball. The crowd is cheering loudly. Simon walks through the tunnel to his seat. He is speaking on his cell phone.]

SIMON: I've just about had enough. Who the hell is this?

D. GIBBONS: You don't get to ask questions here. You've been part of this since you were thirteen. We've given you a lot of leeway. In fact, we haven't asked much of you over the years. Truth be told, you've had it kind of easy. So now we want you to do exactly what we say.

[The scene switches to a man sitting in front of a computer monitor in a dark room. He is wearing a headset. It is D. Gibbons.]

D. GIBBONS: Get to your seat. We're running out of time.

[Simon checks the ticket and proceeds to his seat.

FAN: You! Get two beers!

[Simon is being watched by D. Gibbons. He is surrounded by various monitors.]

D. GIBBONS: Sit down.

[Simon takes his seat.]

D. GIBBONS: There's a tub of popcorn in front of you. Start eating.

[Simon starts eating the popcorn and discovers a small box in the popcorn.]

FAN: Yo! Beer!

VENDOR: Heads-up! Two!

D. GIBBONS: There's a ring inside the box. Put it on. Put it on now. We're running out of time.

FAN 2: Whoo!

[A ball being hit is heard as Simon puts on the silver ring with a black stone. The crowd cheers.]

VENDOR 2: Fresh peanuts!

[Simon puts the ring on his right middle finger. He looks at it. Simon's back is to the viewer.]

STADIUM ANNOUNCER: Attention please, now batting for Daniels, number 9, Jeffrey ...

[Suddenly there is a rumbling and everyone in the stadium passes out. Some fall to the ground. Some fall down the stairs. This is followed by silence. Simon is still awake. Simon looks around and notices a jet in the air that is about to crash. An aerial view of the stadium shows multiple billows of black smoke in the city. Confused, Simon stands up and starts to leave his seat. His cell phone rings.]

SIMON: Yeah?

D. GIBBONS: Now listen to my instructions. Walk into the nearest tunnel.

[As Simon climbs over unconscious people, D. Gibbons sits in front of his monitor, smiling and sliding a string of beads from one hand to the other. Simon is now walking into the tunnel. He stops and looks around before leaving sight of the camera. As he gets further into the tunnel he meets Flosso and the limousine driver.]

FLOSSO: Hello Simon.

SIMON: What the hell is going on?

FLOSSO: Give me the ring back.

[Simon takes off the ring and hands it to Flosso.]

FLOSSO: Follow me.

[Flosso walks with Simon right behind him. The limousine driver follows the two men.]


[Simon is standing in front of a mirror. A woman's voice is barely heard over the P.A. System. There is a knock on the door.]

OLIVIA: Mr. Campos? I need you in bed, please. Now!

[Simon puts all his toiletries in a patient bag and exits the bathroom.]

SIMON: Do you know how often I hear that?

OLIVIA: Uh huh. Sit.

SIMON: What's taking so long? I was ready to leave six hours ago.

[Olivia begins to cut the bandage around Simon's hand where his pinkie finger was cut off.]

OLIVIA: You came in with a concussion, so we needed to keep you in for observation.

SIMON: [sarcastically] Oh, Betty. I never knew you cared.

OLIVIA: Betty?

SIMON: My pediatrician growing up. You remind me of her. I had such a crush.

JANIS: Ready, sport?

[Janis tosses Simon a bottle of pills.]

JANIS: Got your prescription filled at the pharmacy.

OLIVIA: Make sure you take all the doses.

[Simon swallows the pills from the bottle.]

OLIVIA: I do not need you as a bounce back.

SIMON: Mmm. Yes, Betty.

[Olivia picks up the tray and leaves the room.]

OLIVIA: He's all yours.

SIMON: Hallelujah. The sheets are scratchy. The food is vile. I don't like people watching me sleep.

[Janis rolls her eyes as they walk down the corridor.]

SIMON: Is all this really necessary?

JANIS: You were kidnapped and tortured. It's for your own protection.

SIMON: [smugly] Well, with all due respect, I can protect myself.

JANIS: With all due respect, you can't. You are officially and indefinitely detained under investigation by the W.M.D. Directorate within the FBI's National Security Branch.

SIMON: I volunteered my services.

JANIS: And we appreciate that but from now on, we own you.

[The scene switches to Lloyd in a FBI office with Mark.]

LLOYD: Am I under arrest?

MARK: I don't know. Have you broken any laws?

LLOYD: Not unless it's illegal to be kidnapped in front of your own son, beaten half to death and held captive for a week, no.

[The questioning is being watched on a large monitor in a FBI conference room. Vogel, Demetri, and Wedeck are present.]

WEDECK: Well, I gotta hand it to him, he found them.

LLOYD: I've already told the other agents everything I could remember.

MARSHAL VOGEL: [annoyed] The guy's a loose cannon.

WEDECK: Loose cannon or not, Mark managed to do what the rest of us couldn't [pause] on his own.

DEMETRI: Janis is bringing Campos back here from the hospital.

WEDECK: When she does, we need to start double-teaming these two, then compare their stories.

[Demetri nods.]

MARK: I know I'm supposed to feel pity for you, Mr. Simcoe ...

[Switch to Mark and Lloyd while Wedeck, Demetri and Vogel watch.]

MARK: ...but considering the circumstances, excuse me if I don't. You've known all this time there was going to be another blackout. Why didn't you step forward?

LLOYD: I don't know what you want me to tell you, Agent Benford.

MARK: Let's start with the truth.

[Lloyd sits back in his chair and crosses his arms across his chest.]

LLOYD: How about this? Twenty million people died, possibly precipitated by something I did. I have a vision in which a drunk man tells me another blackout is coming, no further information, no context, no substantiation. Now you tell me, under the circumstances, what do you expect me to do?

MARK: How about contact the authorities, give them a little heads up.

MARK: What, like you did? Why didn't you come in here and tell your colleagues there was going to be another blackout?

LLOYD: We're talking about you here.

[Mark stands up and walks around and sits on the table next to Lloyd.]

LLOYD: Fine.

MARK: April 29th, the day of our visions [pause] you called me, and considering where you were, you had to have a damn good reason. I need to know your side of things and right now you're not telling me everything. In fact, you're not telling me anything.

[Lloyd looks away from Mark as Mark walks back to his chair..]

MARK: And no, technically you're not under arrest right now.

LLOYD: Oh good, can I go then?

MARK: Day's not over yet.

[Mark leaves the office, closes the door and the scene switches to Janis and Simon leaving the hospital.]

SIMON: When can I see Lloyd? I need to talk to him [pause] alone.

JANIS: Are you just not listening to me? You're not doing anything alone. He'll be in debriefings all day.

SIMON: Well, can I go home first, at least?

JANIS: Dude, you live in a hotel.

SIMON: It's got this amazing shower and it sprays water on you in all directions.

JANIS: Oh, you have got ...

SIMON: [interrupts] And the towels [pause] white, fluffy, warm.

[Simon smiles at Janis suggestively.]

JANIS: Are you serious? Does that crap actually work on women?

SIMON: My attempt is not to seduce but to disarm, in the physics sense.


SIMON: An unstable element transforms.


SIMON: I find that people are a little more honest when you [pause] disarm them.

[Simon starts to breathe heavily, trying to catch his breath.]

JANIS: What's going on?

SIMON: I don't know. Something's weird.

[Simon sits on a bench and Janis assists him. He is gasping for air.]

SIMON: Something weird.

JANIS: Oh, want some water or something?

SIMON: No, I'm okay. [loosens tie] I'm okay.

JANIS: You're definitely not okay.

[Simon takes out the bottle of pills and looks at the label.]

SIMON: Penicillin.

JANIS: You're allergic?

SIMON: Yeah.

JANIS: Okay. Help!

SIMON: Anaphylaxic.

JANIS: Help! Okay, hold on. Hold on.

[Janis runs for help. She leaves Simon sitting the atrium outside the hospital. Simon continues to wheeze and gasp for air. As she turns the corner, he looks, smiles mischievously, and then stands up. He picks up the patient belonging's bag, tosses it in the trash and walks away. He takes one look back, smiles and jogs away.]


[The scene switches to inside an airport. Simon checks his paperwork as he walks from the gate area.]

FEMALE PA VOICE: Royal Toronto Flight 67 from London is now arriving at Gate 122.

[As Simon puts his ticket in his pocket, he sees Janis standing and glaring at him.]

JANIS: Really?

FEMALE PA VOICE: Royal Toronto [fades]

SIMON: [smugly] Wow.

JANIS: Did you really think you could leave the country without being noticed.

SIMON: Country is such a loose term. It's Canada.

JANIS: Let's go.

SIMON: Where are we going?

JANIS: Gate D12. They're holding a flight back to L.A.

SIMON: Look, I'm tired of being told what to do and when to do it. Being ..

JANIS: [interrupts] Being treated like a criminal? Get used to it.

[Janis starts walking again as stops. He puts his hands behind his back. Janis turns around.]

SIMON: You can't make me go with you.

JANIS: Yeah, you're right. I can't. But they can.

[Janis looks up at walkway on the next level. Armed Canadian police are watching the two of them.]

MAN: You see how long that line is?

[Simon turns around and another armed policeman is standing behind him.]

SIMON: Twenty four hours in Toronto. That's all I ask.

[Janis puts her hand on his upper arm to guide him.]

JANIS: Come on.

SIMON: Look, I'm sorry about earlier. Really I am, but it's important that I'm here.

JANIS: More important than the Global Blackout? Game over, Simon.

SIMON: There's some personal stuff going on with my family.

[Janis and Simon stop at the elevator. Janis pushes the button. Simon stands with his hands behind his back.]

SIMON: It's, it's important. There's some things going on.

[Janis turns to speak to Simon. Another policeman is behind Janis.]

JANIS:Listen, I'm really sorry your sister ran away. I am. But we just can't let you leave.

SIMON: [surprised] How do you know about Annabelle?

JANIS: Police reports. Your mom's been writing to her in the Personals Section of the "Globe and Mail." You're not the only one that's good at their job.

[The elevator bell rings.]

SIMON: I said I would be here to help find her.

[Janis enters the elevator, waits, Simon enters and Janis pushes the button for their designated level.]

SIMON: Please? It's important.

[The elevator door shuts and the scene switches to Wedeck's FBI office. He answers the phone.]

WEDECK: Wedeck.

JANIS: It's Janis, sir. I've got him.

WEDECK: Good. Now you get that squirrelly S.O.B. back here ASAP.

JANIS: Actually, I'd like to take a beat on that.

WEDECK: I'm listening.

JANIS: Well, he says he's here because of his sister, but I think there's more to it than that. This is just a hunch but can I take twenty four hours to play it out?

WEDECK: I'll give you the night but you make damn sure you put a leash on that dog. Do you hear me?



[Wedeck hangs up the phone. The scene changes to airport bathroom. Simon has his pants off and his right foot propped on the sink. Janis attaches a tracking bracelet to his ankle.]

SIMON: It's too tight.

JANIS: Oh boohoo.

SIMON: It's uncomfortable.

JANIS: Yeah, go further than 100 feet from me, and I'll show you uncomfortable.

[Janis takes out a remote and syncs the bracelet with the remote. She puts the remote on her waistband.]

JANIS: Okay, hurry up. Put your clothes on before I change my mind.

[Simon puts on his pants.]

SIMON: You police types, all about power and intimidation. I could have done this with my trousers on, you know.

JANIS: Yeah, well my intent was to destabilize [pause] in the physics sense. Hurry up.

[Janis exits the bathroom and the scene changes to a residential area. A door bell rings. Simon's mother answers the door. She hugs him tightly.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: Baby! Oh, my God!


SIMON'S MOTHER: What's new?

SIMON: Oh, I'm okay. I'm okay.

SIMON'S MOTHER: You look awful.

SIMON: Yes, I'm all right. Mum, this is my friend Janis. Janis, this is mum.

JANIS: Hello.

SIMON: Janis, these are my brothers, Graham, Adam. What's happening?

GRAHAM: [hugs Simon] You all right, man?

SIMON: Yeah, I'm good. Good to see you.

ADAM: [hugs Simon] All right, movie star.

SIMON: You should see the other guy.

[The scene switches to the living room.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: I was so proud to learn that Simon had joined the FBI. I expect he's been very helpful.

JANIS: [rolls eyes] Yeah, he's been very helpful.

[Simon looks at Janis hoping she will not reveal the truth. The phone rings his mother answers.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: Hello? Not now! [hangs up phone] Reporters, still calling every day.

GRAHAM: They camped out on the lawn after the press conference.

SIMON'S MOTHER: My Simon, such a celebrity. So, are you his secretary?

JANIS: [chuckles] No.

SIMON: More of, uh, an associate, mum.

[Simon's mother picks up a flyer of her missing daughter, Annabelle. It reads:]

Have you seen this child
[Picture of Annabelle]
Name: Annabelle Campos
Date Missing: 11/14/09
Missing From: Toronto, ON
DOB: 07/06/94
Age: 15 years
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Sex: Female
Complexion: Medium
Officer's Phone #: [b](416) 555-0122
Officer's Case #: [b]5909-C
TES Case #: [b]09-220488

Annabelle Campos, age 15, was last seen on Saturday around 7:20 P.M. She was last seen in North Toronto in the area of 59N and [not visible]
tet Ave. Annabell was last seen wearing black shirt, blue jeans [blurry]
and black tennis shoes. Please call if you have any information.

TOLL FREE 888-555-0122

SIMON'S MOTHER: After their father died, Annabelle was in shock. A few days later, the blackout hit. She left a note, "Too much sadness at home," drove her away. [sobs] I drove her away.

[Simon comforts his mother.]

SIMON: That's not true. Don't be so magniloquent.

SIMON'S MOTHER: [hugs Simon] I don't understand half of what he says but he is a love, always looked out for his baby sister [pause] comes home every month to help us look for her.

JANIS: [to Simon] Were you close?

SIMON: Yeah. [pause] She's only fifteen. I'm gonna have a quick show before we head out.

[Simon leaves Janis with his mother and two brothers. The scene switches to the bathroom where Simon starts the water for his shower and closes the curtain and looks around. The scene switches to a table with various geodes and two books.. One is "Slaughterhouse 5" by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and the other is "The Tao of Physics" by Fritjof Capra. Janis picks one up.]

JANIS: Cool rocks.

[Janis and Simon's mother are in his bedroom. She hands Janis a cup of tea.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: There's a story behind them. He had a hard time when we first moved here. He was small for his age and the neighborhood boys used to pick on him because of his accent. Well, he was older. He never lost it. And one day they cornered him in the alley and beat him up bad.

[As Simon's mother speaks to Janis, Simon, still in the bathroom, with his right foot propped up on the commode.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: They head bully went to Sunday school, around the corner. Simon marched right into the church and smashed the back of the kid's head with a Superman lunchbox. [pointing] He filled it with them rocks, knocked the bully out cold.

[Simone is wrapping aluminum foil around the tracking bracelet.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: Those boys never bothered him again.

JANIS: Yeah, I bet they didn't.

SIMON'S MOTHER: Simon's always been a bit of an alien in this family, smarter than all of us, different.

[Simon has the tracking bracelet completely covered in foil, pulls down his trouser leg

SIMON'S MOTHER: But there's one thing he gets from me, one trait that tells me he's definitely my son ...

[Janis' remote begins to beep. She checks it and leaves the room.]

JANIS: Damn it!

SIMON'S MOTHER: That boy never lets anyone push him around. He always gets even.

[Janis opens the bathroom door to see an open window and the shower running. She is angry as she shuts the door. The scene switches to a marina. Simon is walking along a pier carrying an attaché. It is raining. He stops and knocks at a door to a building on the dock. He knocks a second time.]

SIMON: Phillip? It's me, Simon. I know you're there. I brought some sardines for Samantha from that fish market she likes. [pause] I also have a first-press 78 of "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground." It's Blind Willie Johnson, Phillip.

[Simon knocks again then looks around. The door is being unlocked and an older man with a white beard and holding a black and white cat speaks.]

PHILLIP: Simon Campos. Where the hell did you find a first-press 78? Eh?

[Phillip chuckles and walks back into the building as he pets the cat. Simon chuckles, looks around then enters and closes the door. The scene switches to a stylus being places the 78 RPM vinyl record. Simon brought for Phillip. The can is eating from a bowl as Phillip dries two glasses.]

Aah! Aah!

PHILLIP: You know, this song was, uh, sent into space on the Voyager spacecraft? If extraterrestrials have actually listened to it, they're gonna think we're a lot cooler than we really are.

[Simon pours some alcoholic beverage into the glasses and caps the bottle.]

PHILLIP: Why are you here Simon?

[Simon raises his finger to Phillip then sits down at a table where a miniature battle field is laid out.]

Ah, oh, ooh, mm

[Simon ignores the question and looks at the table.]

SIMON: I see the Welsh archers have moved into their flanking position. Has Henry made his speech yet?

PHILLIP: [chuckles] Oh yeah

[Phillip starts to recite an excerpt from Shakespeare's "Henry V."]

This story the good man shall teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it,

[Simon joins in.]

We few, we happy few, [Janis joins in] we band of brothers.

[Simon turns around and is surprised to see Janis standing behind him.]

JANIS: What? I like Shakespeare.

[Janis joins Simon and Phillip at the table.]

JANIS: Seriously, did you honestly think the FBI wasn't going to check your cell phone records? [to Phillip] So what's it been, like ten calls he's made to you in the past couple of weeks?

PHILLIP: Give or take.

JANIS: Well, whatever it is you have to say it's gotta be important enough for you to lie, manipulate and evade the FBI, so please, [pause] continue.

[Simon chuckles.]

PHILLIP: That was quite a press conference, huh? Might have set particle physics research back a hundred years.

SIMON: Phillip, you are the only professor I have ever had who I know is smarter than I am. Do you think a particle accelerator could have generated some sort of [pause] decoherence wave?

PHILLIP: Well, if your experiments at N.L.A.P unleashed a tachyon burst, then yes, without a doubt it could have caused human consciousness to flash-forward in time as the wave moved through.

SIMON: So tell me, how would we build something to keep us in the here and now?

PHILLIP: It's impossible.

SIMON: No, it's got to be possible. We have to anchor consciousness if another wave happens. It's simply a matter of finding a way.

PHILLIP: [shakes head] Simon ...

SIMON: We have to protect ourselves from the effects of another blackout. Now there's nothing I can do about the twenty million who died on October 6th, please, help me save the millions who will die if this happens again.

[Simon, Phillip and Janis exchange glances. The scene is now outside Phillip's home. Janis and Simon are walking along the dock.]

JANIS: So in plain English, what eaxctly were you two talking about.

SIMON: The design I created that showed up in Somalia, Phillip was my advisor on it. He mentored me all through my PhD. The man's a genius. I need answers. [smugly] Let's just say the FBI doesn't work at the speed I'm accustomed to.

JANIS: Some might say that speaks to control issues.

SIMON: Some might, yup.

JANIS: My therapist says control issues are rooted in fear.

[Simon stops Janis.]

SIMON: Your therapist is right. This is a grey area, and it terrifies me.

[They start walking again and the scene switches to the kitchen at Simon's mother's house. Janis and his mother are preparing a meal.]

JANIS: This is nice. I eat a lot of take out at my desk, alone.

SIMON'S MOTHER: Oh that's sad, love, a pretty girl like you. No boyfriend? No kids?

SIMON: I'll get it mum.

SIMON'S MOTHER: Oh thanks, love.

SIMON: Gotta watch that back.

[Simon removes a roasting pan from the oven.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: Thank you.

SIMON: You're welcome.

[Simon and his mother hug and kiss as Janis watches and smiles.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: I don't care about any big science job or the fact that he's all over the TV. He's still my baby, you know. I remember kissing his scraped knees like it were yesterday.

[The doorbell rings.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: Motherhood's crazy like that.

[The doorbell rings again.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: Simon, be a dear and get that. [to Janis] It's a surprise, their Uncle Teddy.

[Simon answers the door to find Uncle Teddy, also known as Flosso, at the door with a bouquet of flowers.]

SIMON: Uncle Teddy.

[Simon slowly hugs Teddy.]

UNCLE TEDDY: Simon, when I heard you were kidnapped, I was so worried.

[Simon pats Teddy on the back. Simon is not happy about the arrival and the facade.]

UNCLE TEDDY: Thank God you're okay.

[Teddy enters and Simon closes the door. The scene switches to around the dining room table where everyone is having dinner. Uncle Teddy raises his wine glass.]

UNCLE TEDDY: It's a wonderful Côtes du Rhône from Saint-Gervais.

SIMON'S MOTHER: [to Janis] Teddy's always bringing us exotic wines back from his travels.

[Simon drinks the glass in one gulp.]

UNCLE TEDDY: Easy now. There are only fifteen more bottle left on the planet.

[Simon holds up his bandaged hand with the missing pinkie finger.]

SIMON: I'm self-medicating.

[Simon pours another glass of wine.]

JANIS: Um, so are you two brother and sister?

UNCLE TEDDY: Technically, I'm a very distant cousin.

GRAHAM: Teddy's recently move to Canada.

JANIS: Really?

GRAHAM: Mm hmm.

UNCLE TEDDY: Actually, Simon's the reason. The kid's IQ scores were off the charts yet he was failing all his classes, bored obviously. Want to make sure his exceptional potential didn't go to waste.

ADAM: He started at the University of Toronto when he was only thirteen.

SIMON'S MOTHER: And that was followed by the Youth Physics Fellowship, the PhD., the post-op at N.L.A.P. ...

SIMON: [interrupts] Post-Doc not post-op. Can we dispense with the, this is your life episode, please?

UNCLE TEDDY: You know, I never took time out to have kids of my own. They're such blessings.

JANIS: Do you regret it?

UNCLE TEDDY: Nah, I've got these guys. I could never repay what they've given me, school plays, hockey games, birthday parties.

SIMON: Shut up.


UNCLE TEDDY: Everything I learned about family, I've learned at this table.

SIMON: Pay no attention. This is all a charade.

JANIS: What is your problem?

UNCLE TEDDY: It's all right. Red wine makes him mean. His father was like that too.

SIMON: [irate] How dare you bring him up! You have no right.

[The scene switches to what Simon experienced on the day of the blackout. He is still dressed in the same black coat and skull cap. He is in a dark basement with Uncle Teddy and the limousine driver.

FLOSSO: You were brought here to witness and experiment that will change humanity for all time, an experiment that could not have been conducted without you.

SIMON: The only thing I've worked on in the past year has ...

FLOSSO: [interrupts] At N.L.A.P., the experiment that occurred exactly one minute and forty seven seconds ago.

SIMON: What have you done?

FLOSSO: Probably killed millions of people. We expect backlash against those ultimately found responsible. What a coincidence that your father passed away just when we needed to create an alibi for you. Some kind of hunting accident, wasn't it?

[Simon glares at Flosso aka Uncle Teddy.]

FLOSSO: A private plane will take you back to Toronto now. The F.A.A. will not have a record of the flight. One more thing, when people ask you what you saw in your flash-forward, make up a story and stick to it.

[People are screaming in the background.]

FLOSSO: Hear that?

[Simon looks around and the noise gets louder.]

FLOSSO: That is the sound of the whole world waking up.

[The scene switches to Simon walking down a corridor with the limousine driver.]

LIMOUSINE DRIVER: Mr. Flosso has a plan for every thought you're thinking.

[Simon takes off the black coat and skull cap.]

LIMOUSINE DRIVER: A hunting accident, you gotta be careful with those shotguns. Handle them wrong and kaboom ...

SIMON:.You killed him.

[The two men stop walking.]

SIMON: You killed my father.

[The limo driver gets closer to Simon. Simon catches the driver off guard when he whips his coat around the driver's head then punches him in the stomach. The driver falls to the floor. Simon is immediately over him and proceeds to strangle him. The look from Simon's eye is that of a madman. A crack is heard the driver is dead. As Simon gets up, he pats the corpse on the chest.]

SIMON: Now I got my killer story.

[The scene switches back to dinner table at Simon's mother's house in the present. The phone rings and she answers.]

SIMON'S MOTHER: Hello? Oh my God! Come quick, it's your sister, Annabelle!

[The brothers rush away from the dinner table. Janis is up from the table also.]

GRAHAM: No way!

[Uncle Teddy remains seated.]

ADAM: Where is she?

[Simon wipes his mouth and goes to join everyone at the phone.]

UNCLE TEDDY: Simon, that call, it's not for you.

[Janis is on her cell phone.]

JANIS: This is FBI Agent Janis Hawk, Badge number 3-0-9-8-1-7. I need to trace a call


[Simon's mother turns on the speaker phone.]

ANNABELLE: Everyone, hi, I'm okay.

SIMON'S MOTHER: Where are you baby?

ANNABELLE: I'm in New York at Port Authority.

[Simon walks over to Teddy and picks up his phone to look at the screen. He watches as Annabelle reads from a piece of paper. A man is holding a gun to her head.]

ANNABELLE: I have a bus ticket. [crying] I want to come home. [pause] I want to come home. I love you.

SIMON: Why are you doing this?

UNCLE TEDDY: [whispers] You've been accepting our help for twenty years. Surely you didn't think that it came without a price.

SIMON: You asked me to give you data, to tell you when we were running the experiment. That's all. Killing my father, taking Annabelle, that was never part of the deal.

UNCLE TEDDY: The deal is whatever we say it is and right now we need you to cooperate. Annabelle is just insurance. Let's go for a little walk. Shall we?

[The scene switches to outside the house. Simon and Teddy are alone.]

SIMON: It was the ring that kept me awake, wasn't it? Some sort of quantum entanglement device.

UNCLE TEDDY: What do I know? I'm just the middleman.

SIMON: I think you do know. What I'm still trying to work out is why you would cause a blackout in the first place.

UNCLE TEDDY: It doesn't matter. What does is that you continue doing what you're told. [smugly] And don't think your professor can help.

[A auto alarm chirps and the rear gate of an SUV opens to reveal the dead body of Phillip. Simon walks closer to the car.]

SIMON: You killed him.

UNCLE TEDDY: This is your last warning. Cross us again and we'll start shipping Annabelle back to you piece by piece.

SIMON: No. [turns to Teddy] I'm calling your bluff. You need me otherwise I wouldn't be alive right now.

[Simon shoves Teddy to the ground. He kneels over Teddy and presses down on his heart/lung area.]

SIMON: I want to talk to the people pulling the strings.

UNCLE TEDDY: That's not gonna happen.

[Simon presses harder. He has one hand on top of the other as he compresses Teddy's chest.]

SIMON: See, I think it will, 'cause I'm sending them a message and the message [pause] is you.

[Teddy begins to cough and wheeze.]

UNCLE TEDDY: You have no idea what you're doing!

SIMON: Sure I do. I'm cutting out the middleman.

[Teddy continues to cough, wheeze and gasp for air.]

SIMON: Too bad about your emphysema. It's gonna make this oh, so easy. Your cardiac output is starving, [pause] your heart and brain of valuable oxygen.

[Uncle Teddy's body begins to convulse.]

SIMON: Finally [pause] cardiac arrest. The bruises on your chest just my futile attempt at C.P.R.

[Uncle Teddy is dead. It begins to thunder. Simon leans back and pats Teddy's chest then stands up.]

SIMON: This is for my father, you pathetic son of a bitch.

[Simon forcefully kicks Teddy in the torso.]

SIMON: I never get pushed around [pause] and I always get even.

[Loud clap of thunder.]



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