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#106 : La main bleue

Mark, Demetri et Wedeck essaient de trouver un lien entre l'attaque de Janis et une attaque séparée organisée par eux.

Pendant ce temps, tandis qu'Halloween approche, Olivia confronte Mark sur son flashforward. Demetri et Gough traquent un indice mis en évidence par le flashforward de Mark.

Le fils de Lloyd, Dylan, disparaît de l'hôpital et l'insaisissable Simon rentre en contact avec une connaissance réticente.

Titre VO
Scary Monsters And Super Creeps

Titre VF
La main bleue

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Scénaristes: Seth Hoffman ; Quinton Peeples - Réalisateur: Bobby Roth

Guest Stars: Lee Thompson Young (Al Gough) ; Ashley Jones (Camille)

Audiences US: 8,92 millions de téléspectateurs
Audiences FR - Tf1 : 1,3 millions de téléspectateurs


Joseph Fiennes → Mark Benford
John Cho → Demetri Noh
Jack Davenport → Lloyd Simcoe
Zachary Knighton → Dr. Bryce Varley
Peyton List → Nicole Kirby
Dominic Monaghan → Simon Campos
Brian F. O'Byrne → Aaron Stark
Courtney B. Vance → Stanford Wedeck
Sonya Walger → Dr. Olivia Benford
Christine Woods → Janis Hawk
Lee Thompson Young → Al Gough
Ashley Jones → Camille
Lennon Wynn → Charlie Benford
Amy Rosoff → Marcie Turoff
Cynthia Addai-Robinson → Debbie
Ryan Wynott → Dylan Simcoe
James DiStefano → Ernesto
Jonathan Levit → Martin Dewey
Curtis Harris → Zack
Vinicius Machado → Emil


Janis est emmenée d'urgence à l'hôpital où elle subit une lourde opération chirurgicale. Pour la sauver d'une hémorragie, Olivia pratique une suture en B-Lynch sur Janis Hawk. Avec ce type d'intervention, il est quasi impossible d'avoir un enfant...

Après avoir rencontrée une inconnue dans le train, Simon lui raconte son Flashforward : il s'est vu en en train de tuer un inconnu. Il se rend à Los Angeles pour parler avec Lloyd : leur expérience a tué 20 millions de personnes...

Dylan Simcoe se rend chez les Benford en bus. Charlie reconnaît l'enfant de sa vision. Grâce au bracelet médical, Nicole Kirby appelle son père pour qu'il le récupère. En observant la maison des Benford, Lloyd Simcoe réalise qu'il s'agit de la maison de sa vision.

Mark comprend que l'homme qui était dans la vision de sa femme est Llyod Simcoe. Il réalise qu'elle lui cache depuis le début que Dylan est toujours son patient. Le couple Benford est au bord de l'explosion. Mark Benford avoue que durant sa vision, il était en train de boire...

Demetri Noh remarque ceux qui ont tenté d'abattre Janis ont une main bleue tatouée. Tableau de Mark. Suit les mains bleues imprimées sur les murs qui semble former une direction à suivre. Remonte la piste jusqu'à un bâtiment à l'écart de la ville. Découvre des cadavres dont la main gauche est peinte en bleu...



In the aftermath of simultaneous attacks on the Mosaic investigation team, Janis is rushed to the hospital where Olivia manages to stabilize her. But complications arise involving her uterus. Olivia and Bryce pull her through but the chances of her being able to have children are all but gone. The news devastates Janis even though she claims she never even wanted to have a baby. But as we all know, she was pregnant in her flash forward.

Demetri recruits Al to search for the people who shot Janis. At the morgue, an incandescent light reveals a blue hand stamp on one of Janis’s attackers. “Blue hand” is one of the clues from Mark’s board and it was also related to the word Baltimore. There’s a Baltimore Street in Los Angeles. They see a blue hand decal on a stop sign that points them to a seemingly unoccupied house. There are blood stains on the porch and throughout the downstairs. Blood-soaked sheets cover several bodies in the main room. One of the bodies has a blue hand.

In Al’s flash forward, he was in London working on the Rutherford case with a Scotland Yard liaison. A bird crashed into the window and died. A crow, perhaps? Al was investigating the Rutherford case, which didn’t yet exist. In the present, they find a passport on one of the deceased bodies. It’s for a Scottish man named Ian Rutherford. Looks like Al’s case begins right now.

Mark tells Olivia that the attacks on him and Janis must be connected because of the Mosaic investigation. Olivia wants them to stop being so obsessed with the future and start living in the now. Of course, living in the now involves taking Charlie out for Halloween. While trick or treating, Mark and Aaron do a double take as they see a kangaroo hoping through the neighborhood. We know what you’re thinking. Cool costume, right? Wrong. This is an actual kangaroo! Didn’t we see this particular marsupial bouncing around the pilot episode No More Good Days?

Mark sees three figures wearing masks similar to the ones worn by the assassins in his flash. He chases one of the figures down. It’s just a teen who thought he was in trouble for pulling a prank. The kid says he got the mask at a discount store. Mark then gets a call from Nicole. There’s a problem at home.

Lloyd Simcoe tells his son Dylan that they will be living in his house after he gets out of the hospital. Dylan seems more interested in playing card games. Then he stares ahead and says, “It’s my house, too.” After trick or treating in the hospital, Dylan wanders outside. He hops onto a bus and spouts out an address: 25696 Sawyer Court. When Dylan arrives at the house, we see Nicole handing out candy to kids. 25696 Sawyer Court is home to Mark and Olivia Benford.

Dylan steps inside saying, “It’s my house, too.” When Mark arrives, Dylan and Charlie high-five each other as if they are old friends. In Dylan’s flash, Charlie let him know that it was okay to have a cookie because this is his house, too. Nicole had called Lloyd at the hospital, as Dylan was still wearing his ID wristband. When Lloyd sees the inside of the house, he realizes it’s the one from his flash. And when Olivia comes home, Lloyd further realizes that she is the woman he had such strong feelings for. This all goes down in front of Mark. Awkward.

Mark basically tells Lloyd to get lost forever. He accuses Olivia of hiding things. Too bad he doesn’t know that she got an anonymous text letting her know he’s the one hiding things from her. Mark finally admits that he was loaded in his flash forward but steadfastly promises that he will not drink. That’s not good enough for Olivia. It’s not about the drinking. It’s about trust. And they don’t trust each other anymore.

The mysterious Simon (yep, that’s Dominic Monaghan from Lost) takes a train to Los Angeles. Along the way, he tells a woman he’s a quantum physicist genius. The lady must be into science geeks as they end up rolling around naked in Simon’s sleeper car. Basking in the afterglow, Simon tells the woman that he choked the life out of a man in his flash forward. We’re pretty sure this will put the kibosh on a second date. When Simon arrives in L.A., he surprises Lloyd, who isn’t interested in talking to him. He says, “Our experiment killed 20 million people, Simon. What more is there to say?”

[The episode commences with a train, whistle blowing, moving along a mountainside. It is nighttime. Switch to the bar car in the train. Simon is standing at the bar, ankles crossed, and sipping on a drink. He is eyeing a woman sitting in a brown leather chair as she is fiddles with her cell phone. Simon puts down his drink and starts to speak to her.]

SIMON: I know what caused the flash-forwards.

[The woman looks at Simon for a moment then turns her attention back to the phone.]

SIMON: You don't believe me.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: [sarcastically] Well of course I do. The world's greatest mystery's been solved by a boozer on a train bound for Los Angeles.

SIMON: Can you connect to the internet with that? Real quick, do an image search for "quantum physicist genius."

[The woman looks at him quizzically.]

SIMON: Go on. I'll wait.

[As the woman starts the search, Simon unbuttons his jacket, grabs his drink, and sits in the chair next to her.]

SIMON: Which popped up first? Me winning the Robert Wilson award or the jaunty one of me holding lab goggles over my genitals?

[The image on the phone is that of Simon holding lab goggles over his genitals.]

WOMAN ON TRAIN: [laughs] Hold up. You really…

SIMON: [interrupts] I'm obviously wasting my time.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: I'm sorry. I, I’ve just heard that line a hundred times before.

SIMON: You genuinely want to know?

WOMAN ON TRAIN: Of course.

SIMON: The flash-forwards were caused by you.

[The woman raises her eyebrows warily.]

SIMON: It's simple quantum mechanics really. [touches her hand] Whenever a heavenly body carries such an intense force of attraction, the universe just goes [pause] bananas.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: Sounds technical.

SIMON: Helps if you have a P.H.D. or two. If my calculations are correct, your dark energy could bring about another catastrophe any moment. [leans toward the woman] Luckily I've pinpointed the one location on earth that has an irresistible enough force to counteract you.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: Let me guess, your sleeper car.

SIMON: Grab your purse, we've not a moment to lose.

[The woman chuckles at Simon.]

SIMON: I thought for sure that would work.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: Oh, a twenty-one sorority girl, maybe but uh, I've learned never to go anywhere unless I am gonna get the real thing.

[She glances at Simon and takes a sip of her drink.]

SIMON: The actual cause, [pause] I have a theory but the, uh, the science is a little complicated.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: I'm a complicated girl. I can handle it.

SIMON: The most basic concept you need to understand is quantum super-positions. Are you aware of the Double Slit Experiment?

WOMAN ON TRAIN: Well there was that one time in college.

SIMON: What about Schrödinger's Cat?

WOMAN ON TRAIN: No, I'm not that kinky.

SIMON: Close your eyes, give me your hand.

[She is unsure but holds out her hand. Simon motions for her to give him her hand. She hand him her hand and he holds it palm side up.]

SIMON: Okay, now imagine you have a cat.

[Switch to a woman being rushed into the hospital emergency room. Bryce walks briskly along side the gurney.]

BRYCE: B.L.'s a liter in the field and only one P.I.V. We need access here!

[As Olivia catches up to the gurney the scene switches to train.]

SIMON: A teeny, tiny cat.

[Switch to the Emergency Room. The gurney is being pushed quickly. A woman is lying on it. She has blood all over her abdominal area along with scraps and bruises on the rest of her body. Her head in an immobilizer and an oxygen mask covers her mouth and nose.]

OLIVIA: What have we got?

BRYCE: We've got a gunshot wound to the abdomen. We need to set up a peripheral.

OLIVIA: Janis?

BRYCE: We need access here!

[Switch to the train.]

SIMON: That fits in the palm of your hand.

[Switch to Operating Room. Various doctors and nurses surround the table. A scalpel is shown making an incision into Janis' abdomen. Switch to train.]

SIMON: You also have a poisonous sardine. Once we close your palm, [closes the woman's hand] there are two possible scenarios.

[Switch to operating room. Olivia looks at a monitor that has started to beep.]

OLIVIA: Bring the code cart. Come on, let's go.

[Olivia takes the paddles of the defibrillator and puts them across Janis' chest. They charge and are ready.]

OLIVIA: Clear.

[Switch to train.]

SIMON: Either the cat eats the sardine and dies or the cat doesn't eat the sardine and lives.

[Switch to operating room. The shock from the defibrillator jolts Janis' body.]

BRYCE: No response.

OLIVIA: Going again.

[Janis' body jolts again. Switch to train.]

SIMON: Quantum physics says until we open your hand to discovery the cat's fate, both eventualities occur at the same time.

[Switch to operation room. Olivia prepares to administer another shock.]

OLIVIA: Clear.

BRYCE: Still no response.

[Olivia hands the paddles to a nurse.]


[Switch to train.]

SIMON: For us, the cat is both living and deceased.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: But how can that be?

[The operating room is shown while Simon's dialogue is spoken simultaneously. Olivia is massaging Janis's heart.]

SIMON: That's the miracle of quantum mechanics. The observer gets to decide.

[On train]

WOMAN ON TRAIN: The kitty's already made up its mind.

SIMON: Alive or dead?

[Switch to Janis on the operating table.]

WOMAN ON TRAIN: See for yourself.

[As Simon starts to open the woman's hand the logo is shown.]


[Switch to operating room. Olivia is suturing Janis' abdomen.]

NURSE DEB: Hemoglobin's holding at twelve.

BRYCE: Hallelujah.

OLIVIA: Okay, fascia is closed. "O" silk on a driver to Dr. Varley.

BRYCE: I'm gonna be honest. A few hours ago, I didn't think we'd get this far.

OLIVIA: Close the skin. Let me know when she wakes up.

[Olivia leaves the operating room. Next we see her cleaned up and headed for the doctor's lounge. She is making a call on her cell phone. A woman is speaking over the PA system indistinctly.]

MARK: [voice mail greeting] This is Mark. Leave it here. I'll get back to you.

[Olivia sighs as she sits on the sofa. She leaves a voice mail.]

OLIVIA: [exhales deeply] Hi, it's me. Where are you? I've been calling and calling. I tried Demetri and Stan. I just can't get through. I tried the office and they're just stonewalling me. After this thing with Janis, I dunno, I'm worried. Can you just call me, please? [pause] I love you. [pause] I love you.

[As she ends the call, she sees the text message she previously received. It reads, "Mark was drinking in his flash-forward." She shuts the phone and sighs]

OLIVIA: [tired] Oh.

[She lays down on the sofa, pulls a blanket over her and puts her head on the pillow at the arm of the chair. Switch to Dylan's room at the hospital. He is sitting with Lloyd at a table. Lloyd is shuffling a deck of cards.]

DYLAN: Again, daddy, again.

LLOYD: You're not bored with this one?

DYLAN: No! Cards, make the cards.

LLOYD: Okay, I'll turn around and you choose. So, Dylan, it's almost time for you to leave the hospital. We are gonna go to Palo Alto.

[Dylan has the deck of cards and is trying to pick a card.]

DYLAN: Which one? Which one?

LLOYD: Did you pick a card?

DYLAN: Uh huh.

LLOYD: Okay, now look at it and remember.

[Dylan concentrates on the card.]

LLOYD: Okay?

DYLAN: Uh huh.

[Lloyd turns and leans in to speak with Dylan.]

LLOYD: Okay. So, now it's just you and me. I was thinking that the best idea is you come and live in my house with me.

[Dylan's disposition changes. He stopped smiling and is focusing on the table top.]


LLOYD: Dylan.

DYLAN: Cards.

LLOYD: We all lived there before your mother and I [pauses] I mean, you'll have your own room. It'll be great.

DYLAN: Cards!

LLOYD: Please, I need you to go along with this.

[Dylan sits back in his chair and looks away.]

LLOYD: Uh. [pause] Uh, okay, uh, is this your card?

DYLAN: It's my house, too.

[Bryce enters the room.]

BRYCE: [to Dylan] Hey buddy. It's almost time for trick or treating.

LLOYD: That's today?

BRYCE: Yeah, it's the thirty-first. It's Halloween. The kids go from room ….

LLOYD: No, no, no, I know. I just forgot to get him a costume. [to Dylan] Um, I'll be right back OK? [to Bryce] Excuse me.

[Lloyd leaves the room and Bryce is alone with Dylan.]

BRYCE: Playing cards, bud?

DYLAN: It's my house, too.

[As Lloyd walks down the corridor, Marcie Turoff, Wedeck, Demetri and Al Gough are approaching from an intersecting corridor. Mark walked passed the corridor.]

WEDECK: How's Janis?

MARCIE: Two uniformed cops outside her room. Only her doctor and FBI badges are allowed inside.

WEDECK: Good work.

MARCIE: No one will be able to get to her. But what about you guys? Whoever it was that came after you last night, what's to stop them from trying again?

WEDECK: Nothing.

[Switch to Mark entering the doctor's lounge. Olivia is sleeping on the sofa. He quietly closes the door and sits down on a chair. The chair scrapes the floor. Mark had blood on his shirt and a bandage on his right shoulder/neck. He leans over Olivia and strokes her hair. She wakes up.]

MARK: [whispers] Hey.

OLIVIA: Hey! Are you okay? What happened?

MARK: Yeah, yeah, it's nothing. It's nothing.

OLIVIA: But you have blood on your shirt.

MARK: Well, now listen, listen. There's a room full of FBI agents that need a doctor to tell them if Janis is gonna make it.

OLIVIA: Oh. Okay.

MARK: All right.

OLIVIA: [sits up] Okay, okay, okay, okay.

[Olivia gets up from the sofa. Mark and Olivia hug each other.]


MARK: Hey.

[Switch to Mark and Olivia joining the FBI agents.]

OLIVIA: We had her in surgery for five hours. The bullet did some damage but there shouldn't be any lasting effects.


OLIVIA: And she's in recovery. She's sedated. We'll know more when she wakes up.

WEDECK: Olivia, you saved her life. Thank you.

[Olivia walks away.]

WEDECK: [to agents] All right everybody, it's been a long night for all of us. It'll be a while before we know anything more. The hospital doesn't need us clogging things up. So, I got your numbers, get some rest. I'll call you if I hear anything. You too, Demetri.

DEMETRI: I'm sorry boss, no. I'm either staying here to see her through or I'm going out and finding the people who did this to us.

WEDECK: They're already two-dozen agents working this who didn't have a grenade launched at them last night. Now I'm serious, get outta here. And if it helps, consider it an order.

[Demetri walks away from Wedeck and stops by Al Gough.]

DEMETRI: You tired?

AGENT GOUGH: Well, Wedeck told us to go home.

DEMETRI: No, he said for us to get out of the hospital.

[Demetri walks to leave the hospital with Gough right behind him. Switch to the emergency room stall. Olivia is checking Mark's wound.]

MARK: It's a surface wound. Just leave it.

OLIVIA: Are you kidding me? I want to see what those D.C. doctors did.

MARK: Oh Livvy, it's nothing.

OLIVIA: Come on. You want to tell me what happened?

MARK: You don't …

OLIVIA: [interrupts] I want to know.

MARK: [exhales deeply] We were attacked. Um, pretty bad firefight. Wedeck and Demetri killed two of them, The others escaped. It's gotta be connected to the guys who came after Janis. Simultaneous attacks.

OLIVIA: [wide eyed] Because you're investigating the blackouts? Why would anyone want to kill you because of that?

MARK: I don't know. I don't know. Still trying to figure it all out.

[Olivia looks away. She is rattled by the information.]

MARK: Oh, see? I knew I shouldn't have told you.

OLIVIA: No. No, it’s not that. It’s [pause] when they brought Janis in, I couldn't get a hold of you. My imagination just ran wild. I mean, not knowing where you were, not knowing what was going on. It was horrible.

MARK: [nods] But I'm here and I'm okay. All right? I'm all right.

OLIVIA: We have just been so obsessed with what we saw, and with the future, with what might or might not happen. And it's, it's a distraction. It's just pulling us out of today and today, right now, this moment is all we have babe. It's all we have. I don't want to miss it.

MARK: Me neither.

[Mark and Olivia kiss. Switch a building with the following on the front wall:

Department of Coroner
Administration Operations
Medical Examiner,
Forensic Laboratories,
Public Services

Inside the building Demetri and Gough push open a door and enter. A doctor is working on a cadaver.]

DEMETRI: Yo! Hey Dewey.

DEWEY: How is she?

DEMETRI: A lot better than these guys. Atta girl, Janis.

[The two cadavers ion the gurneys are the same men that Janis killed during her attack. Demetri points to a chart then he looks at Dewey.]

DEMETRI: Do you mind?

[Dewey goes back to work as Demetri flips through the chart.]

DEMETRI: Got no I.D. No cell phone, no keys, no fingerprints, no dental records. Just like our guys in the parking garage in D.C. We got nothing. Got nothing.

[Gough peeks under the sheet of the second cadaver. Demetri tosses down the chart. Dewey continues to suture up the cadaver's chest cavity. Demetri walks a bit away with his forehead in his hand.]

AGENT GOUGH: Which means we're dealing with real pros.

DEMETRI: What about um, medical history, Dewey?

DEWEY: So far, just one removed appendix here, [points to other cadaver] one Achilles surgery there. I'm checking for radial keratotomy scars as we speak.

[Demetri stares at the cadaver's face.]

AGENT GOUGH: Hey, Demetri. Demetri.

DEMETRI: Yeah. What?

AGENT GOUGH: You doing okay in here?

DEMETRI: Yeah. Why?

AGENT GOUGH: You put yourself on Mosaic. You think there's anybody in the office who doesn’t know by now? The point is, you just got shot at twelve hours and now you're standing in a morgue, acting kind of weird.

DEMETRI: [chuckles] Listen Al, you've been acting kind of weird for a couple of weeks yourself, all right so, um, you wanna talk about our feelings or do you wanna get back to work?

AGENT GOUGH: Work sounds good.

[Dewey uses a magnifying, blue light to check the cadaver's eyes.]

DEWEY: This guy's right eye is covered with corneal scarring. No big surprise there. What assassin worth his salt doesn't get Lasik? Should practically be a union requirement.

[As Dewey moves the light, Demetri reacts.]

DEMETRI: Wait. You see that?

[Demetri takes the light and focuses on the cadaver's right hand. There is a small handprint.]

AGENT GOUGH: Looks like a hand stamp from a bar.

DEMETRI: No, it's a blue hand. It's a clue from Mark's board.

[Snippet of Mark's flash. He is standing in front of his board. He raises his right hand.]

MARK: [flash] Something about Baltimore, a hand, a blue hand.

DEMETRI: This son of a bitch is gonna be useful after all.

[Focus on the white handprint and the cadaver's blue hand. Switch to the hospital. Bryce is walking with Dylan and Lloyd. Dylan is dressed in his costume. He is wearing a red baseball cap with the visor to the side, blue hoodie with white, green and dark blue stars. He has various chains around his neck. One chain is very thick and there is a large watch face with two seventeen as the time. He is carrying a white.]

BRYCE: That costume is super fly.

LLOYD: It's the last thing they had left in his size.

BRYCE: No, I like it, really, it's cool. Although he doesn't seem to like this very much.

LLOYD: You know how to tell with him? I think he's mad at me about the move.

[Lloyd turns to Bryce and stops a moment.]

LLOYD: Oh, I was just wondering if in the next couple of days, Dr. Benford might come by so we could, uh, you know, say our good byes.

BRYCE: Yeah. Yeah, sure, I'll let her know.

LLOYD: All right, thanks.

[Lloyd walks away while Bryce watches him. Switch to the doctor's lounge. Mark is drinking coffee from a paper cup. Wedeck enters the room.]

MARK: Hey.


MARK: I'm glad she's okay.

WEDECK: Yeah, it's pretty scary stuff for all of us.

MARK: Yeah.

WEDECK: Listen, it's been a rough week and maybe I said some things that were out of line. Um, [pauses] okay let's take a deep breath and get back on track here. Hmm?

[Marks nods. Wedeck looks at the vending machine.]

WEDECK: Oh. This only takes quarters. Mm-hmm.

MARK: I got it.

[Mark takes four quarters from his pocket and hands them to Wedeck.]

MARK: There.

WEDECK: Thank you.

MARK: We're even now.

[Mark walks away. Switch to FBI building. Demetri and Gough are walking among a group of cubicles.]

AGENT GOUGH: The guys who came after you, the guys who shot Janis, all Asian. Why don't I head over to Huang's office, see if blue hand has some special significance in Cantonese or Mandarin

DEMETRI: Mandarin? Come on man.

AGENT GOUGH: According to the CIA, China might have caused the blackout.

DEMETRI: If they did, trying to blow up a team of Federal agents seems a little showy, don't you think?

AGENT GOUGH: Well in their minds, I mean, it could be as simple as neutralizing a threat.

DEMETRI: Well, then why come after us? The CIA agent who testified at the hearings yesterday is fine but Mark talks about D. Gibbons, Suspect zero, the crows for the first time outside of this office and then eight hours later it's [pause] China is a dead end. I don't want Blue Hand to become one too.

[Switch to the hospital. Olivia,. Mark, and Wedeck are in Janis' room. Janis has regained consciousness from the surgery.]

OLIVIA: All right, do you know where you are?

JANIS: I’m in a hospital.

OLIVIA: Very good. Do you know who I am?

JANIS: [shakes her head] No. But for some weird reason, I get the feeling that your husband is a little bit of a neat freak.

[Wedeck and Olivia chuckle.]

JANIS: I don't know. Something about how he doesn't like his black pens to touch his blue pens. Does that sound familiar?

OLIVIA: Uh huh.

[Janis and Mark smile at each other.]

WEDECK: She's back.

[Janis chuckles then put her head back on the pillow. Switch to Mark and Olivia walking out of her room and down a corridor. Mark has his arm around Olivia's shoulders.]

MARK: You are an amazing doctor.

OLIVIA: I'm an over-worked one. I wish I could be with you guys tonight.

MARK: Oh, we'll take pictures.

OLIVIA: Can you make sure she doesn't eat too much candy?

MARK: Sure.

OLIVIA: Just, like a couple pieces or something.

MARK: A couple?

OLIVIA: Twenty.

MARK: I'll see what I can do.

[Mark kisses Olivia's hand and leaves the hospital.]


[Switch to Demetri and Gough in the FBI office building. Gough is holding a photograph of the cadaver's blue hand. He is waving it as he talks to Demetri.]

AGENT GOUGH: When Mark had you pin the Blue Hand card to the board, he knew it was somehow related to the word "Baltimore."

DEMETRI: Yes, that's what I'm saying Sparky. Okay, Baltimore street is five miles away. Let's go check it out.

AGENT GOUGH: But you were attacked last night in D.C. so Baltimore, Maryland is the better bet.

DEMETRI: Yeah but the guy who had the Blue Hand stamp on him was in L.A. all right. Baltimore Street is in Silver Lake. If I'm worng, if I'm wrong, we've wasted an hour. What?

AGENT GOUGH: So you believe in these visions now?

DEMETRI: It's, it's complicated.

AGENT GOUGH: No, I get it. I mean, if I hadn't had a flash-forward, I'd be doing everything I could to prove those visions weren't true.

DEMETRI: Listen, if we had anything to go on at all here, any real life lead whatsoever, believe me, I'd be the first guy talking to ballistics or forensics or whatever, all right? But we don't. I just want to find the animals that are trying to kill us and Baltimore Street is the only thing I can think of, all right? So come on. I'll buy you a pressed sandwich from the Cuban place.


DEMETRI: One hour.

[Switch to the Benford neighborhood. People are dressed in costumes and trick or treating.]

CHILDREN: Trick or Treat.

[Switch to inside the Benford residence. Squirrlio is on the TV. An evil laugh is heard from the cartoon.]

CARTOON GIRL: Oh no! Super shark has Monkey-See and Monkey-Do in his helmet! He's trying to eat them!

[Mark is helping Charlie with her costume. He is putting her hair in pigtails. Aaron is sitting on the sofa. Nicole is handing out treats to children at the door. She is in full costume.]

CHARLIE: Daddy that pulls!

MARK: Just be still, I've almost got it.

AARON: I can't believe you don't have a costume. You always have a costume.

MARK: I've been a little busy lately.

NICOLE: I can finish up with her if you want to get in your costume.

MARK: Thanks Nicole but I'm not wearing a costume.

CHARLIE: You could go as Tim Tim's dad, Jim Tim.

MARK: What does Tim Tim's dad look like?

[Switch to outside. Aaron is laughing at Mark's costume. Mark has a patch over his left eye and has oversized teeth.]

MARK: Don't say a word Obi Wan.

[Aaron continues to laugh. Mark and Aaron continue to walk with Charlie. They all stop at once to watch a kangaroo go hopping by them.]

MARK: You gotta be kidding.


[Mark lifts up his eye patch to get a better look.]

AARON: Was that a kangaroo?

CHARLIE: That is the best costume I have ever seen.

[Mark and Aaron look at each other in disbelief. Switch to the hospital. Lloyd is carrying two glasses of milk as he enters Dylan's room.]

LLOYD: I got some milk from the nurse's station …. Dylan?

[Lloyd looks around the room. Dylan is not there. Lloyd rushes to a security guard.]

LLOYD: I'm, I'm sorry. I seem to have lost my son.

SECURITY GUARD: What's he look like?

LLOYD: Uh, he's about this big, uh, wearing um [pause] well, well, a pimp's outfit. I mean, I only turned my head for a second.

SECURITY GUARD: Haven't seen him but there are tons of kids around. You might want to check the nurses' station.

LLOYD: Okay, thank you.

[Lloyd walks to the nurses' station. Switch to Janis' room in the hospital. Wedeck is with her.]

JANIS: [woozy] Sir, you don't have to stay here with me. I'm sure after everything that happened last night, the office is chaotic.

WEDECK: I'm right where I need to be.

JANIS: I just feel really uncomfortable in this gown and…

WEDECK: Yeah, I associate those crappy gowns with my wife delivering our son. After you've seen a thing like that…

JANIS: Was it awful?

WEDECK: Just the opposite. It's primal. You feel like you're there at the beginning of something [pause] miraculous, a new life.

[Snippet of Janis' flash-forward. She is being administered a ultra-sound. Back to reality.]

WEDECK: You'll see.

[A monitor starts beeping. Wedeck looks up. Olivia rushes into the room.]

JANIS: What's that?

WEDECK: That little monitor up there.

OLIVIA: Janis, I'm sorry. We have to take you back to the O.R. [to doctor] Bring the type specific.

JANIS: What's wrong?

OLIVIA: [to nurse] Your blood count's dropping. Get her on a portable.

WEDECK: What, what's going on? What happened?

OLIVIA: I don't know.

[Janis is frightened. Switch to the train bound for Los Angeles. Whistle blows. Switch to Simon and woman in his sleeper car. He is kissing her arm as they are entwined with the sheets. Simon looks down at her.]

SIMON: Times Square.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: [laughing] April twenty-ninth. The estimate's on the Mosaic website have us at half a million people already. The ball is gonna drop and everything.

SIMON: Half a million people going to their future.


SIMON: It's a glorified New Year's Eve party.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: You have something better to do?

SIMON: Yeah, you could say that.

WOMAN ON TRAIN: Who is she? Oh, come on, I told you mine.

SIMON: He [pause] had a head like an ox.

[Simon's flash-forward begins. He is fighting with a man larger than he. He is on top of the man. There are bruises on the man's face.]

SIMON: [real time] He smelled like a meat locker.

[The fight in Simon's flash continues.] He has dark hair and blue eyes and a light moustache/goatee type beard. The man has his right hand on Simon's left shoulder trying to push him off.]

WOMAN ON TRAIN: What the hell were you guys doing?

SIMON: [real time] I had my hands around his neck.

[Simon's flash shows him on top of the man, strangling him. The man is grunting and putting up a fight. The flash-forward continues while Charlie speaks in real time. Simon's face shows pure rage. He gets to his knees and just looks down at the man.]

SIMON: I don't know where I was or who the man was. But I felt my thumbs press down on his trachea until something [snap] snapped and then I let go. [seen in real time] Looked down at his lifeless body, quite [pause] satisfied.

[The woman looks up at him in horror.]

SIMON: Aren't you glad you asked?

[Switch to the hospital. Lloyd stands at the nurses' station watching as the security guard is sits in front of a monitor.]

SECURITY GUARD: I found this on the South Exit camera.

LLOYD: [points to monitor] Yeah, that's him. How long ago was this?

[Dylan is seen leaving the hospital, walking down the outside stairs and then turning right and walking calmly down the street.]

SECURITY GUARD: Seventeen minutes. Where could he be headed this time of night?

LLOYD: I have no idea.

[Switch to Dylan standing at a bus stop. A bus pulls up and stops. On the side is a sign that reads, "Los Angeles UTA" The bus fare box reads 57. Dylan stands still as the doors open.]

BUS DRIVER: You getting on? Hmm?

DYLAN: [nods] Mm-hmm.

BUS DRIVER: Then get on. Come on. We gotta go.

[Dylan climbs the bus stairs and takes a seat. He is sitting on the driver's side of the bus where the seat is parallel to the side of the bus.]

BUS DRIVER: Hey kid, you gotta pay the fare. Hey!

[The driver puts the bus in park and gets up to talk to Dylan. A gang member is sitting on the left side of the bus in the outside seat of the first row parallel to the front/ back of the bus. He has a tattoo on the right side of his neck and dons a skullcap. He watches the interaction between the driver and Dylan.]

BUS DRIVER: Hey kid.

[The driver snaps fingers in front of Dylan's face. Dylan doesn't flinch. He stares straight ahead of himself.]

BUS DRIVER: You gotta pay the fare. Now do you have it or not?

GANG MEMBER: [to driver] Yo.

[The gang member glares at the bus driver who stops talking immediately.]

GANG MEMBER: Are you lost?

[Dylan shakes his head no.]

DYLAN: To our friends at 25696 Sawyer Court, Los Angeles, California 90024.

BUS DRIVER: What is he brain damaged or something? What …

GANG MEMBER: [interrupts] I will put you down like a sick dog if you don't shut up.

[The driver stops talking.]

DYLAN: It's my house, too.

GANG MEMBER: That's your house?

[Dylan nods yes.]

GANG MEMBER: [to driver] You know that address?

BUS DRIVER: [nods] Yeah and he's gonna need a transfer. That's one fifty five.

[The gang member glares at the driver who turns away to return to his seat. He exhales deeply as he walks.]

GANG MEMBER: Don't worry kid.

DYLAN: Do you know any magic tricks?

GANG MEMBER: No, amigo. I don't do magic.

[The bus pulls away from the bus stop. Switch to Gough and Demetri, who is driving, in an SUV.]

AGENT GOUGH: You said an hour. It's been over three.

[Gough is checking voice mail for his cell phone. Shuts the phone.]

AGENT GOUGH: She's back in surgery.

DEMETRI: She'll pull through.

AGENT GOUGH: Why? She had a flash-forward so she has a future?

[Switch to the Operating Room. Olivia is performing surgery again on Janis. Bryce is an assisting doctor.]

NURSE DEB: Four fifty out and she's tachy in the one thirties.

BRYCE: What are we waiting for? We have only one real option here.

OLIVIA: 5-0 vicryl.

BRYCE: With all due respect, Dr. Benford …

OLIVIA: [interrupts] We're gonna do a B-Lynch.

[Switch to Gough and Demetri driving in the SUV.]

DEMETRI: Did I ever tell you about the night before she and I graduated from Quantico?


DEMETRI: We're at some dorm room getting hammered. I get us a beer. We finish. She gets us a couple more, then a couple of shots, and uh, I'm starting to worry that nerdy little girl's gonna have to have her stomach pumped, right?

[Switch to the Operating Room.]

BRYCE: There's no guarantee that a B-Lynch will contain the bleeding.

OLIVIA: A B-Lynch is a far less invasive procedure. Gives her a fighting chance of still having a normal healthy uterus.

BRYCE: Barely.

[Switch to SUV.]

DEMETRI: Next thing I know, it's 4:00 A.M., I wake up on linoleum, got a foot in the toilet. I look over. Janis is at the kitchen table playing quarters against herself.

[Switch to Operating Room.]

DEMETRI: [in background] Her insides are stronger than any bullet. I'll tell you that much.

BRYCE: Be honest. Would you be making that same decision if you didn't know this patient personally.

OLIVIA: [ignores Bryce] 5-O vicryl.

[The surgery continues. Switch to SUV.]

AGENT GOUGH: Let me get this straight. You blacked out after five drinks and they let you keep your badge?

[Demetri laughs.]

AGENT GOUGH: [joking] What?

DEMETRI: You know why? Because I'm always right about everything.

[They pull up to a stop sign. Demetri pulls the SUV to the curb and the two men exit. Demetri takes out a flashlight. He focuses on the street name sign above a stop sign. It reads Baltimore Street. The stop sign has a blue/white skeletal hand sticker in the lower left corner pointing.]

AGENT GOUGH: It's like the hand on Mark's board.

Switch to the Benford residence. Nicole opens the door.]

CHILDREN: Trick or treat.

NICOLE: Hey guys! Dig in, cowboy, princess, a very cool costume. And…

[Nicole looks at Dylan standing at the open door alone.]


[Dylan walks by her and into the Benford residence.]


[Nicole follows Dylan into the kitchen where he takes off the head of the rooster cookie jar.]


[Dylan takes out a cookie and begins eating it.]

DYLAN: It's my house, too.

[Nicole is left watching Dylan. She is at a loss for words. Switch to Aaron, Mark and Charlie outside still trick or treating.]

AARON: [to Mark] You really should see a dentist.

[Mark removes the fake teeth he was wearing as part of his costume.]

MARK: My parents couldn't afford braces.

[Aaron watches as a lady walks by dressed as a chicken.]

MARK: Thanks for coming out tonight.

AARON: I love Halloween. And, uh, I was worried about you. It's good to see you out doing normal stuff.

MARK: Yeah, I think it's a good idea for all of us to start….

CHARLIE: Let's get going.

[Mark takes Charlie's hand.]

MARK: [to Charlie] Okay. [to Aaron] …paying a little more…

[Mark's attention fixes on three men, dressed in black and wearing the same masks as the gunmen in his flash-forward. Snippet of Mark's flash-forward is shown alternating with real time. Masked men are walking around his office and using red laser sights. Switch to real time then flash-forward then real time then flash-forward then real time. He is now watching the three men chatting. All three men are wearing backpacks. Without taking his eyes off the three men, he moves Charlie to Aaron.]

MARK: Watch her.

[Mark begins to walk toward the three men.]

MARK: Hey!

[The three men look at Mark then start running.]

MAN IN MASK: [whispers] Let's go. Run!


[The men start running and Mark runs after them.]

MARK: Stop! FBI! Stay where you are!

[Everyone that is trick or treating stops and watches as Mark chases the three men. Children are shouting indistinctly. They jump over a concrete wall. Mark goes over the wall, also. Switch to Gough and Demetri at the stop sign. Gough is holding up a photograph , 4 by 6 inch orientation and looking at the sign.]

DEMETRI: Same hand.

AGENT GOUGH: Only this one's missing some fingers.

DEMETRI: And, um, the other way.

[Gough is holding up the photograph taken in the coroner's office of the cadaver's hand stamp. Demetri moves the photo to be 6 x 4 orientation.]

DEMETRI: That was the orientation on our assailant.

AGENT GOUGH: Am I crazy or does it look like it’s pointing that way?

[Focus in on the hand on the stop sign. Switch back to Mark chasing the one of the three masked men. "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps," sung by Sea Wolf, is playing in the background as the chase continues.]

Scary monsters,
Super creeps
Keep me running,
Running scared.

Scary monsters,
Super creeps
Keep me running,
Running scared.

[Mark chases one of the men over a closed metal gate.]

MARK: Stop right there, FBI!

[The man runs through an open mausoleum with Mark right behind him. The man turns left down another hall. Mark is gaining on him. Mark draws his gun and aims at the man. The man turns around and sees Mark and the gun. He turns left again. As the music ends, Mark sees that the last turn has brought him out into a cemetery. He runs through the cemetery with a lit flashlight atop his gun. All of a sudden the man jumps up and starts running again. Mark catches him and pulls him to the ground. He attempts to remove the mask. They struggle until the mask is removed.]

MAN IN MASK: [grunting] Wait! Wasn't my, it wasn't my idea! I didn't throw any eggs! I just threw some toilet paper!

MARK: Where did you get this mask?

MAN IN MASK: [scared] 99-cent store, man. You're not gonna call my dad, are you?

[Mark throws the mask on the ground. His cell phone rings. He stands up and answers the phone.]

MARK: Yeah Nicole. [pause] I'll be right there.

[Mark walks away from the man on the ground. Switch to Demetri and Gough. They are driving again.]

DEMETRI: Makes sense. You run an underground club, you want to make sure only the right people find it.

AGENT GOUGH: The hand's position is the direction, why the missing fingers?

DEMETRI: That last hand had three fingers, right?


DEMETRI: We just drove three blocks.

[They come upon an utility pole that has various missing posters taped to in. On a prominent on reading, "MISSING," is a blue skeletal hand. With two fingers pointing right.]

DEMETRI: That's it.


[Switch to the Benford residence. Dylan is sitting on the sofa. Mark enters and Nicole meets him at the door.]

NICOLE: I'm sorry to bother you, but I tried Olivia first. She's in surgery.

MARK: You did the right thing.

[Mark and Nicole walk to the sofa. Mark sits on the coffee table opposite Dylan.]

NICOLE: He came out of nowhere, and he had on this hospital bracelet that I was able to get off and call his dad. He's on his way over.

MARK: I'm Mark. What's your name?

DYLAN: My name is Dylan. My favorite book is, "Harry Potter - Prisoners of Azkaban." My dad does magic.

MARK: Okay, um, Dylan, does your dad know you're here?

DYLAN: This is my house, too.

MARK: No Dylan, this is my house and I'm trying to find out how you got here from the hospital.

[Dylan fiddles with the chains hanging around his neck. His flash-forward is shown. He is walking from the Benford living room into the kitchen. Lloyd is sitting in front of the fireplace, shirtless. Dylan stops and stares at the rooster cookie jar. Charlie appears and speaks to him.]

CHARLIE: [in Dylan's flash] Go ahead. It's your house too.

[Dylan then takes off the rooster head and puts his hand in the cookie jar. Real time.]

MARK: How did you know this address?

[Back to Dylan's flash-forward. He is standing in front of the refrigerator. He looks at a postcard that has $312 Savings on it. He reads the address side]

DYLAN: [in flash] To our friends at 25696 Sawyer Court, Los Angeles, California 90024.

[As the flash ends, Charlie and Dylan are each eating a cookie. Real time. Charlie enters the house. She walks to the sofa.]

CHARLIE: Hey Dylan.

DYLAN: Hi Charlie.

CHARLIE: Nuts to you Squirrlio.

CHARLIE and DYLAN: Toot! Too!

[Charlie and Dylan high five each other then Charlie sits in a chair next to the coffee table. Mark is surprised at Charlie and Dylan knowing each other.]

MARK: What was that?

NICOLE: It's from a cartoon.

MARK: Charlie, do, do you know Dylan from school?

CHARLIE: [shakes head] No. He's just my friend.

[There is a knock at the door. Nicole goes to answer it.]

LLOYD: Excuse me. I think my son is here.

NICOLE: Yeah, he's right here. Come on in.

[Lloyd walks to the sofa and sits next to Dylan.]

LLOYD: Oh my God. Are you all right?

MARK: Don't worry. He seems fine.

LLOYD: He just slipped out of the hospital. I, I can't believe he'd just wonder off. Um, thank you for taking such good care of him.

MARK: Sure.


MARK: Benford, Mark Benford. And I didn't catch your name.

[As the two men shake hands, Lloyd looks around the living room, fireplace and up the stairs.]

LLOYD: Uh, L, Lloyd Simcoe. This is my son, Dylan.

MARK: Simcoe. Wait.

LLOYD: Benford? Are you somehow related to Olivia, um, um, um, Dr. Benford.

MARK: I'm her husband.

LLOYD: Of, of course. That, that makes perfect sense, uh, your name being Benford. Her name being Benford. Uh…

[Olivia enters the living room.]

OLIVIA: Trick or Treat!

[Olivia sees Lloyd and stops immediately. The smile is no longer on her face.]

[Lloyd looks at Olivia. Marks glares at Lloyd.]


[Snippet of Lloyd's flash-forward as Olivia is at the top of the staircase.]

OLIVIA: [from flash] Hey honey.

[Back to real time. Lloyd stands up. Mark is seething.]

LLOYD: [to Olivia] You're her.

MARK: Not yet.


AARON: You know Charlie, why don't we double-check your candy in the kitchen? Nicole, you want to come?

NICOLE: Good idea.

[Aaron, Charlie and Nicole leave the living room.]

OLIVIA: [to Mark] What's going on?

MARK: I thought you might know.

LLOYD: Dylan came here.


DYLAN: This is my house, too.

CHARLIE: [flash] It's your house too, Dylan.

[Snippet from Dylan's flash-forward is shown. A hand made picture is shown stuck to the refrigerator. There is a photo of Olivia and Charlie set inside a heart. Above, continuing below the photo is printed. "I love my mommy Olivia."]

MARK: He keeps saying that.

OLIVIA: Dylan is autistic and repetitive speech is…

MARK: [interrupts] I don't need a diagnosis.

LLOYD: Now I understand.

MARK: What?

LLOYD: Why I made her, why I made you so…

OLIVIA: Uncomfortable?

LLOYD: Yes. Um, okay, clearly, um, this is an unusual situation.

MARK: No kidding.

OLIVIA: Mark, don't be like that.

MARK: [stands up] I can make this comfortable for everybody. You leave. You don't come back.

[Lloyd looks at Olivia. Olivia looks at Mark. Lloyd now looks at Mark.]

LLOYD: I'm very sorry if we've cause you any inconvenience. Thank you [pause] both [pause] for the kindness you've shown Dylan.

[Lloyd extends his hand to Mark. Mark waits a few seconds, nods then extends his hand and the two men shake hands.]

LLOYD: Thank you.

[Lloyd turns to get Dylan.]

DYLAN: It's my house, too.

[Lloyd guides Dylan from the sofa.]

LLOYD: Come on Dylan, let's go.

DYLAN: Good night Olivia.

OLIVIA: Good night, Dylan.

[Lloyd and Dylan leave the Benford residence. Switch to Gough and Demetri walking up a driveway to a large, yellow and white Victorian house. The right entrance column has a full skeletal hand with a blue background on the main inset. The two men climb the stairs onto the wrap around porch. They are carrying flashlights.]

AGENT GOUGH: Looks like the party's over.

DEMETRI: Definitely over.

[The house looks neglected and dark. Gough looks down at a large bloodstain on the porch floor. Gough and Mark walk to the front door. Dogs are heard barking. Both men ready their handguns. The doorknob is bloodied and the door is ajar. Demetri easily kicks open the door and they enter.]


[As they walk in there is a fireplace with a grate. On a small ledge there is one empty bottle of hard liquor, two empty beer bottles, and a used hypodermic needle and the tube it came in. Two plastic cups with a little dark liquid in it and a bloody towel. A large blood spatter is on the wall above the ledge. Demetri and Gough enter a room that bloodied sheets on the floor. Three cadavers are under some sheets. One is showing a blue hand. Snippet of Mark's board with the Blue hand card and matchbook cover. Real time. Switch to Janis' room at the hospital. She is sitting up in bed. Wedeck carries a vase of flowers to her.]

WEDECK: These came from a friend of yours named Maya [pause] "Worried about you."

[Janis puts her head back on the pillow and closes her eyes.]

WEDECK: You okay?

JANIS: When I got shot [pause] the bullet [pause] bounced around all over the place. The only thing they said they could do without taking the whole thing out [pause] Olivia did this thing called a B-Lynch? [sniffles, voice breaking] But with all the scarring [pause, cries] they said that it's going to be almost impossible [pause] Why am I crying? I never even wanted to have a baby.

WEDECK: It's gonna be all right.

[Switch to the kitchen in the Benford residence. Mark is blowing residue off of a Jack-O-Lantern he just carved. He quickly walks to the trash bin and throws a piece of pumpkin in there then puts the top back on the pumpkin. He briskly walks to the counter and puts Charlie's candy back in her pumpkin basket.]

MARK: I can see why you like him. He's very charming.

OLIVIA: I don't like him. Come on.

[Mark is now at the sink drying dishes and putting them away at a feverish pace.]

OLIVIA: Can you stop so we can actually talk about this? I don't like him. He's the father of one of my patients.

MARK: I know who he is. What I wanna know is how his son found his way here?

OLIVIA: I have no idea.

MARK: [sarcastically] Really?


[Mark continues to clean up the kitchen.]

MARK: Well, I'm a little confused because I though you said you had Dylan moved off your rotation.

OLIVIA: I did.

MARK: [rolls eyes] You did? Then why are you listed as the attending on his wristband?

[Mark picks up and then slams the wristband on the counter. He goes back to cleaning.]

OLIVIA: Oh God. I had nothing to do with that. My boss made the decision.

MARK: Your boss also tell you not to say anything about it?

OLIVIA: No, I didn't say anything about it because I thought it would make a horrendous situation that much worse.

MARK: Oh so you thought hiding it was a better plan.

OLIVIA: That's not what was going on Mark. Don't turn me into someone I'm not.

MARK: Don't you turn this around and make it about me. The man you might be sleeping with in six months time was just in our living room and I sure as hell didn't bring him into our lives. [angrily] You did!

OLIVIA: That's not fair.

MARK: Just be honest. Just be honest. Have, have you been talking to him at work?

OLIVIA: [hands to temples] Oh come on Come on, Mark!

MARK: [arguing] Huh? H, H, Have you done anything else I should know about?

OLIVIA: Mark, don't interrogate me!

MARK: Then be honest with me!

OLIVIA: I am! Are you being honest with me?

MARK: Oh what are you talking about?

OLIVIA: All the old patterns are back, Mark. You're out of the house all the time. You're more and more secretive. So I'm asking you the same thing that you asked me. Be honest. Are you hiding anything from me?

[Mark takes a long pause and is silent.]


[After a long pause, Mark turns to face Olivia.]

MARK: In my flash-forward [pause] I was drinking.

OLIVIA: Wow. [pause] Here we are again.

MARK: No Livvy, this isn't like before.

OLIVIA: The lying has already started.

MARK: What? No it hasn't. This isn't the same. Don’t condemn me for something I haven’t done yet!

OLIVIA: Did you even hear what you just said? You've been punishing me this whole time for an imaginary relationship. But when it comes back to you, you want to be let off the hook. But our past together, Mark, all we've been through with your drinking, that's real.

[Mark bows his head.]

OLIVIA: That still hurts. I'm not going through it again.

MARK: I promise you. I'm not gonna drink.

OLIVIA: But it's not about the drinking. You know that. It's about trust. It's about trust and we don't trust each other anymore.

MARK: So everything we said at the hospital today about only living in the moment, well, all that was a lie?

OLIVIA: It's not a lie. It's what I want. I just don't know if it's possible anymore. Not now. Not with us.

[Mark and Olivia look at each other across the island saying nothing. Olivia then turns and leaves the room. Switch to the house with the blue hand. Various agents are searching the house. There are lights set up all around.]

AGENT GOUGH: Hey, Demetri.

DEMETRI: Am I missing something? I mean, on the same night our guy tries to kill Janis, he's hanging out here?

AGENT GOUGH: I don't know but they found this on one of the bodies.

[Gough hands a passport in an evidence bag to Demetri.]

AGENT GOUGH: Remember the Rutherford case?

[Snippet of Gough's flash-forward. He is sitting with Fiona Banks at Scotland yard. They are looking over documents in a folder in the background.]

AGENT GOUGH: [real time voice] We were talking about a case that I don't think even exists yet. The Rutherford case.

[In the flash a bird hits the window and falls to the ground. Real time. Demetri is reading an ID page of a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland passport. His right thumb covers some data. There is a picture of a blond man. The visible data reads:

P GBR 50001835
25/DEC DEC/85 0
11 MAY /MAI 14

DEMETRI: It begins tonight.

[Gough nods silently as Demetri walks away. The bird from Gough's flash-forward is shown dead on the ground, then Gough attempting to make a telephone call. Real time. Switch to Dylan's room in the hospital. He is under the blankets. Lloyd sits on the edge of the bed with a small stuffed bear in his left hand.]

LLOYD: All right. It's quite a day, huh?

DYLAN: Is it gonna be Halloween again tomorrow?

LLOYD: [chuckles] No. Just today.

DYLAN: Good, 'cause it was kind of scary.

LLOYD: Yeah. [pause] Yes it was.

[Dylan lays silent.]

LLOYD: I'll see you in the morning.

[Lloyd leans over and kisses his forehead. Dylan puts his hands on both sides of Lloyd's face.]

DYLAN: Thanks for coming to get me daddy.

["Across the Universe" sung by Rufus Wainwright plays in the background as scenes change.]

Words are flowing out like
endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe
Pools of sorrow waves of joy
Are drifting thorough my open mind
Possessing and caressing me

Jai guru deva om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world

Sounds of laughter shades of earth
Are ringing through my open views
Inciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love
Which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the universe

Jai guru deva om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world

[Lloyd puts Dylan's hand down and leaves the room. Mark in his kitchen sitting on the island rolling a piece of paper on his index finger then tosses it away and looks to the ceiling. Olivia sitting on the top step first level of the staircase. Demetri in the FBI building. He is sitting in a cubicle and going through a case file. He flips to a photograph of a blue hand and pauses. FBI atrium with two women leaving and a maintenance man mopping. Gough is in his office doing research on Ian Rutherford. His monitor shows 4 pictures. One has Location Long Beach over it. The date at the top of the monitor is October 18, 2009. Gough puts his hand across his face then rubs his hand over his eyes. He is holding back tears. Wedeck in Janis' room at the hospital. He is watching her sleep. Charlie asleep hugging her stuffed animal, Squirrlio. Dylan lying awake in his hospital bed. Mark looking at the kitchen ceiling. Lloyd walking to his car parked outside the hospital. He opens the door and gets in the driver's seat and puts on his seat belt. A Frankenstein mask rises from the back seat. The man removes the mask.]

LLOYD: [startled] Oh! Damn it, Simon! You scared me half to death.

SIMON: Did you ever take the train down the coast, Lloyd? Breathtaking.

[Snippet of Simon's flash-forward. He is strangling a man. Back to real time.]

LLOYD: What do you want?

SIMON: You disappeared to Los Angeles. You don't return my calls. I'm worried about you. We all are.

LLOYD: I made it perfectly clear I don't want to see any of you right now.

SIMON: I don't care. We have to talk.

LLOYD: Our experiment killed twenty million people, Simon. What more is there to say?

[Lloyd starts his car and pulls away from the curb with Simon still in the back seat.]



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Après FlashFoward, c'est au tour de la trilogie WWW (ou Singularité) née sous la plume de Robert J....

Jessica Alba et Gabrielle Union bientôt dans LA's Finest

Jessica Alba et Gabrielle Union bientôt dans LA's Finest
La série LA's Finest, reboot du film Bad Boys, arrivera sur Spectrum Video le 13 mai. Les 13...

Light as a Feather | Peyton List - Renouvellement

Light as a Feather | Peyton List - Renouvellement
La série Light as a Feather créée par R. Lee Fleming Jr a été renouvelée. En effet, Hulu lui accorde...

Magnum PI | En avant pour une 2ème saison !

Magnum PI | En avant pour une 2ème saison !
Ils peuvent afficher un large sourire, la série Magnum PI aura droit à une 2ème saison ! L'annonce a...


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Luna25, 22.02.2020 à 20:13

Nouveau mois dans les forums du quartier Legends of Tomorrow ! Venez départager les personnages de Tobias Menzies.

elyxir, Avant-hier à 20:58

Hello ! Y'a du nouveau sur X-Files : design, sondage, calendrier... Et l'animation "A ton clavier" toujours en cours, venez nous rendre visite !

EBishop, Hier à 11:24

Hello ;-) Un nouveau sondage est disponible sur le quartier Profilage ! A très vite !

Miniheart, Hier à 13:42

Nouvelle photos du mois sur le quartier Heartland.

pretty31, Hier à 19:03

Nouveau duel sur Haven, A travers la faille : Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives) vs Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls)

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